Candle Magick Class!

taught by me, been practicing Wicca since 1980, professional since 1997. 

I am for the first time ever making my method available over the internet to all who care to learn the proper & most successful manner to perform candle work. My method is based upon years of book reading, learning from other practitioners, plus trial & error that has resulted in a method that works well for myself & for clients around the world.

I believe in empowering others & this is why I’m offering the class.   I feel that everyone, if they are so inclined, ought to have access to easily understandble information in order to help them to perform candle magick for themselves & their loved ones. 

You will receive my information on how to cleanse, charge the candle & all materials used with it (herbs & oils), information on properly wording your intention so you are more likely to receive what you ask for, plus more. 

I shall also be creating a group on Facebook for all those who join the class. You will be added into the closed group automatically by me where we can freely discuss candle magick. You will be able to ask myself & others questions, and have all of your concerns addressed at any time. 

You will receive all this for a one-time payment of $45. The class will begin in a week, but if you can’t make it, never fear. Once you send payment I’ll send you the materials & add you to the group. You can then catch up & everyone will help you.

In order to participate in the group you will need to have a Facebook account.  You can easily create one at if you do not yet have one. 

Here is a secure PayPal payment link for the class, and again, this is a ONE-TIME fee to cover my time.

I hope you’ll join us 🙂

Many Blessings, & wishing you all a Most Blessed Samhain/Halloween tomorrow,

Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

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