How to Connect With Your Spirit Guide

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Did you know you have several spirit guides? Everyone does. Some have just a few while some, like my daughter, have 31 (!!). Why she needs so many is anyone’s guess, but she is a teenager so that may be the reason. Perhaps all teens have over 30 guides.

I have many, many people ask me all the time, “Nefer, how can I contact my spirit guides? I don’t have any. No one ever answers me!”

Not true! You DO have spirit guides AND they answer! You just haven’t learned how to listen yet. More on that in another blog post. Here, I want to show you how EASY it is to make an initial connection with your own set of spirit guides.

This comes from a happy accident that happened to me yesterday. This is the type of accident that as it is occurring you don’t realize it’s an accident until you look back on it later.

A couple of weeks ago I had purchased a very nice piece of azurite from a shop that was azurite self promo my picholding their monthly psychic fair. Now, I very seldom go to these things simply because I have no need, but my daughter wanted her cards read so I took her since there is NO WAY she would EVER go to MOM for a card reading! Oh, perish the thought!!

I was not looking for azurite, but I was looking for a few other stones. I have a piece of tumbled azurite & was happy with it so I didn’t need a new piece, or so I thought. As I passed it by one piece really caught my eye. It wasn’t as pretty as two out of the four additional pieces they had on display, but there was just something about it. I guess I was picking up on its energy.

I picked it up & the second I did it felt like something within the stone latched onto me. It didn’t want to release my hand & the azurite felt like it was glued to my palm. I pulled it out of my hand with my right hand, but that didn’t work either because then it just attached itself to my right palm. I figured OK, fine. I guess this means you’re going home with me. I bought the darn thing & took it home.

I did what you regularly do with new stones. I cleansed it in a mild solution of spring water with a tiny pinch of sea salt (never use much salt as that can ruin many of the more delicate stones, just FYI – a tiny pinch is all you need because you’re working with the salt’s energy signature, not the salt itself). I then set it out under the full moon (this purchase had good timing) to further cleanse. The next day I left it out in the sun for a few hours in a new solution of just spring water asking Father Ra to charge it for use with my third eye and crown chakras in particular.

I placed the azurite with my other favorite pieces and there it sat for about 10 days looking pretty.

Yesterday afternoon after a day of doing 3 readings and feeling a bit drained I decided to use my new azurite to balance my crown and third eye chakras. This is a very simple process. Other stones you can use are: amethyst (the darker, the better), rose quartz (this is best for connecting with your angels), and clear quartz.

What I do is as follows:

  • I hold the stone in my LEFT hand. You take energy IN through the left side & send it OUT through the right side.
  • I focused on my angels & spirit guides asking them to bless &work through the azurite to cleanse and balance my crown chakra first.
  • I then carefully balanced the piece of azurite on the top of my head, which is the location of the crown chakra.
  • I took three deep, slow breaths.
  • Next, I held the azurite in my left hand against my third eye chakra (located in the center of your forehead just above the bridge of your nose).
  • Again, I took three deep, slow breaths.

As I was about to put the azurite back on my altar with it still held against my third eye chakra I felt something amazing. It was as if a bolt of energy entered the azurite and then zapped me right through my third eye! I felt the bolt go clear to the back of my head and OUT. I nearly fell backwards!

I put the azurite back on my altar and immediately sat down because the room was tilted at about a 30 degree angle from my perspective. I quickly regained my composure and felt fine. I filed the experience in the over-stuffed “Gee, Wasn’t That Weird!” file and went about my day.

Fast forward to about 4 hours later. It was time to drive my daughter to work.

I don’t bother with the radio for such a drive. I’m about to pull out of the parking lot into traffic when I hear a male voice coming from the passenger seat of my car. I’m the only one in the car with the a/c on & windows closed.

The voice tells me in a very calm matter-of-fact tone: “You should turn the radio on because they’re about to play David Bowie.” I figured NO because The Eagle in Houston basically sucks & they don’t play Bowie. But you know how it is. You hear a strange voice & first you freak out, then you figure well maybe I ought to turn on the radio. I do so & hear the concluding strains of some crap song & then FAME comes on!!!!

It was all I could do to not run my car off the road in shock!

I can tell you the voice belonged to a man & he sounded to be in his late 40s, maybe early 50s. Mature-sounding. He had a typical American accent so he may have been from the Midwest, which is considered the ideal American accent to have.
Once the song started up & I avoided wrecking my car from the shock, I did ask him who he was. All he said was “Shh!” I was like, “well, then!”
My impression at the time was that he didn’t want us talking over the song, then by the time I pulled into my driveway right after “Fame” concluded Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” came on. That’s my 2nd favorite song by them so I was rocking out in my driveway. I probably scared him away with my brand of “singing.”

Today the new guide’s been a bit chatty. He tells me his name is Roger & he has already apologized 4 times for NOT being David Bowie, which strikes me as being really funny. A spirit guide named Roger! Not very exotic. No Native American Shaman, or ancient Egyptian high priest, or even a teacher from the past. He said, and I quote because it’s just too dang funny:

“I’m just plain ‘ol Roger. There’s nothing spectacularly special about me. I was just hanging around & someone said hey! Wanna be a guide? I figured that sounded interesting so I said yes & here I am! I’m also very sorry to be so disappointing right off the bat like this. I am not David Bowie, but he’ll be around. You can’t see me, but as I say that I’m winking at you.”

I received this message in a brief session of automatic writing. My new guide signed it:

“Just Plain ‘Ol Roger”

Poor Roger! I feel bad for him! I guess that the method I used to connect with my new piece of azurite basically turned out to be like rubbing a genie’s bottle, but instead of some great powerful genie, Plain ‘Ol Roger popped out!

Try my method and let me know if it works for you. A more detailed method has a page dedicated to it at my website so do check it out. And remember, whenever you attempt to connect with your spirit guides or angels, ALWAYS call on some form of spiritual protection FIRST – even after regular contact has been established. The reason behind this is that lower spirits will attempt to masquerade as higher spirits in their attempt to mislead you. You can easily avoid this by calling on some form of spiritual protection first. Secondly, keep trying! Do not give up. It took me about four months before I noticed anything and then my guides at first only spoke to me in my dreams. Now they are seldom quiet. Sometimes I think I’m a good example of that old saying, “be careful what you ask for.” So do be careful. Remember, protection first EVERY time, and if you at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. It’ll happen eventually.




How to Contact Your Spirit Guides: Some Initial Steps

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Serapis Bey, Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015. Spirit Guide Portraits $125 + s/h worldwide. Email me for details:

I receive at least 10 emails a week from people all over the world asking me if I have any additional tips on how to contact spirit guides. I have a page at my site that is very popular and I share my method there for free. It has worked for me & for many others as well. Here is some additional information that many of you may find useful if you’re feeling stuck or if results aren’t what you had hoped they would be.

Question # 1: “Do my guides speak my language?”

It’s okay to use your native language when speaking to your guides. They know all languages through all Time. Some guides are even extraterrestrial, but since it’s one spirit communicating with another, Spirit knows no language barriers so feel free to use your native language.

Question # 2: “Do I keep my eyes opened or closed?”

It does help to keep your eyes closed, only because you are doing a method of meditation when you attempt to contact your guides; however, some people find it useful to stare at a candle flame, which is actually the technique I used. You need to keep your eyes open for that, which I did, but once I found I was slipping toward a meditative state I would then close my eyes for the remainder of the session.

Question # 3: “Should I ask for spiritual protection?”

Most definitely – YES. I’d recommend you ask your angels or your god for protection, not  your guides. Guides are spirit. They do not protect. They advise only. Angels & higher beings are those who are capable of protecting people. I always call on Archangel Michael for all of  my sessions – whether I’m talking to my guides, giving someone a card reading or creating a piece of visionary art. All of those activities connect me to Spirit & whenever you attempt to connect to Spirit proper protection is essential. Protection keeps lower entities away who can come & pretend to be spirit guides when they are nothing of the sort.

Question # 4: “How long will it take before I see any results?”

It usually takes weeks, sometimes even months, for a person to see, hear or sense anything. It took me 3 months before I could sense any presences and after that about another 2 weeks before I developed the ability to hear my spirit guides.

Question # 5: “How do spirit guides communicate with the living?”

Guides often work with symbols so look at what you’re seeing. Determine if any symbols are present during your meditation session. Then write them down.  When you come out of your meditation attempt to determine what these symbols mean to you personally. If you have no idea, then google them like so:

“symbolic meaning of a car”

“symbolic meaning of waves”

“symbolic meaning of mountains”

and so on. You can find a LOT of really excellent sites on the interpretation of symbols & that should help in determining what the symbols mean.

Also, pay closer attention to your dreams and write them down in a journal immediately upon waking. Don’t wait thinking you’ll remember what you dreamed once you’ve had your morning coffee. We often forget as much as 96% of our dream content by the time we’ve made it to that first cup in the morning. Pay attention to any symbols you receive in dreams. First attempt to determine what they mean to you; and, if that doesn’t work then use Google.

Question # 6: “How can I be able to see my spirit guides?”

This occurs when you can see with your mind, with your “inner eye,” otherwise known as the Third Eye chakra, located just above the bridge of your nose in between your eyes. It may help you to obtain a quartz crystal & place it on your third eye to help charge your third eye with extra energy. That could help in your sessions.

Question # 7: “What do I need to do to my quartz crystal so it will help open & activate my Third Eye?”

quartz crystal copyTo prepare your crystal it needs to be cleansed & programmed. It’s very simple.

To cleanse: place it in a bowl of water into which you have dissolved some table salt. Set it out under the moonlight overnight. Full moon is best, but as long as the moon is visible this will work.

Next day, rinse it off. Place it in a fresh bowl of water, NO salt. Place it out under the sun from morning to sunset.

Your crystal is now cleansed & charged. Now it’s time to program it.

A quartz crystal – unlike other stones & crystals – can be charged for up to 3 purposes. You do this by touching the crystal to your third eye and state your intention for the program. For example:

“I charge this crystal to help open my inner sight so I can see my spirit guides.”

“I charge this crystal to open my inner hearing so I can hear my spirit guides speak to me.”

“I charge this crystal to help me to understand messages from my spirit guides.”

You probably get the idea. Other crystals you can use include lapis lazuli, flourtite (the darker blue, lavender & purple shades), sugilite, & amethyst. NOTE: if you use amethyst be careful when charging out under the sun. I leave amethyst out for only an hour because sunlight can cause it to fade.

Then use your crystal for every session. If you find your crystal starting to look cloudy, discolored, or it no longer feels “right” to you, repeat the cleansing & charging process & reprogram your crystal. Then it’s ready to be used again.

Keep in mind that spirit guides were once human just like you and I (unless you end up with extraterrestrial guides, which is not beyond the realm of possibility). They have quirks and some can be real personalities. Some are chatty while others may be quiet and reserved. Get to know your spirit guides as people, because they all were once people. You can forge very strong and life-lasting spiritual friendships this way. Your spirit guides will appreciate your efforts and reward you with a lifetime of accurate and helpful guidance.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies


BOOK REVIEW: Contact Your Spirit Guides, by Asandra

Contact Your Spirit Guides

Schiffer Publishing
ISBN #: 978-0-7643-3719-2
Paperback, 8 ½” X 11”, 132 pp.

In a nutshell,  Contact Your Spirit Guides provides you with all the information a person would need in order to establish and maintain contact with their spirit guides.  I should know.  I’ve been channeling and working with my spirit guides since 1980.  Back then books on metaphysical/new age subjects were not as numerous as they are today, nor as easily available.  I grew up in Waukegan, Illinois and back in 1980 there were no new age bookstores near me.  Amazon and ordering over the internet did not exist.  My method for contacting my own spirit guides was slowly and painstakingly developed over a period of approximately 3 years through the process of trial and error – mostly error.  How I wish I had this book back then!  Life would have been so much easier.

Now, all within the pages of a single book is all you need to help you contact your own spirit guides.  Asandra is a respected professional medium who shares her personal approach with us.  Many books exist that offer a particular approach to a goal and I never give them my endorsement unless I’ve tried the author’s approach and found it to work for me.  This is the first such book I can fully endorse because the method that Asandra discusses is pretty much the same method I use.  I have received many emails over the years from a wide variety of people asking me if I’ve read a certain book and asking me what I think of the author’s approach or method.  Most of the time I have to suggest to the person that they use their own best judgment.  Just because one author’s method doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.  The method outlined by Asandra is simple, it’s direct, and I believe it has universal appeal no matter what your preconceived notions or walk of faith may be.  You will find this book to be highly useful.

In addition to the book there are 24 cards that are attached at the back of the book on perforated card stock.  They consist of simple, but colorful geometric shapes and each has a number and a title.  The interpretation can be found at the back of the book.  These cards are to be used in order to receive a message from your spirit guides through these cards.  So, even if you are unable to establish contact with your spirit guides right away using the method outlined here, you can at least begin using the cards.  I found them to be very insightful.  In fact, the first reading I did for myself really surprised me, but not until three days later, as I received the exact same message from a friend who had no idea I was seeking guidance regarding that topic.  Her words were literally the same as the interpretations to one of the cards in the book.  I doubt I shall ever forget that experience.  It not only validated to me what I’ve always known – that spirit guides often speak to us through the mouths of others if we’re unable to directly tune into them; but, the experience also validated the cards to me as being a viable tool for connecting with spirit guides and receiving higher guidance.

The book contains a set of 24 cards.  The cards measure 4 1/8” X 5 ½”.  They are perforated and rectangular so be sure to bend the cards along the perforations prior to carefully pulling them apart or you could tear them.  What I did to mine was to give them a slight trim with a paper trimmer.  I trimmed off the very edge of every card, along each side to eliminate the tiny ridges created by the perforations.  Then I took a corner rounder (I’m a scrapbooker so I have these tools just laying around my house, for those who don’t, I ***highly*** recommend the Personal Trimmer and the Corner Rounder by Creative Memories) and used it to round the corners, which really helps in shuffling.  Card images are reminiscent of mandalas, are multi-colored, presented against a white background.  The images are not near the edge of the cards so trimming is easy.  You don’t run the risk of trimming off part of the image.  The card number and title appear on each.  The card back is a geometric pattern against a purple background. 

Asandra discusses establishing sacred space from which to conduct your spirit guide session, methods of tuning in and focusing, but what I really appreciated about her approach was that throughout her book she reiterates the importance of calling upon spiritual protection first, before attempting to establish contact.  I have a page at my site on how to contact spirit guides (if you google “contact spirit guides” my page comes up as Number 1) that attracts a lot of people.  I have been contacted by quite a few who attempted to contact their spirit guides without first calling upon some form of spiritual protection.  BIG mistake!  They end up attracting something that isn’t a spirit guide and then have a difficult time sending it back.   If you take NOTHING ELSE from this book, do come away with this:  ALWAYS invoke spiritual protection FIRST, and this is even if you are in regular contact with your spirit guides and have a session every day.  I cannot stress the importance of spiritual protection enough.

For those of you who are interested in channeling, each chapter concludes with a channeling session with Asandra’s spirit guides.  I found these sections to be quite interesting and for many, I believe, the channeling sessions will answer a lot of questions people have about spirituality in general. 

Contact Your Spirit Guides is very well-written and is easy to read.  The information within each chapter is presented in a clear and organized manner that makes reading the book very fast.  The author does suggest you read the entire book before attempting to contact your spirit guides and this is because important information is contained throughout the book.  There is no fast, easy, or short-hand way to contact your spirit guides.  Just like anything else worth having you need to work for it. 

One more thing – contacting spirit guides requires two things:  repetition and patience.  You simply cannot rush the process, mainly for two reasons.  Spirit guides were once people just like you and I.  They often retain some of their personality they had while living.  Therefore, some spirit guides, like mine, are chatty, while others may be shy and reserved.  Depending on the personality of your spirit guides, they may start communicating immediately, or it may take quite a few attempts before you sense anything.  Also, do not be surprised if one or more of your spirit guides turn out to be animals.  That’s really an animal totem spirit, not exactly the same thing as a spirit guide, but when you open yourself up for spiritual communication and if you have one, they often do come forward with a message or just to let you know that they are with you.  In the end, just like with any other skill, practice makes perfect.  Even if you do not sense, feel, see, or hear anything during your sessions, please do not give up.  The payoff is tremendous and is well worth the wait.

Contact Your Spirit Guides is a wonderful contribution by an expert in the field of mediumship who has been generous enough to share her expertise with the general public. I do hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and purchase this book for yourself.  You may even end up purchasing a few copies for like-minded friends, as well.
Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.