Energy of the Day – King of Pentacles, April 27 2011

ENERGY OF THE DAY ~ King of Pentacles
From  The Lovers Tarot, by Jane Lyle.  Artist: Oliver Burston.  2003 Eddison Sadd Edition.  This includes the full size paperback companion book.  ISBN # 0-312-30977-5.   First US Edition.
Patient.  Mature.  Reliable.  Loyal.  Enterprising.
The King of Pentacles is telling me he’s focusing on growth opportunities centered around business and finance.  You need to remain alert so you can identify these opportunities when they come along.  Help may come from an older man who is in business for himself or a banker, perhaps even your father or a father figure.
From the book ~ 
“The King of Pentacles represents a sensual, steadfast individual.  He is often quietly successful, but disinclined to promote himself.  This king sometimes denotes a wealthy man who owns property & has made prudent investments.  His love of tradition, elegance & quality pervades everything in his life.  His feelings are deep & enduring, & his love is not easily won.  He is loyal to his partner & surprisingly sensual.  Possessiveness can be a problem stemming from his profound need for security in all things.  You may need to reassure him frequently, but once he trusts you he will relax.”
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The deck & companion book are in MINT condition.    Cards are typical tarot-card size.  Card backs are fully reversible.  Reverse meanings are included in the companion book & are referred to as “The Challenge” while upright interpretations are called “The Gift”.    Please help to send this deck to a good home.   This comes in its original box. 
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