Energy of the Day – 9 of Cups for April 28, 2011

From  The Lovers Tarot, by Jane Lyle.  Artist: Oliver Burston.  2003 Eddison Sadd Edition.  This includes the full size paperback companion book.  ISBN # 0-312-30977-5.   First US Edition.
Wishes coming true.  Abundance.  Indulgence (perhaps to the point of excess).  Happiness.
The 9 of Cups is known to tarot readers as “The Wish Card” as it often portends a wish about to manifest.  This is usually the type of wish you’ve long held in your heart & you haven’t shared it with too many other people or you’ve kept it completely to yourself.  The 9 of Cups brings in a whole new energy of happiness, of things falling neatly into place and of everything finding a way to work itself out.  I think we can all breathe a nice long sigh of relief that Mercury Rx is over.  We all need to consciously open ourselves to all the wonderful energy that is now coming in to play.  Don’t forget to make a wish today!
THIS DECK IS FOR SALE.   Retails for $27.95, selling for $19, shipping in domestic US included .  Add $15 for international shipping as the book makes this package heavier than usual.
The deck & companion book are in MINT condition.    Cards are typical tarot-card size.  Card backs are fully reversible.  Reverse meanings are included in the companion book & are referred to as “The Challenge” while upright interpretations are called “The Gift”.    Please help to send this deck to a good home.   This comes in its original box. 
PRICE:  $19 in the US, $34 international (shipping included in price).  
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