Energy of the Day – EARTH DAY – Queen of Rings (how appropriate!)

ENERGY OF THE DAY (formerly COTD)  ~ Queen of Rings
From  The  Forest Folklore Tarot by Kessia Beverley-Smith. US Games.  2004.  First Edition.
The suit of Rings in this deck corresponds to the traditional suit of Pentacles & the element of Earth.  The Queen of Rings contemplates her golden ring.  I imagine she’s thinking of all the blessings she has in her life for which she is grateful.  The ring/circle is the symbol of the Divine as it has no beginning or end.  It is completion, wholeness, perfect unity.  The Queen of Rings represents a woman who has reached as state of wholeness in some aspect of her life.  She enjoys a real sense of accomplishment.  What have you accomplished recently?  My guides are suggesting that we all need to share our accomplishments with others.   Don’t hide your light under a bush.
From the book ~
“A lady dwarf sits upon a toadstool.  She is assessing the ring in her hands for its value and workmanship.
“This is a card of wealth and intelligence.  A woman with drive and a good business head.  She is popular, sensual, and confident.”
LAST CHANCE TO BUY THIS DECK: Monday I’ll be using a different deck.  I really like the imagery of this one, but the LWB is sometimes off the mark.
THIS DECK IS FOR SALE.   $16, shipping in domestic US included .  Add $10 for international shipping.
The deck is in MINT condition.  Another one that I really liked the artwork, but it never decided to like me.  The LWB has highlighting in yellow pretty much throughout.   Cards are typical tarot-card size.  They are very laminated & won’t wear out anytime soon.  Despite that, they do shuffle well.
Card backs are fully reversible.  Reverse meanings are included in the companion book.    Please help to send this deck to a good home.  
PRICE:  $16 in the US, $26 international.  
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