How to Tune into Your Angels & Spirit Guides by Archangel Michael as channeled by Nefer Khepri

Greetings & Salutations to All!
On behalf of the heavenly host I, Michael, send you Love & the Blessing of Awareness for today.  Today instead of a brief message I would like to provide each of you with a very simple little lesson.
You will need yourself (of course!), and a radio, plus some relative peace & quiet.  This exercise takes only 10 to 15 minutes.
You will be using your radio to tune into your angels, spirit guides, & all other forms of Higher Guidance.
Calm & center yourself in any way you see fit, something you’re comfortable doing.  It may be just sitting there by your radio and breathing deeply while imaging a wonderful place in your mind where you can “go” to feel happy & safe.  However you get to your calming center, use that method and get there.
Next, open yourself up to receive guidance by simply stating it as a fact, “I am now open to receiving direct messages from my Higher Power.”  Other terms can be substituted for “Higher Power” as you see fit.  “Guardian Angel,” Any Aspect of Deity, spirit guides, or even me, if you so desire.  I love playing this game!  It’s so much fun, especially to see the look on the person’s face when they understand the message.  What a lovely moment that is to behold! 
  … Next, think of an issue you would like to receive help about.  It can be a problem, or maybe even a question.  I get asked ALL the time, “what’s Heaven really like?”  I can tell you in an nutshell – imagine everything you’ve ever wanted, imagine having it & even more.  Imagine pure joy.  That’s heaven simply put.
Focus on your problem or question and repeat it as a short phrase FIVE times.  The number is important as repeating anything five times attunes it to higher vibrations. 
Next, turn the radio on.  Be sure ahead of time it’s on your favorite station. It may be talk radio, but music is much more helpful with this exercise so ahead of time you may want to set it to your favorite music station. 
The NEXT song that comes on will contain the answer or guidance that you seek, so pay close attention to the words or even to the feelings it invokes in you.  Answers and guidance can also exist within how something makes you feel.  Remember that.
Finally, remember to give thanks.  Show your appreciation, and you can repeat this exercise when  you like, but I do not recommend doing it more than three times in one sitting.
Do please talk to me. I LOVE how many of you have begun or have reaffirmed your friendships with me!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!  Please KNOW and BELIEVE that!  All of you are truly God’s greatest creation.  Don’t you EVER forget that or allow anyone to make you feel any less than WONDERFUL!!!!!
In Universal Consciousness, Love & Light,
NOTE – this is me now, Nefer.  I don’t know why, but Michael just totally cracked himself up delivering this message.  He was laughing a lot.  It was quite a delight.  A sound somewhere between a trickling brook and wind chimes.  I can’t describe it.  When Michael says he loves you all so much, I was filled to nearly bursting with that love & it made me burst out crying.  It was truly overwhelming and I’m here to tell you all that it’s so true. It is my fondest wish that through these messages everyone who reads them will develop a closer relationship with Michael and other Beings of Light as we all go through this Great Shift together entering the New Age.


  1. Thank you Sally & Gretta. I'm so happy to know that Michael has helped to bring cheer to your hearts & your day. Archangel Michael is a wonderful friend to me & it's my fondest wish that through his posts on Facebook & appearances here & in my Newsletter that others will be encouraged to create or reaffirm their relationships with him.


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