A Visit From Michael

A few days ago my 12-year old daughter & I were having breakfast & she was seated eating & I was still putting mine together so I was at the stove.  She says, “Mom! I saw a big orb & it landed in your chair!”  She’s very open as that is how I’m raising her, plus she’s a gifted healer who never wants to work on me 😦  Anyway, I went to check it out, saw nothing, but she stuck her hand in my chair & immediately drew it back with a shocked expression saying “It’s not cold!  It’s HOT!” 
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So I felt it. Not only was it VERY hot (try a warm oven type of hot!), but it made my hand tingle & the tingling moved all the way up to my elbow.  Obviously, someone very powerful was seated in that chair. Due to the heat it only could have been Michael or the goddess Sekhmet.  Both introduce themselves with heat.  Turned out to be Michael & he gave me some valuable information for a client that I knew upset her, but she thanked me for it anyway saying it was what she needed to know & she was most grateful. 
Without thinking, when I was finished making my breakfast I sat in my chair & she says, “Mom!  You’re squishing Michael!  GET OFF!” I laughed & said that he probably moved to the empty chair at the other end of the table.  That chair is in front of a bay window & it’s VERY cold there due to poor insulation around those windows.  She leaned over & felt the air above the chair & said with a smile, “Oh, he’s quick.  You’re right.  Michael’s in this chair now. It’s really hot.”  So I got up & felt it.  Yes, it was indeed very warm & the tingling energy was intense, almost to the point of being uncomfortable.   Yet the air around the chair itself was chilly, as usual for the morning at this time of year.
My daughter finished her breakfast & asked me if she could ask Michael to go upstairs with her to her room.  I said sure, so she & Michael both left.  As she finished getting ready for school I heard her chatting away up there to him.  When she came downstairs she looked radiant.  She was glowing with an inner light & she said, “I asked Michael for a hug & he actually hugged me!  I felt nice warmth all around me like it was angel wings.” 
That made me cry because once up on a time he hugged me too & I well remember how wonderful that felt & it happened during a very difficult time in my life when I wasn’t able to find a job in academia.  I hadn’t realized at the time that it wasn’t my path, but Michael knew & he had come one day to comfort me.  It makes me incredibly happy to know that now he is also there for my daughter & I’m sure as time marches on she will develop a very special friendship with him as well. 
Only time will tell.
Until next time, wishing you all countless blessings,
Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.


  1. Hi Ros!Yes, Rebecca did mention to me that she was once visited by Michael. He has a special fondness for children. My daughter sees him standing in the corner of her room every so often at night. She says that he holds his sword up in front of him and that it's always on fire. She has never had nightmares or night terrors, & I credit that to Michael as I figure kids must have nightmares, right? I know I did. Thanks for posting 🙂


  2. what a wonderful expierence to have khepri, so wish that michael was able to visit my daughter at this time to give his love and support. she did see him when she was 9yrs old and has never forgotten it . my daughter is also your facebook friend her name is rebecca mckinnon .love ros xxxx


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