Magickal-Musings January Newsletter

Magickal Musings
January, 2011
Nefer Khepri Hemet, Ph.D, R. M-T.
In this Issue:
Page 1:  Happy New Year!  Channeled Message from Archangel Michael
Page 4: New Year Reading:  Special Offer
Page 7:  A Visit From Dad
Page 8:  An Invitation to Join me on Facebook for Special Offers & Free Services
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Happy New Year! Channeled Message From Archangel Michael (skip to next article if you read the blog from earlier in the month)

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  I can well remember the start of 2010, now we’re beginning 2011.  The year flew by particularly fast for me. Did it do the same for you?  Everyone seems to focus on resolutions for the new year.  What I did instead was to look back at 2010 & focus on the things that I accomplished.  If you do that rather than focusing on changes you wish to make you enter the new year with not only a sense of accomplishment, but it psychologically sets you up to view the new year as new opportunities for you to focus on new goals. 
I would have to say that the only resolution I am willing to make is to focus more time & energy on my art work.  One of my major accomplishments for 2010 that I am very proud of is that I began designing my own tarot deck.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for over 15 years.  I have started a couple of decks in the past, but I never stuck with them.  Being a typical Gemini (easily distracted and easily bored), I find it difficult to stick with a project through to completion.  However, on November 4, 2010 I woke up with the images of 5 brand new tarot cards in my head that were given to me in a dream by my guides.  I quickly sketched them out & began working on them.  Once they were completed I had another dream during which I was given the images to five more cards.  I am currently completing this second set of cards & I am sure once I’m done with them I’ll have another dream in which I’ll be given the images for five more cards, and so on until I’ve made my way through the entire 78-card deck.  I’m very excited about this project.  I’m calling it, of course, The Magickal Musings Tarot.  I now own the url for it & will be posting more images soon at:  I’m still designing the site & will have more posted soon, along with card interpretations, so please be sure to visit to see the changes.  For those of you on Facebook if you join my group, Magickal Musings Tarot, you will be the first to see the new cards as I create them.  Simply enter “magickal musings tarot” into the Facebook search field and click to join.  I’ll be happy to add you.
What do you think 2011 holds in store for you?  Upon occasion I have channeled Archangel Saint Michael for the past 20 years, off and on.  I’m very happy to report that Michael is back after a 9 year hiatus and pretty much as talkative as ever.  Here is his special & very important message for us all regarding 2011:
“My Dear Ones ~
It is I, Micha-el, he who is like God.  I come to you now with words on your new year you enumerate 2011.  This year will be a year of tremendous spiritual awakening for many who are not accustomed to such energies.  As a result, many souls who may not yet be consciously ready to grasp such concepts as Oneness & Unity, contact with Spirit – and so forth, will be suddenly awakened when Archangel Raphael opens their third eye chakra.  He will do this through a blow, almost a physical blow that many will be able to feel.  The blow will not cause any harm.  Many people are so severely blocked in their third eye that it will take a blow of significant impact to remove the blockage.  This is what will occur.  Many will feel this on or about what is termed in your calendrical system, March 15th.  Be ready for the Awakening.
For those who are already spiritually inclined, 2011 will be a year of further spiritual growth for each of you.  You will expose yourselves to new thoughts, learn new things, & continue along your individually chosen paths of spiritual development.  New opportunities will arise for all that will help each of you along your paths.  Remember, an opportunity is only an opportunity if it is acted upon.  In each case you are always given the choice whether to accept the opportunity or deny it.  If you deny it you do so at your own peril. Now is the time of growth and advancement.  There has been NO OTHER TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY THAT HAS HAD SUCH CAPACITY FOR GROWTH AND POSITIVE CHANGE.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR WHICH MANY HAVE WAITED.  NOW HUMANS ARE ENTERING THE AGE OF AQUARIUS – THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT.  REMAIN BEHIND IN THE DARK AND YOU REMAIN SO AT YOUR GREAT PERIL!  THOSE IN THE DARK SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND.
Open yourselves up to your higher guidance.  Ask your angels and spirit guides to show you the way.  They will. Now is the time.  They know this also.  They are there to help you, but in order to help you must unfetter them by asking for their help.  Angels and spirit guides cannot directly interfere in the affairs of humans unless they are asked for otherwise it interferes with Free Will.  Ask, and the help shall come, change shall materialize, growth will be achieved.  
Humanity has entered a new chapter. The lunar eclipse of your month of December ushered in the new changes.  Every human being living on that day was exposed to the energies of that eclipse.   You have been opened up to receive.  All you have to do now is to be WILLING TO RECEIVE.  Your willingness will cause the energy to manifest for you. It will manifest in the manner in which is meant FOR YOU.  This is a strictly individual manifestation.  It will manifest slightly different for everyone who is open to it.  Just know that the way in which it manifests for you is the CORRECT WAY FOR YOU.  Do not doubt it. Do not question it.  Just allow it to happen.
I know most wish to know what they can expect during 2011.  I am not a prognosticator, although many claim to channel me and say I make predictions.  I do not only because the Free Will of humanity so often changes the future.  I can say one thing, but if enough of you change your current behavior, then the future also changes.  What I can say with certainty is the world economy will slowly improve throughout 2011.  Humanity may not actually see any great changes until September, but they will occur and will be of a positive nature.  I also see the dark forces taking firmer control of those troubled areas of  your planet – Afghanistan in particular, also Pakistan and North Korea.  I see armies growing in these areas and I see greater deployment of American forces to Afghanistan in particular.  Nuclear arms will multiple in North Korea & they will be seen as a greater threat, as well they will become with such an unstable and dark leader.  Be of strong faith.  The Angelic Host is always watching and we are preparing to act.  Great change is coming, but it may not manifest until early to mid-2012.
For those of you wondering in fear about 2012 and the predicted “end times,” and the so-called end to the Mayan calendar on the date, December 21, 2012.  The calendar doesn’t “end,” it merely clicks back to the zero-starting date the Maya originally used in devising their calendar. It all clicks back to the BEGINNING, and in fact, this will be a NEW BEGINNING FOR HUMANITY. It is NOT the “end” by any means!  People are being awakened during 2011 so that when the winter solstice occurs in 2012 the Awakened Ones will be the humans who are best prepared to guide humanity to its next level of spiritual evolution.  Rejoice!  For the world will have birthing pains, as any mother does, but the winter solstice of 2012 will usher in a whole new life for all of humanity and the earth as you all progress to your next level of spiritual evolution.
I am with each of you. All you need do is call on my name & I am there.
Yours in Universal Consciousness,
Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
Saint Michael, the Archangel,
Defend us in our battles.
Be our protection against the wickedness & snares of the devil,
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
By the power of God,
Thrust into hell satan and all evil spirits
Who wander the world for the ruin of souls.  AMEN
I have not added the uppercase letters or the bold in the channeled message.  Those features were all part of the channeling session so the added emphasis comes from Michael.  I also did not presume to make any edits whatsoever.  I hope you all enjoy Michael’s message. 
If you wish to call upon Michael, I’ve included the official prayer to him used by the Catholic Church. You do NOT have to be Catholic to call upon Michael. He is willing to protect and work with anyone who calls upon him with good intentions.  If you desire, you can light a red candle to him.  Red is his color.
I guess the most important thing is that we all remain open to what is coming to us so we don’t get left out of the biggest advancement in the history of humanity.  I feel 2011 is going to be very exciting for all of us!
New Year Reading:  Discover What 2011 Holds in Store for You
At the end of each year, usually just after Christmas, I think back over the year & throw a few cards for myself.  I go over my successes and my failures.  I also focus on all the good that has happened to myself & my family.  I end my year-end session on a high note as I express gratitude for all the good things that have occurred.  In this way I open the door for more positive things to manifest during the new year.  I then spend some time focusing on the goals and wishes I have for the new year regarding myself, my family, and my business.
For those of you who visit my site you will know one of the services I offer is an Annual Forecast that is done with tarot cards (this has nothing to do with Astrology).  In the past what I’ve done with this reading is I have pulled 1 card for each month.  I then offer my own psychic interpretation of that card.  For each month I also provide a positive affirmation you can use that is based upon the message that came through with that month’s particular card.  Once I have interpreted all the cards for your reading I then plug each card into a tarot-card reading program and also offer a computerized reading that offers interpretations of each card regarding a number of areas of your life:  home, romance, work, emotions, family, finances, and so on.  The reading totals around 25 pages.
I will be updating that page at my site over the coming weeks, but wanted to inform you all first of a major change with this service.  I have begun using Emily Carding’s Transparent Tarot, which is pretty much the coolest tarot deck on the planet, in my opinion.  Emily designed her cards on clear plastic transparencies so that each card truly is transparent.  She took the most basic symbols associated with each card and used them as the illustration for each card.  For example, the major arcana card of Strength is often depicted with a woman somehow overcoming a lion (usually by petting it).  In this deck the lion’s head is shown with a female hand petting it.  Very simple, yet the meaning comes through. 

Example from a recent Tarot Annual Forecast:  Emperor, Chariot & Judgment
What makes these cards totally unique is that you can layer the cards on top of each other.  By so doing, you receive a whole other image – therefore, a whole new interpretation that usually magnifies and gives deeper detail of the interpretation of the individual cards.  This deck has helped me to provide some clients with some amazing readings and I am now making this deck the official deck of my Tarot Annual Forecasts.
As a result, now for each month you won’t be receiving one card, or two, but three.  In addition to being interpreted individually, all three cards will also be placed on top of each other, thus creating a whole new image that will also be a part of the interpretation for each month’s energies.  I will still include the positive affirmation for each month based upon the message of the cards of that particular month.  Also, I am still providing an additional computer-generated reading that gives a great deal of additional detail and that I have found to be very accurate over the years. 
The overall length of my Tarot Annual Forecast has now gone from an average of 22 – 25 pages to a whopping average of FORTY to FIFTY pages!  And guess what?  The price remains the same!  You can order this reading at any time of the year, not just at New Year’s.  Your reading, regardless of the date on which you order it, will commence on the day I begin your reading and will run for 1 year from that date.  I look forward to consulting the tarot and my spirit guides to help you discover what 2011 holds in store for you.
Special Offer
However, I know times are hard for us all right now.  If you cannot afford to purchase my Tarot Annual Forecast I do have an alternative.  You can still discover what 2011 holds in store for you with a more basic 10 card tarot reading I am making available to List Members ONLY.  This will not be advertised on my site or on Facebook.  This is just for you.  It is not as detailed as my Tarot Annual Forecast (which often includes channeled messages from my guides, not just card interpretations), but it will give you a pretty good idea of the major trends you can expect throughout the year in general.
This reading consists of 10 cards that will give you the following information about 2011:
v  The blessings that 2011 brings you
v  And, also the challenges that will come
v  What you need to release in order to accept the new blessings
v  What you should be focusing your energy upon
v  Advice & guidance to help you through the year
v  Changes that are ahead for you
v  And the spiritual lesson that year has to offer you
This is a Mini-Tarot Annual Forecast that I’m offering to you for $60.00.  As with my Annual Tarot Forecast, the Mini Forecast will cover exactly 1 year from the date you order the reading, so you can really order this reading at any time of the year.
Click here to order. This link takes you to a secure payment page at PayPal.
I look forward to consulting my guides and the tarot on your behalf.
A Visit From Dad (from a previous blog entry)
This is something I just had to share.  It’s very special and so far the only person I’ve shared it with is my cousin, Rosie.
My father passed away on Sept. 20, 2009.  He was a very loving, generous, compassionate man.  Everyone who knew him loved him.  He had tons of friends.  Sadly, he died of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease, but I’m very thankful that he knew who all of us were right up to the end.

y dad loved playing practical jokes on people.  He used to work on the janitorial staff at a hospital – just for one example.  One day he decided to go down to the morgue & lay on a table.  He put a name tag on his toe & pulled the sheet over his head.  When his friend came in he slowly rose up from the table, the sheet still over his body and head.  Naturally, his friend freaked! 

A few days prior to the anniversary of my dad’s passing I was thinking of him often.  However, I had birthdays to prepare for.  My daughter’s is the 14th and my husband’s is the 15th.  We also went out of town for the birthdays to celebrate with his parents.  So I was pretty busy.  Upon our return I got back into the swing of things working on my business.  The day that September 20th rolled around I wasn’t even aware of the date.

I was seated at the table in our breakfast nook.  It is next to a bay window that overlooks the deck we had built behind our house.  I keep the curtains closed until I’m dressed, but there’s a gap in the center of the middle window so I can still see a bit of the yard even with the curtains closed.

As I ate some movement outside caught the corner of my eye.  Then I saw a light blue jacket and a straw fedora hat go by. When the weather would just begin to get cool my dad would go for his favorite jacket and hat – which was exactly what I saw outside my window.   Had we still been living in Illinois it most likely would have been a cool day, but here in Houston it was in the 80s that day.

The mind is a funny thing.  You never know how you’re going to react to something like that until you’re in the midst of it and even then you’re never quite sure how it will all play out.  I sat there and thought to myself, “Oh, there’s Dad outside on the back porch.”  

I took another bite before I realized that Dad is dead.

I froze.  I felt my heart skip a beat (quite an unpleasant situation, despite what the songs say).

I jumped up & ran outside.  The air felt electrified, like it does during a huge lightning storm.  The hair on my arms stood up.  I ran along the back porch, which is only about 10 feet long, yelling, “Dad!  Dad!”  I ran out into the grass.  There would have been nowhere for him to go.  Of course, he wasn’t there.

I came back into the house and had a good cry knowing I had just seen my dad’s spirit.  I didn’t even think to look at the calendar.

My cousin Rosie and I are very close having grown up together until our early teens when her branch of the family moved away.  As I sat at my table crying the phone rang. It was her.  When I answered she immediately heard the tears in my voice and said, “I’m so sorry.  I figured you’d be having a bad day so I called.”  Rosie had also been very close to my dad.  He was a second father to her and her four brothers.  

I was confused and told her I didn’t know what she was talking about.  She then cautiously said, “well, you know.  Today.  It’s been one year since your dad died, right?  Today is the 20th, right?”

I sat there too stunned to say a word.  Then I told her what I had just experienced.

Growing up my dad always told me that on the one year anniversary of his death if he was okay he would come to let me know.  He said this repeatedly over the years in front of everyone – including Rosie.  She immediately recalled that and said, “Wow!  That’s so much like my uncle!  Not even death could make him break a promise!” 

When my dad made a promise, he meant it.
An Invitation to Join me on Facebook & Receive Special Offers & Free Services
I established a presence for my business on Facebook. You can find me under “Nefer Khepri” on Facebook.  I invite you all to friend me there.  If you do not already have a Facebook account, I urge you to get one.  I post special offers for Facebook friends only, the most recent is a huge discount on my Soul Portraits.  The Facebook discounts are not available at my site or through my newsletter.  From time to time I also post contests for free readings and free enchantments. I’ve already done several free readings and enchantments for Facebook friends who have been lucky enough to win the drawings.
I also have a group, Magickal-Musings, on Facebook.  This group is also used to promote special offers not available at my web site, plus I have a Positive Energy Circle, which is a newsletter of prayer requests that goes out twice a month.  Even if you are not on Facebook, if you ever have a need for positive energy and/or prayer, PLEASE email me and I will put you on the list.  It’s amazing to see the updates that people send me once the group has been focusing energy their way.  I’m very proud to say that collectively we’ve channeled energy that has helped people gain employment, heal marriages & other relationships, heal the sick, and has brought peace to many in just the few months I’ve been doing this.
As I mentioned briefly above, I also have another group for the tarot deck I’m creating. You can find that under Magickal Musings Tarot (no dash is needed). 
To find me on Facebook just enter “Nefer Khepri” in the search field at the top of the screen and you’ll find my page.  To join either of my groups, just enter the name of that group into the search field.
I look forward to seeing more of you there J
Until next time, I wish you all many blessings!
Nefer Khepri, hemet, Ph. D., R. M – T.
(if email won’t go through, please use my alternate:
FACEBOOK:  I am now on Facebook & can be found under “Magickal Musings Nefer Khepri Hemet.” You are all welcome to friend me there.  I also have a group you can find under “Magickal-Musings.”  Don’t forget to use the dash.  I have a Positive Energy Circle going at my group where all members, their loved ones & friends can enter requests to receive prayer & positive energy for any type of situation & on behalf of anyone you care about.  The group has helped to manifest many great things for people & I am very proud of all the group members & all the good work we’re doing there.  I also post special offers at my Facebook group not open to the general public. 
DISCLAIMER:  All services at my site are meant for “entertainment purposes only.”  They are in NO way intended to replace consultation with professionals; such as, doctors, therapists, lawyers, or counselors.  I always suggest that professionals also be consulted if there is a need.  I am sorry, but I do not provide services to minors. 
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