Happy New Year: Channeled Message From Archangel Michael

Wow!  Where has the time gone?  I can well remember the start of 2010, now we’re beginning 2011.  The year flew by particularly fast for me. Did it do the same for you?  Everyone seems to focus on resolutions for the new year.  What I did instead was to look back at 2010 & focus on the things that I accomplished.  If you do that rather than focusing on changes you wish to make you enter the new year with not only a sense of accomplishment, but it psychologically sets you up to view the new year as new opportunities for you to focus on new goals. 
I would have to say that the only resolution I am willing to make is to focus more time & energy on my art work.  One of my major accomplishments for 2010 that I am very proud of is that I began designing my own tarot deck.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for over 15 years.  I have started a couple of decks in the past, but I never stuck with them.  Being a typical Gemini (easily distracted and easily bored), I find it difficult to stick with a project through to completion.  However, on November 4, 2010 I woke up with the images of 5 brand new tarot cards in my head that were given to me in a dream by my guides.  I quickly sketched them out & began working on them.  Once they were completed I had another dream during which I was given the images to five more cards.  I am currently completing this second set of cards & I am sure once I’m done with them I’ll have another dream in which I’ll be given the images for five more cards, and so on until I’ve made my way through the entire 78-card deck.  I’m very excited about this project.  I’m calling it, of course, The Magickal Musings Tarot.  I now own the url for it & will be posting more images soon at: www.magickalmusingstarot.com.  I’m still designing the site & will have more posted soon, along with card interpretations, so please be sure to visit to see the changes.  For those of you on Facebook if you join my group, Magickal Musings Tarot, you will be the first to see the new cards as I create them.  Simply enter “magickal musings tarot” into the Facebook search field and click to join.  I’ll be happy to add you.
What do you think 2011 holds in store for you?  Upon occasion I have channeled Archangel Saint Michael for the past 20 years, off and on.  I’m very happy to report that Michael is back and pretty much as talkative as ever.  Here is his special message for us all regarding 2011:
“My Dear Ones ~
It is I, Micha-el, he who is like God.  I come to you now with words on your new year you enumerate 2011.  This year will be a year of tremendous spiritual awakening for many who are not accustomed to such energies.  As a result, many souls who may not yet be consciously ready to grasp such concepts as Oneness & Unity, contact with Spirit – and so forth, will be suddenly awakened when Archangel Raphael opens their third eye chakra.  He will do this through a blow, almost a physical blow that many will be able to feel.  The blow will not cause any harm.  Many people are so severely blocked in their third eye that it will take a blow of significant impact to remove the blockage.  This is what will occur.  Many will feel this on or about what is termed in your calendrical system, March 15th.  Be ready for the Awakening.
For those who are already spiritually inclined, 2011 will be a year of further spiritual growth for each of you.  You will expose yourselves to new thoughts, learn new things, & continue along your individually chosen paths of spiritual development.  New opportunities will arise for all that will help each of you along your paths.  Remember, an opportunity is only an opportunity if it is acted upon.  In each case you are always given the choice whether to accept the opportunity or deny it.  If you deny it you do so at your own peril. Now is the time of growth and advancement.  There has been NO OTHER TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY THAT HAS HAD SUCH CAPACITY FOR GROWTH AND POSITIVE CHANGE.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR WHICH MANY HAVE WAITED.  NOW HUMANS ARE ENTERING THE AGE OF AQUARIUS – THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT.  REMAIN BEHIND IN THE DARK AND YOU REMAIN SO AT YOUR GREAT PERIL!  THOSE IN THE DARK SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND.
Open yourselves up to your higher guidance.  Ask your angels and spirit guides to show you the way.  They will. Now is the time.  They know this also.  They are there to help you, but in order to help you must unfetter them by asking for their help.  Angels and spirit guides cannot directly interfere in the affairs of humans unless they are asked for otherwise it interferes with Free Will.  Ask, and the help shall come, change shall materialize, growth will be achieved.  
Humanity has entered a new chapter. The lunar eclipse of your month of December ushered in the new changes.  Every human being living on that day was exposed to the energies of that eclipse.   You have been opened up to receive.  All you have to do now is to be WILLING TO RECEIVE.  Your willingness will cause the energy to manifest for you. It will manifest in the manner in which is meant FOR YOU.  This is a strictly individual manifestation.  It will manifest slightly different for everyone who is open to it.  Just know that the way in which it manifests for you is the CORRECT WAY FOR YOU.  Do not doubt it. Do not question it.  Just allow it to happen.
I know most wish to know what they can expect during 2011.  I am not a prognosticator, although many claim to channel me and say I make predictions.  I do not only because the Free Will of humanity so often changes the future.  I can say one thing, but if enough of you change your current behavior, then the future also changes.  What I can say with certainty is the world economy will slowly improve throughout 2011.  Humanity may not actually see any great changes until September, but they will occur and will be of a positive nature.  I also see the dark forces taking firmer control of those troubled areas of  your planet – Afghanistan in particular, also Pakistan and North Korea.  I see armies growing in these areas and I see greater deployment of American forces to Afghanistan in particular.  Nuclear arms will multiple in North Korea & they will be seen as a greater threat, as well they will become with such an unstable and dark leader.  Be of strong faith.  The Angelic Host is always watching and we are preparing to act.  Great change is coming, but it may not manifest until early to mid-2012.
For those of you wondering in fear about 2012 and the predicted “end times,” and the so-called end to the Mayan calendar on the date, December 21, 2012.  The calendar doesn’t “end,” it merely clicks back to the zero-starting date the Maya originally used in devising their calendar. It all clicks back to the BEGINNING, and in fact, this will be a NEW BEGINNING FOR HUMANITY. It is NOT the “end” by any means!  People are being awakened during 2011 so that when the winter solstice occurs in 2012 the Awakened Ones will be the humans who are best prepared to guide humanity to its next level of spiritual evolution.  Rejoice!  For the world will have birthing pains, as any mother does, but the winter solstice of 2012 will usher in a whole new life for all of humanity and the earth as you all progress to your next level of spiritual evolution.
I am with each of you. All you need do is call on my name & I am there.
Yours in Universal Consciousness,
Michael’s use of upper case letters and bold are all his.  I have not added those, nor have I presumed to make any edits.
His main message centers around being open and being ready to receive the new energies that have begun to come to our planet with the total lunar eclipse on the full moon a couple of weeks ago.  I was out under that eclipse as it reached totality and I can tell you based upon my personal experience that it was incredibly powerful energy.  I stretched my arms upward as I opened myself to receive the energy at the point of totality.  My mind was flooded with images – so many, in fact, that I really couldn’t comprehend what I was being shown.  I recognized a few ancient structures:  The Great Pyramid at Giza, Stonehenge, a temple at Angkor Wat, and the face of a “grey,” an alien.  I’ve never really been into aliens or UFO’s, but given what I was shown in that vision I’m now very interested to see if UFO sightings will be more numerous in 2011.  
I wish for each of you a year of openness and receptiveness, not just to the new energies coming to our planet, but also to all the wonderful blessings that the Universe has in store for us.  Wishing you a year filled with abundant blessings of Love, Peace, Prosperity, Spiritual Growth, and Good Health!
Until Next Time,
Nefer Khepri (please feel free to friend me on Facebook)


  1. what a powerful blog Nefer. I just loved this. there is so much hope in your message and Arch Angel Michaels'. I will re-read it later to absorb it and keep the date on my calendar 05/03. Thank you so much for sharing this.


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