Spiritual House Cleansing with Archangel Saint Michael

This is my personal method for undertaking a heavy duty spiritual house cleansing. I share all the steps with you here & I hope that you find my method useful and helpful.

You will need the following:

  • 4 candles
  • a safe holder for each candle
  • a lighter
  • incense (optional)
Archangel Michael candle. These are encased in glass & stand 10" tall. If left burning unattended 24/7 they burn for approximately 1 week.
Archangel Michael candle. These are encased in glass & stand 10″ tall. If left burning unattended 24/7 they burn for approximately 1 week.



Ideally, the candles should be Saint Michael candles. Now, if you can’t find them, that’s okay too. What you will then need are 4 red candles, all the same size, and a safe holder for each one. You will be burning all 4 at once so you need 4 candle holders.

Here is the picture of Michael that is most often used on his candles. I recommend you print it out 4 times. 1 copy is to be placed under each candle holder as each candle burns. You need 1 copy for EACH candle, total of 4 copies.

Michael’s official prayer sanctioned by the Catholic Church is:

 Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

This is the prayer I always use.


First, be sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off. If you have pets or small children be sure they are otherwise occupied. You cannot stop the process once you have begun or it won’t work.  If you are having serious paranormal issues in your home be forewarned: they will know what you are attempting to do so they may act up as you attempt to perform the cleansing. Whatever happens, just keep going; and, most importantly, show NO fear. Be strong. Even before you call on him Michael will know what you are about to do and he will be with you. To be extra safe, you can pray to him the day before and tell him your plans & ask for his protection ahead of time.

Place each candle at approximately the 4 corners of your home & be SURE that if that is a closet do NOT put the candle in the closet. Sometimes you can’t get them exactly into the 4 corners so use your best judgement & place the candle as close to the corner as you can with it still being in  a safe position, that means away from drafts, curtains, papers, or books – things that can catch on fire from a stray spark.

Be sure the candle holders you’re using are SAFE, meaning they are the correct size and fit for the type of candle you are using.

Once you have all 4 candles in place, go the candle that is nearest the front door or the door you use most often. You will light that one first.

Do NOT use matches. That’s sulphur & sulphur is associated with dark spirits. Use a lighter instead.

You can use incense if you want, but it’s not required. If you do use incense the best for house cleansings are any variety of sage or frankincense and myrrh (my personal favorite).

If you use the glass encased candles, they will burn for about a week if left burning around the clock. If there is to be no one at home you will have to extinguish each candle by SNUFFING it out. Never blow it out. Every flame is a fire elemental & that’s a huge insult. You can relight the candles when you return home. If you do this daily it will take longer than 7 days for the candles to consume all their wax. When relighting repeat the prayer to Michael once for each candle and again, move in the same direction as previously (instructions below).


Starting at the candle nearest your main entrance, say Michael’s prayer 3 times, then in your own words explain the problem & ask for his help.

Move on to Candle # 2, which will begin to form a counter-clockwise circle around your home. If you face the front door as you pray, the next candle will be to your LEFT.  If you are facing into your home from the front door when you pray then the next candle will be to your RIGHT. Decide ahead of time which direction you will face because you must face that direction for each candle to maintain the proper counterclockwise direction throughout your home.

I tend to face the wall along which the candle is resting for a threat outside the home. The only time I face inward toward my home is if there is disharmony among family members. For this type of spell I always face outward, so like you’re looking out at the street, your side yard, and your backyard as you move around the house lighting the candles.

Say Michael’s prayer 3 times at each candle while stating your petition for his help in your own words each time.

End back at your front door (or whichever door you use the most). Open it & make a sweeping gesture outward (you may want to use an actual broom, that’s up to you and if so, position it at the front door before you start). Imagine all the negativity as gray or black smoke being swept out of your home. As you do this you can say something like,

“In the Name of ___________, I sweep out all negative energy, all evil, and all discord from my home.”

The blank is to be filled by the name of your higher power. God, Jesus, or whatever deity you call upon.

Say this NINE times while maintaining the sweeping gesture throughout.

Turn around & stand outside your door facing inward & say the following NINE times:

“In the Name of __________ I invite in all the angels, protective and benevolent spirit beings, and our spirit guides to take up residence in our home & serve to protect us from negative & evil outside influences. My home is now filled with the universal white light.”

Then you are finished. Allow the candles to continue burning. Should you have to extinguish them, upon relighting repeat Michael’s prayer just once at each candle, moving in a counter-clockwise direction around your home relighting the candles. This will recharge the candles for their original intentions. Remember to SNUFF them out if you need to extinguish them. This is easily accomplished by placing a small plate or flat object across the candle’s opening. If you are using pillar or taper candles you will need a candle snuffer and these are pretty inexpensive.

What you SHOULD notice afterward if the cleansing was a success:

  • the atmosphere will seem less heavy
  • you may actually be able to physically see more light entering your home
  • you may be tired, but will feel better
  • family members will argue a lot less, if at all
  • there will be a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing in your home

Should you have lousy neighbors who are constantly causing issues then you may have to repeat this spell as often as monthly. It’s a very strong spell so I definitely do NOT recommend you do this more than once a month.

If you run into problems or you feel this has not worked well for you then you may wish to contact me to perform a long distance house cleansing for you. I do this through candle work much like what you would have done if you follow my instructions here.

For situations in which the problem is at work and you cannot light candles in the workplace, simply write down the name of the business, the street address & include the name(s) of anyone being a problem and place that piece of paper under each candle. In that way you can also cleanse your place of work at the same time by proxy. The positive energies will work to cleanse your home and whatever address you stipulate on the piece of paper. Remember to write out 4 copies and place one copy under each candle.

Thank you for following my blog & feel free to leave comments.

Wishing you all many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Mercury Retrograde: The Joke’s on You!

This is what happens when you attempt to make a major car purchase during a Mercury retrograde and you have a witch for a wife.  Read on …

My crazy non-believer husband has been trying for the past 2 weeks to buy a new Mazda 6 during the Mercury Rx when you are NOT supposed to be making large purchases of a mechanical nature because then the thing could turn out to be a lemon. His argument against it was that the car wasn’t made during an Rx so why not buy it during an Rx. So, I lit a protection candle for him & the car.

Then problems began.

He had the car chosen, it was going to be washed & the paperwork done so he could go back to the dealership in a couple of hours. This was early week before last. So I lit another protection candle thinking oh, oh, the deal is going through today! Guess what? THEY SOLD THE CAR OUT FROM UNDER HIM!!!!! So no car!!!!!! Then they had to get him another.

Turns out the car that was in transit to the dealership here got misdirected to another dealership in San Antonio, so once again, NO CAR! Finally, the car he wants in the color he wants turns up here. He goes to see it, this was on Thursday. They start the process, he comes home to go back the next day to finalize everything. Turns out someone came along & LEASED THAT CAR! So again, the car was gone!

Today he’s home due to it being Veteran’s Day & he has the day off. He calls the dealership & they tell him the car is on its way, they have the paperwork all done, so all he has to do is come in & sign once the car arrives & had been checked by their mechanic. So looks like he gets the car TODAY. Meanwhile, Mercury went direct YESTERDAY. Turns out that was a VERY POWERFUL protection candle I lit for him! 

I laughed really hard when he got off the phone & told me what the car dealer had told him.  My husband also laughed and then said, “Wow, you do powerful candle work!  But all it did was continually screw things up for me!”  I told him, NO, it protected you from screwing up & making that huge purchase during a retrograde!

Now, let’s see if he actually does get the car today.  If he does, I’ll post some pictures.

The universe really cracks me up sometimes.

Spell on How to Sell a House Fast.

Have you heard of the St. Joseph trick to selling a house? I can vouch for this method. I used it & our house sold in 27 days & we got exactly what we wanted for it, no bargaining or anything, and they bought it as-is so we had nothing left to do but sign it over & move out. This is what you do:

If you own, do this in your front yard, if you rent, use a potted plant, but it must be kept in the front yard.

Obtain a small statue of St. Joseph. You can find pretty inexpensive ones made of plastic.

Print out the prayer to St. Joseph (the prayer is at the conclusion of this post for your convenience).

Find something to dig a small hole just large enough to bury the statue completely. Digging in your front yard (or in a plant you set in the front yard), dig the hole, holding the statue in your dominant hand recite the prayer. Place the statue UPSIDE-DOWN in the hole. Orient St. Joseph’s face so once buried he will be facing the street. Recite the prayer 1 more time. Bury the statue. Recite the prayer once more & this time ask St. Joseph to quickly bring a buyer. If time is of the essence tell him by the date you need the buyer, also specify other things you desire, like “I desire that the buyer pay me my asking price & take the house as-is” (that’s what I did). Also, in stating your intention NEVER use the word “want.” Look it up. “Want” means “lack” in the dictionary and that’s how the universe would relate to it, so a statement like, “I want a new car” for a spell would never get you the car, but you’d be sure to keep LACKING a car.

Combined with candle work: Place the copy of the prayer to St. Joseph under a green candle (you’re attracting a buyer so that falls under prosperity & green is for prosperity, or you can use white which is multi-purpose). Hold the candle in your dominant hand. To cleanse it rub it from the middle out to either end several times & don’t forget the wick. To charge it, focus on your intention and rub the candle from either end to the center, don’t forget the wick, and visualize your intention running the length of the candle. Then as your candle burns it will release your intention to the universe. Recite the prayer 9 times without stopping (Catholics call this a Novena), then fold it up, place it under the candle & allow the candle to burn itself out. Dispose of the residual wax by burying it in the front yard on top of where you buried the statue.

Leave the statue in place when you move and St. Joseph will bless the house & new owners.

NOTE:  this is exactly what I did & it worked.  However, if you read other places online they suggest burning St. Joseph facing the house that is to be sold, some say to bury him within 3 feet of your For Sale sign, and they also say to dig him up after the house has been sold & keep the statue in a place of honor in your new home.   I was taught this method by a Mexican curandera (white witch) & this isn’t how she told me to do it. Her method is exactly as I shared it above & I followed it to the letter.  We have kept in touch with our former next door neighbors & I can tell you the family that moved into our old house have been very happy and are doing well, so I think leaving the statue there, for them, was a good thing.  Remember, when it comes to magic do what YOU feel COMFORTABLE doing. If you’d rather bury St. Joseph facing your house, then do so. If you prefer to dig him up & take him with you, then do so.  You never want to do anything in magic that makes you feel uncomfortable or your magical efforts stand a good chance of failing.  Always do what feels right in your heart.

Good luck!

Prayer to St. Joseph

O, Saint Joseph,
you who taught our Lord
the carpenter’s trade,
and saw to it
that he was always properly housed,
hear my earnest plea.

I want you to help me now
as you helped your foster-child Jesus,
and as you have helped many others
in the matter of housing.
I wish to sell this [house/property]
quickly, easily, and profitably
and I implore you to grant my wish
by bringing me a good buyer,
one who is
eager, compliant, and honest,
and by letting nothing impede the
rapid conclusion of the sale.

Dear Saint Joseph,
I know you would do this for me
out of the goodness of your heart
and in your own good time,
but my need is very great now
and so I must make you hurry
on my behalf.

Saint Joseph, I am going to place you
in a difficult position
with your head in darkness
and you will suffer as our Lord suffered,
until this [house/property] is sold.
Then, Saint Joseph, i swear
before the cross and God Almighty,
that i will redeem you
and you will receive my gratitude
and a place of honour in my home.


Blue Moon: Friday, August 31, 2012.

BLUE MOON: Friday, 9:58 AM CST.

A Blue Moon is the 2nd full moon within a single calendar month. The first full moon of August was on the first. The moon will be full again on Friday, the 31st.

ImageFor magical use, blue moons are very powerful. They magnify the energy of the full moon that occurred earlier in the month giving candle work done on both full moons a nice snowball effect helping the energy to increase & build up. Even if you did not manage to perform any candle work on the first full moon of August, you can still use Friday’s blue moon & get a lot of benefit from it.

To cleanse a candle: rub it from the middle out to the bottom and from the middle out to the top, and don’t forget to include the wick. Visualize gray smoke leaving the candle from both ends. If you notice the candle’s weight beforehand, once you have cleansed it (I recommend rubbing out to both ends 3 times each, minimum, up to 9 times for each end) the candle may even feel lighter to you.

To charge a candle: focus on your intention (it really helps to write it down), then while mentally repeating your intention to yourself rub the candle from both ends toward the middle. You are placing your intention into the candle so as it burns down it will be releasing your intention out into the universe. Don’t forget to also include the wick and when you do the wick imagine your intention traveling down the entire length of the wick to the base of the candle.

For your intention: do NOT use the word “want,” as in, “I want a new car.” Look up “want” in the dictionary. The original meaning of the word is to LACK something. That’s how the universe relates to the word “want” so if you say in your intention, “I want a new car” you are pretty much guaranteeing yourself that you won’t get one. Instead, use the words “desire” or “wish for …”

Always be sure to have a safe candle holder for your candleImage that FITS it PROPERLY. Candles have been known to tip over & start fires. Also, blue moons are VERY powerful. They can make candles burn really crazily (I had one burn with a 6″ flame once that was scary to watch!). Be sure your candles are placed in a safe area away from drafts, curtains, papers, books, anything that may catch by some stray sparks that could fly off your candle.

If you use oils or herbs on your candles I suggest for the blue moon you use as little as possible. There’s going to be a tremendous amount of energy available to you anyway & excess oil & herbs on a candle can lead to a fire, so do be careful, and do NOT leave a burning candle unattended. If you have to leave it please SNUFF it out (blowing out a candle flame is an insult to the fire elementals) & then when you relight it repeat your intention 9 times, then relight.

Enjoy the blue moon on Friday.  Energy is running really high.  I’ve been feeling it since Sunday.


Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.