Blue Moon: Friday, August 31, 2012.

BLUE MOON: Friday, 9:58 AM CST.

A Blue Moon is the 2nd full moon within a single calendar month. The first full moon of August was on the first. The moon will be full again on Friday, the 31st.

ImageFor magical use, blue moons are very powerful. They magnify the energy of the full moon that occurred earlier in the month giving candle work done on both full moons a nice snowball effect helping the energy to increase & build up. Even if you did not manage to perform any candle work on the first full moon of August, you can still use Friday’s blue moon & get a lot of benefit from it.

To cleanse a candle: rub it from the middle out to the bottom and from the middle out to the top, and don’t forget to include the wick. Visualize gray smoke leaving the candle from both ends. If you notice the candle’s weight beforehand, once you have cleansed it (I recommend rubbing out to both ends 3 times each, minimum, up to 9 times for each end) the candle may even feel lighter to you.

To charge a candle: focus on your intention (it really helps to write it down), then while mentally repeating your intention to yourself rub the candle from both ends toward the middle. You are placing your intention into the candle so as it burns down it will be releasing your intention out into the universe. Don’t forget to also include the wick and when you do the wick imagine your intention traveling down the entire length of the wick to the base of the candle.

For your intention: do NOT use the word “want,” as in, “I want a new car.” Look up “want” in the dictionary. The original meaning of the word is to LACK something. That’s how the universe relates to the word “want” so if you say in your intention, “I want a new car” you are pretty much guaranteeing yourself that you won’t get one. Instead, use the words “desire” or “wish for …”

Always be sure to have a safe candle holder for your candleImage that FITS it PROPERLY. Candles have been known to tip over & start fires. Also, blue moons are VERY powerful. They can make candles burn really crazily (I had one burn with a 6″ flame once that was scary to watch!). Be sure your candles are placed in a safe area away from drafts, curtains, papers, books, anything that may catch by some stray sparks that could fly off your candle.

If you use oils or herbs on your candles I suggest for the blue moon you use as little as possible. There’s going to be a tremendous amount of energy available to you anyway & excess oil & herbs on a candle can lead to a fire, so do be careful, and do NOT leave a burning candle unattended. If you have to leave it please SNUFF it out (blowing out a candle flame is an insult to the fire elementals) & then when you relight it repeat your intention 9 times, then relight.

Enjoy the blue moon on Friday.  Energy is running really high.  I’ve been feeling it since Sunday.


Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.


  1. Im very in tune to things around me, i have the gift of empathy been feeling more emotional then usual and these are my emotions not whats around me. My dreams have always been premontion based and i have been having alot of them, alot of my ancestors have been visiting me giving me messages about upcoming things in my life


    • The full moon can certainly intensify anyone’s innate psychic abilities. A blue moon can charge your abilities with extra energy. Plus, this blue moon is in the sign of Pisces, and Pisces is an emotional sign.


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