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I wish you all a very joyous holiday season. As my way of celebrating, I offer you a 15% discount off of ALL Services at my site,

 My holiday sale runs from today through Jan. 30, 2017! This also applies to my visionary art for those of you who have been saving up. I won’t run this discount again until next Yule/Christmas time 🌲

Email me at FIRST with what you’d like to order. I will send you a PayPal invoice that will reflect the 15% discount. The payment links at my site are NOT at the discount price because this offer is open ONLY to my followers.

🌲 All orders will be filled according to the following criteria:

~ ☃ Enchantments: spells are timed according to the proper lunar phase & best day of the week based upon your magical intentions

~  Tarot & Lenormand card readings are scheduled on a first-come/first-scheduled basis. Please keep in mind I always book up 2 weeks in advance for readings so if you do order one, there will be at least a 2-week wait no matter what time of year you order

~  Visionary Artwork: takes time, it’s all channeled so it comes through when it comes through. Usually, a piece takes me 6 – 8 weeks, but once in a while they can take longer so please be prepared for that possibility when ordering a Soul Portrait, Manifestation Mandala, & Spirit Guide Portrait.

NOTE: I do not have a page at my site for Spirit Guide Portraits. If you would like one, they are 9 x 12″ with the image itself measuring 7 X 10″. The price is $125USD + shipping, so your final cost will be $106.25 + shipping. These also tend to take me 6 – 8 weeks to complete.

Offer expires midnight CDT on Jan. 30, 2017.

Exemptions: tuition for my courses, The Egyptian Lenormand, The Turtle Lenormand, & Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm.

I do have signed & activated copies of my Egyptian Lenormand available at the link above ready to ship & it will arrive in time for Christmas within the continental USA if ordered by Thursday, noon CDT, December 15th. Overseas shipping takes 10-21 days.

The Turtle Lenormand is in its second printing & currently has severely limited availability. Please email me at if you’d like to order. It is $30, plus shipping. I ship worldwide.

Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm (GIFAR) is open for pre-order. Please visit my deck’s blog for the creation story of my first oracle deck as well as some sample readings. There is also an ordering page at the blog.

Visionary Art

Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.
Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

Visionary Art  ~ “refers to art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself.” ~ The American Visionary Art Museum.

“Visionary art encourages the development of our inner sight. To find the visionary realm, we use the intuitive inner eye:  The eye of contemplation; the eye of the soul. All the inspiring ideas we have as artists originate here.” ~ Alex Grey, visionary artist & author of Sacred Mirrors.

I create Soul Portraits and Manifestation Mandalas, which are two forms of visionary art. I have been creating Soul Portraits since 1998 and Manifestation Mandalas since 2011.

When I create a piece of visionary art, I am tuning in to my spirit guides and my clients’ spirit guides. I receive mental images of symbols, sometimes in full color, sometimes not. I am then instructed via clairaudience (yes, that  means I hear voices in my head) as to exactly where to place each symbol within the overall composition. Once the initial drawing is complete for each section I am shown which colors to use, or simply told something along the lines of, “No, not Indigo Blue. Use Prussian Blue instead.” If you’re an artist you’ll know there’s very little difference between those two shades of blue, yet many spirit guides make such distinctions often.

My visionary art serves two distinct purposes, hence the two separate services.

A Soul Portrait is a symbolic depiction mapping out where your Soul currently is regarding your own spiritual evolution.

Symbols, as well as the meaning of colors that appear in a Soul Portrait depart knowledge regarding lessons learned, lessons yet to be mastered, and those lessons we may prefer to forget. A Soul Portrait is basically a map of one’s Soul and your progress up until now.  Each piece is created and infused with Reiki energy so when my client gazes upon their Soul Portrait these positive energies are released into their life time and time again.

A Manifestation Mandala is quite different. I ask my client

A Manifestation Mandala I created for myself. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2011.
A Manifestation Mandala I created for myself. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2011.

to provide me with a list of 1 – 4 wishes they wish to manifest in their lives. The wishes could be for anything. I then meditate to connect with my client’s energy while focusing on their wish list. As with my Soul Portraits, symbols and colors then begin to come to me that result in a completed Manifestation Mandala.  Once again, I create each piece while channeling Reiki energy into it. Every time my client looks at their Manifestation Mandala they are reiterating their wishes, affirming their wishes are attainable, and those same positive energies are released again and again into my client’s life in order to help those wishes to become my client’s reality.

Every Soul Portrait and Manifestation Mandala begins with a meditation session. The session lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. Images come, sometimes fast and furious, sometimes painstakingly slow. As I sit in meditation I am also aware of my surroundings so that when symbols begin to come through I am conscious enough to be able to create very quick rough sketches of what I am seeing with my mind’s inner eye.


Sketch of Raechel's Soul Portrait. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.
Sketch of Raechel’s Soul Portrait. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

I enjoy working on each piece of visionary art so much because they are not MY compositions. I never know what a clients’ guides or my guides will suggest regarding symbols or even the use of color. I had serious doubts when I was shown that hill on the right of Raechel’s Soul Portrait should be PINK, but decided to follow higher guidance; and, I’ll be darned if that pink doesn’t work really well, plus the meaning of the color merges with the deeper overall meaning of Raechel’s Soul Portrait.

Despite the times when unusual colors come forth (there was a time I created a brown sky, another time a green sky) the piece of visionary art manages to turn out just fine.

Each Soul Portrait and Manifestation Mandala is special in its own way & on its own merits. Each one affects me differently as I work on it. I found this one to be particularly healing. Must be that green goddess figure as we all know green is the color of healing.

The horse on the far right showed up after all the other symbols had been received & I didn’t even think anything would go there, but when the horse came through & I showed Raechel, she shared with me that the horse had very special personal significance to her. This not only validated the symbols I received for her, but it also validated my work as a whole. I am often told by clients that a particular elements or elements of their Soul Portrait or Manifestation Mandala means something special to them, yet I had no conscious knowledge of that at the time I created the piece.

It is always a great honor to create a piece of visionary artwork for someone else. I am always humbled by the experience and once a piece is completed I always find I have received some type of a healing that many times I was not even aware I was needing. That is always a very lovely added bonus.

I have decided to branch off my visionary artwork to its own website. I am still at, and always will be (have been there since 1997), but will be removing my visionary art links there so my main site can focus on my readings and candle work. My visionary art can now be found at its new home: The Visionary Art of Nefer Khepri. I hope you all enjoy the new site. It was a real experience designing it (someone could have done a case study on me regarding Trial and Error!), but I’m happy with how it looks.

In the immortal words of Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein, “IT’S ALIVE!”

Art IS alive. Art is a living thing, especially when you consider all the time and personal energy each artist places into every piece they create. I consider Art to be as great a blessing to me as Reiki and I hope that one day soon you will grant me the honor of creating a Soul Portrait or Manifestation Mandala for you or a loved one.

Until next time, wishing you all many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

Business Site: Tarot & Lenormand Readings, Spells & Candle Work, Free information

Visionary Art: Soul Portraits & Manifestation Mandalas

The Egyptian Lenormand: FIVE self-published copies remain with my deck being published by Schiffer Books in a few months

My Forthcoming “Aloha Spirit of Maui” oracle deck.


Soul Portrait: Second Stage ~ Ink.

As I promised in my previous post a few days ago, I have been working on this Soul Portrait and have finally inked in all the pencil lines.  The detail on the leaves and raven required the most time. They also caused me some serious eye strain, but I’m happy with how it’s all turned out so far.

The next stage will be adding color.  Now, sometimes I receive colors along with the symbols.  For example, my guides will tell me, “that’s a raven there, but he’s supposed to be lavender.”  Or, “that’s a sun, but it’s supposed to be lime green.”  It happens.  Some objects or animals that turn up in a

Soul Portrait for L, inked.  (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.
Soul Portrait for L, inked. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.

Soul Portrait that we always associate with particular colors are not necessarily meant to be those colors in a Soul Portrait.  Remember, not only do the symbols carry meaning, but so do colors used.  Colors combine with symbols and add energy to that symbol’s meaning.

In the case of this Soul Portrait a few colors did come through so I can start adding color.  However, I have to go into another meditation in order to be shown what the other colors are meant to be.  The horse, for example, is it brown, black, white, a pinto?  I have no idea.  It may even be bright red for all I know.  My guides will tell me and then I will add color accordingly.

I use watercolor pencils, colored pencils, oil pastels, soft pastels & Caran D’Ache water soluable crayons for the coloring process.  This part of the Soul Portrait will take approximately 2 weeks.  Once the image is complete I will then go into a final meditation during which my guides will give me the meanings or interpretations of each symbol and color within the Soul Portrait.

Receiving a Soul Portrait is like having your own personal tarot card created just for you.  To order, please visit

Until next time, wishing you & yours many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.


Latest Soul Portrait in Progress

Here is a pencil sketch of the Soul Portrait I am currently working on for a client.  The artwork is always 100% channeled.  The symbols that come through are channeled as well as their placement within the composition.  I also receive colors.  Just because there is a raven here does not mean it will be a bluish black. It probably will, but it can also end up being green or pink or who knows what color.  I pay attention to the colors I am given as well because every color has particular spiritual meanings behind it.  That also alters the energy of the piece as well.

Soul Portrait for L.  Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2013.
Soul Portrait for L. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2013.

The next step will be to ink in all the pencil lines, which I am currently doing.  After that it will be time to add the color. I use a combination of watercolor pencils, colored pencils, and I may also use soft pastels or oil pastels.  All outlining is done in black ink with Copic fine line markers.

Once the actual piece is completed the process still continues.  What I do next is undertake several channeling sessions with my guides during which they tell me what every item in the Soul Portrait symbolizes.  I already know that the three mountains in the background are the three spirit guides that are most active in L’s life at this particular time.  Mountains in my Soul Portraits always represent spirit guides.  L received the Raven, Tiger, an Horse as her power animals.  They are spirit guides, but in animal form.  Each will have a specific message for L and when I do the channeling session for each one those messages will come through.  I conclude the channeling by sharing the meaning of the colors that have shown up in the Soul Portrait, which adds a further dimension to the overall interpretation of the piece.

The entire process can take 6 – 8 weeks, sometimes even longer. It all depends on how quickly the information comes through. Channeling cannot be scheduled.  It comes when it comes and not before.  Plus, my spirit guides are often busy doing other things as well, so I often have to put in my request for contact on behalf of a client and then they get to me as soon as they can.

I take tremendous pleasure from creating Soul Portraits.  I consider it a great honor to have the opportunity to connect with a person’s energy so I can create something that is uniquely for them at a particular time in their life.  My Soul Portraits have been sold around the world and hang in offices, homes, & businesses.  Each one is a true joy for me and of all the services I offer at my site, Soul Portraits are my personal favorite.

I hope to someday have the honor of creating one for you.

NOTE:  my Soul Portrait price at my site will be increasing by $50 on May 22nd.  This is to cover the increased amount of time each one takes, plus increase in prices of the high grade artistic mediums I use to create each Soul Portrait.

Until next time, wishing you all many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.




Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!

“TIGER, tiger, burning bright                                  
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame they fearful symmetry?”
 ~ William Blake

 I have always had a fondest for the poetry of William Blake. Tiger Sunday, as I worked on a Soul Portrait for Lydia, the words to the first verse of this poem kept running through my mind.  You see, Lydia has a shy tiger who was trying to hide from me as I was channeling the symbols for her Soul Portrait.  However, as I was beginning to commit the final drawing to card stock before adding the color, the tiger poked through shyly.  I sensed that he wished I hadn’t seen him.

Now I make it no secret that I have a very difficult time drawing animals.  So when I saw the tiger I sighed.  Perhaps that’s why the tiger had been working so hard to hide from me.  Perhaps somehow it knew if he showed up he would only end up giving me a hard time.  However, I always strive to draw every symbol that comes through in a Soul Portrait because every single one is important and has bearing on the meaning and interpretation for the rest of the symbols.

There was no way I could even consider excluding the tiger just because he would be difficult for me to draw.

 So, I sat at my table for about two hours struggling with Mr. Tiger as he looked at me from the ethers, his eyes indeed burning bright.

 I was sketching in his nose, then his markings when I became a bit frustrated at how it was going.  So at that point I decided to focus on his eyes.  I had the TV on with the Chicago Cubs game on in the background (in case you’re wondering, they lost.  AGAIN!).

As I focused on the tiger’s right eye there was a commercial break and the soundtrack to the first commercial of that particular break at that particular moment in time was the song, “The Eye of the Tiger.”

 I kid you not!  I stopped what I was doing, focused on the commercial, then I just began to laugh.  I would love for someone to explain to me what the odds are of THAT particular commercial coming on at THAT particular moment in time with THAT particular song as I worked on drawing the tiger’s right eye.  I’m sure they can’t even be measured, they are THAT astronomical.

I got over it, giggling to myself as I continued attempting to draw Mr. Tiger.  I struggled for another hour over him alone when, during another commercial break, whom do I hear??  My beloved TV friend from childhood, Tony the Tiger!  Surely you remember Tony from the old Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes commercials (don’t ever forget, “they’re GGRRREAT!”)?  There was Tony, being brought back to the ad campaign in recent years exclaiming his famous line while there I was finishing my work on Mr. Tiger.

 Okay, even I must admit this was WEIRD.  Again, what are the odds???

 Perhaps Mr. Tiger suddenly got over his shyness upon being seen.  Perhaps he went to great lengths to let me know he appreciated me picking up on his presence for Lydia’s Soul Portrait.  I may never know, but one thing I do know.

The timing of those two commercials was beyond coincidental and were downright freaky, but also quite funny.

 Don’t you all know that Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor?  Listen and watch for it.  The sense of humor is there.  Subtle, but it’s there all the same.

Latest Soul Portrait is Now Complete

Soul Portraits are completely unique and specific to the individual who orders one.  I enter into a meditative state with my spirit guides who then send images and colors into my mind.  The images are all symbols and they often come to me already arranged in a composition.  Then it’s up to me to sketch out what I see so that later on I can create a final image to send to the client.

This one is for Caitlyn, G.  When I create a Soul Portrait all I have to go on is the person’s name, date of birth and current location.  I never ask for any additional information because it’s simply not required.  The images that come through often have to do with past life influences and they also very often give major clues as to what a person’s life purpose is this time around.  Here, you can obviously see that Caitlyn has a very strong Egyptian past life influence, actually several.  Each Egyptian image:  the Ankh on the far left, the 2 pyramids, the cat, and the Eye of Horus on the back of the hand on the far right, all indicate a separate Egyptian past life.

Rainbow is a common symbol.  It represents hope, healing, and the things to which we aspire.  Another common image to receive is the sun.  The sun represents good health, success, warmth, and growth.  Here, Caitlyn has TWO suns in her Soul Portrait.  Can you find them?  They’re not in the usual place.  One of the suns is actually a visual pun.  One sun is located as the far left flower in the lower center portion of the Soul Portrait.  It’s a sun, but it’s growing on a stem, so it’s technically a sun flower, yet it’s not the type of sun flower that typically grows, but the sun itself in flower form.  The second sun is hiding within the Eye of Horus symbol.

Water is another very common symbol to receive. It represents the subconscious and when water does appear that’s a major clue to me that past life issues are encoded within the Soul Portrait.  Later on, after I have completed the Soul Portrait it then becomes my job to interpret the meanings of all the symbols the client received. I also go into the meaning of the colors as well because all of that is important.  A Soul Portrait Interpretive Analysis Report runs anywhere from 12 typed single-spaced pages to over 30.  I never can tell what the length will be because the bulk of the information in the Soul Portrait Interpretive Analysis is channeled.  I simply keep tying until the information stops flowing.

Receiving one of my Soul Portraits is like receiving your own personal tarot card that is uniquely yours, specific to you, and no two are ever alike.  I truly enjoy creating Soul Portraits and hope one day to have the honor of creating one just for you.


Many Blessings,


Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.


Trial & Error: My Introduction to WordPress & Artsy News

Originally, I obtained this URL back in 2009, but then took one look at the WordPress set up back then & balked.  I couldn’t figure out anything so I left confused, dismayed, and pretty upset until I began to use Blogger.  However, over the past 3 years I have been hearing the same thing – WordPress blogs receive more traffic because they place better in the search engines.  Well, being a businesswoman this got me to thinking, perhaps I should give WordPress another go.

I did and am pleased to say it didn’t take me long to more or less figure things out.  I still can’t figure out how to increase the size of the font for posts. I do apologize for that to those of you who wear bifocals as I do.  You can always go to your tools in your browser and use the zoom function you will find there.  I do that for many blogs and it works out just fine.


NEWS:  I am in the process of developing a sister site to my main site, The most popular page at my site currently is my article on how to contact spirit guides.  If you use “contact spirit guides” as your Google search terms you will see that my article comes up as Number 1.  How that ever happened, I have no idea, but I sure am thankful!  Due to the popularity of that article and all the questions I receive in email about spirit guides (an average of 15 a week), I decided to create a sister site focusing only on the topic of spirit guides.  Currently, my article on spirit guides from serves as the home page of my new site, but if you scroll to the bottom of the home page you’ll see a link to a second page, which is all about the tremendous importance of asking for some type of spiritual protection before every session – even after you have successfully & repeatedly establish contact.  So please, when you visit, scroll on down & click on the link to go to the second page.  You can find my Contact Spirit Guides site here.  I don’t have any services listed there yet, but have been already dong some Spirit Guide Portraits, that also include channeled information about your spirit guide and any message(s) they may have for you.  The image above is a Spirit Guide Portrait I created for Nilda.  It is done on 11 X 14″ bristol vellum cardstock in a mix of colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and acrylic paint for the nighttime sky background.

OTHER NEWS:  Also of an artsy nature, I am very pleased & proud to announce that I have just completed two Manifestation Mandalas for tarot artist, Lisa Hunt.  Lisa is not only my favorite tarot artist of all time, but her artwork has always been a personal inspiration to me and she is the reason I am now creating my own deck, The Magickal Musings Tarot.  I friended Lisa on Facebook and since then have discovered that not only is she an incredibly talented artist (something I have known since 1999), but she is also a lovely person with a lovely family.  She and I recently made an arrangement for me to create a Manifestation Mandala for her. I can’t tell you how high the intimidation factor ran for me.  I’m not sure any machine could measure that high.  My palms literally sweated as I sat down to create the initial sketches!

Manifestation Mandalas are just like my other spiritual art of Spirit Guide Portraits and Soul Portraits.  Images come to me in distinct waves.  At first, I will see one, maybe two symbols. Once I draw what I see (my guides are nice enough to wait on me as I draw), I will receive one or two additional symbols. I then use my artist’s eye to place the images together in a pleasing composition, then work toward creating the final sketch before adding color.  Also, the symbols I receive, I usually see them in full color.  Therefore, I am sure to keep a box of colored pencils next to me so I can add swatches of color to my initial sketch so I can remember what colors to use in the final composition.


Lisa Hunt Manifestation Mandala 2
Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2012

Lisa’s Manifestation Mandala proved to be much more intricate than the others I had created up until now.  I use a 12 X 12″ canvas for my Manifestation Mandalas.  I quickly realized that in order to have enough room for all the detail I would need to create two pieces for her.  The first piece is of the central image, which I received first of the hand with various symbols.  The second piece are the secondary symbols. If they were all on the same Manifestation Mandala, Lisa’s would have a secondary outer ring containing the symbols of her second Manifestation Mandala.  This is how it works sometimes. Symbols do their own thing and the hand really wanted a canvas all to itself. Who am I to argue with a symbol, never mind my own spirit guides who were also telling me to create two Manifestation Mandalas for Lisa.  This also once occurred with a client’s Soul Portrait. She received so many symbols, that I couldn’t fit them all onto a single sheet of bristol cardstock, so I created two for her.  When this occurs, I do not charge additional money.  I figure since my guides are telling me to create two & are providing enough symbols for two, then this person was meant to have two pieces of art & that’s all there is to it.  Lizzy’s two Soul Portraits hang framed side by side in her office & I can’t tell you how totally thrilled she was to receive both of them.  I was happy to create them for her.

I love creating art.  I have held some type of artistic tool in my hand since I was 2.  My portrait of “The Potato People” I created when I was 2 1/2 graced my parents dining room wall until they sold the house 37 years later. Never mind that I actually drew it directly onto the wall.  During the ensuing years my dad painted the dining room twice, but he was always careful to paint around my Potato People.  His simple consideration for his daughter’s feelings taught me a valuable lesson:  art has value & art touches the soul.

I am currently working on a Top Secret artistic project.  Not even my family knows.  No one has seen these images except for Sheila, and I.  Oh, Sheila?  Just who is this Sheila person?  She’s the family dog, and a very strict art critic, I might add.  When I unveil these new pieces they will first be viewable to the public at my Facebook Business Page, and then in my two art groups on Facebook:  The Magickal Musings Tarot and Manifestation Mandalas. So, please be sure you have liked my business page on Facebook if you want to be among the very first to see the images when I start to make them public.

Well, I hope this post turns out okay. I don’t see a button I can use to preview it before publishing it.  That makes me nervous, but oh, well.  As I said in the title, Trial and Error.  They happen to be my two middle names.

Until next time (which won’t be long as I have a tarot deck review to write), I wish you all Many Blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.