Latest Soul Portrait in Progress

Here is a pencil sketch of the Soul Portrait I am currently working on for a client.  The artwork is always 100% channeled.  The symbols that come through are channeled as well as their placement within the composition.  I also receive colors.  Just because there is a raven here does not mean it will be a bluish black. It probably will, but it can also end up being green or pink or who knows what color.  I pay attention to the colors I am given as well because every color has particular spiritual meanings behind it.  That also alters the energy of the piece as well.

Soul Portrait for L.  Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2013.
Soul Portrait for L. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2013.

The next step will be to ink in all the pencil lines, which I am currently doing.  After that it will be time to add the color. I use a combination of watercolor pencils, colored pencils, and I may also use soft pastels or oil pastels.  All outlining is done in black ink with Copic fine line markers.

Once the actual piece is completed the process still continues.  What I do next is undertake several channeling sessions with my guides during which they tell me what every item in the Soul Portrait symbolizes.  I already know that the three mountains in the background are the three spirit guides that are most active in L’s life at this particular time.  Mountains in my Soul Portraits always represent spirit guides.  L received the Raven, Tiger, an Horse as her power animals.  They are spirit guides, but in animal form.  Each will have a specific message for L and when I do the channeling session for each one those messages will come through.  I conclude the channeling by sharing the meaning of the colors that have shown up in the Soul Portrait, which adds a further dimension to the overall interpretation of the piece.

The entire process can take 6 – 8 weeks, sometimes even longer. It all depends on how quickly the information comes through. Channeling cannot be scheduled.  It comes when it comes and not before.  Plus, my spirit guides are often busy doing other things as well, so I often have to put in my request for contact on behalf of a client and then they get to me as soon as they can.

I take tremendous pleasure from creating Soul Portraits.  I consider it a great honor to have the opportunity to connect with a person’s energy so I can create something that is uniquely for them at a particular time in their life.  My Soul Portraits have been sold around the world and hang in offices, homes, & businesses.  Each one is a true joy for me and of all the services I offer at my site, Soul Portraits are my personal favorite.

I hope to someday have the honor of creating one for you.

NOTE:  my Soul Portrait price at my site will be increasing by $50 on May 22nd.  This is to cover the increased amount of time each one takes, plus increase in prices of the high grade artistic mediums I use to create each Soul Portrait.

Until next time, wishing you all many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.




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