Latest Soul Portrait is Now Complete

Soul Portraits are completely unique and specific to the individual who orders one.  I enter into a meditative state with my spirit guides who then send images and colors into my mind.  The images are all symbols and they often come to me already arranged in a composition.  Then it’s up to me to sketch out what I see so that later on I can create a final image to send to the client.

This one is for Caitlyn, G.  When I create a Soul Portrait all I have to go on is the person’s name, date of birth and current location.  I never ask for any additional information because it’s simply not required.  The images that come through often have to do with past life influences and they also very often give major clues as to what a person’s life purpose is this time around.  Here, you can obviously see that Caitlyn has a very strong Egyptian past life influence, actually several.  Each Egyptian image:  the Ankh on the far left, the 2 pyramids, the cat, and the Eye of Horus on the back of the hand on the far right, all indicate a separate Egyptian past life.

Rainbow is a common symbol.  It represents hope, healing, and the things to which we aspire.  Another common image to receive is the sun.  The sun represents good health, success, warmth, and growth.  Here, Caitlyn has TWO suns in her Soul Portrait.  Can you find them?  They’re not in the usual place.  One of the suns is actually a visual pun.  One sun is located as the far left flower in the lower center portion of the Soul Portrait.  It’s a sun, but it’s growing on a stem, so it’s technically a sun flower, yet it’s not the type of sun flower that typically grows, but the sun itself in flower form.  The second sun is hiding within the Eye of Horus symbol.

Water is another very common symbol to receive. It represents the subconscious and when water does appear that’s a major clue to me that past life issues are encoded within the Soul Portrait.  Later on, after I have completed the Soul Portrait it then becomes my job to interpret the meanings of all the symbols the client received. I also go into the meaning of the colors as well because all of that is important.  A Soul Portrait Interpretive Analysis Report runs anywhere from 12 typed single-spaced pages to over 30.  I never can tell what the length will be because the bulk of the information in the Soul Portrait Interpretive Analysis is channeled.  I simply keep tying until the information stops flowing.

Receiving one of my Soul Portraits is like receiving your own personal tarot card that is uniquely yours, specific to you, and no two are ever alike.  I truly enjoy creating Soul Portraits and hope one day to have the honor of creating one just for you.


Many Blessings,


Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.


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