When the Universe Speaks … Listen

Everyday the universe speaks to us through various avenues of our experience. Often, we’re too busy going about our day to notice. As a result, I have made it a practice to think back over my day at bedtime. By then I’m not doing anything to distract myself, I’m relaxed, and usually ready for bed.

For two days now the universe has sent me a very loud message. These are merely two examples of how the universe can speak to you.


Last October I began working on ideas for a tarot deck. I am now nearly 20 images into it. I am using acrylic paint on canvas paper so this is going to take me a while. Based upon how busy my business is right now I figure I will have the deck completed in probably 2 years. I have not had time to work on it for several weeks now.

A few days ago my husband and I were discussing the option of self-publishing it because it’s a unique idea, but I’ve been told it’s “not really marketable” by a couple of publishers now, but that it’s a great idea. Perplexing to me as that may be, I broached the subject of self-publishing with my husband because it would take quite an investment to produce a deck of quality.

My husband is a sweet man who doesn’t believe in anything I do and will often poke gentle fun at me, but he was quick to say if I believed in the project, then when the time came we’d put the money together and I could work with a local printer to bring my vision to life. He went on to say that I “owed that” to my art and to myself.

I was thrilled with his supportive and encouraging response.

The deck is far from completed, but I’m the type of person who likes to know how the land lays far ahead of time. On Sunday I set the intention that I need to find a local printer who will be able to bring my vision to life with the degree of quality I would require. At that same time I also set the intention of finding images I need to draw for my deck. I am well aware that they must come from a museum collection. Museums copyright images and photos of the items within their collections, so legally I cannot reproduce them in any way for a commercial project. I am well aware of that fact, but I set that intention anyway and went about my week.

When you set intentions to the universe it’s very important to let them go. Release them. Ideally, forget about them and think of other things. This allows the universe free reign to work on manifesting your intentions for you. This is a practice I follow and I can tell you in all honesty it truly does work. This week it worked a treat!

On Wednesday I had to fill in for my husband at his local business networking meeting. They talk about their businesses there and provide referrals for one another. Unfortunately, his business did not receive any referrals this week, but something else happened.

I have only attended their meetings twice before so I’m basically an outsider. Only 3 people speak to me, but as I walked up to sign in this man I had never met before welcomed me and when I told him I was my husband’s better half that really made him laugh. I then walked into the meeting room to sit down. A few minutes later he came in and sat next to me and we continued to chat intermittently.

At one point everyone presents a one-minute presentation about their business. The man got up and stated that he owns a PRINTING business!!

I felt my jaw drop open! He looked at me kind of funny too and laughed. As he sat back down and I stood up to speak about my husband’s business I said to him, “I’d appreciate if you and I could talk a bit after the meeting.” He smiled and said, “sure!”

archwayI recently self-published my first oracle deck, Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm. I carry it in my purse because you never know when you might make a sale. After the meeting was over I told Eric that I’m an artist and I create decks. His response:

“Oh, really! So you paint images on people’s backyard decks?”

Me: “Uh, no. Not that kind of deck. THIS kind of deck.”

I pulled out the silver satin pouch containing my oracle deck and then he looked really confused. I then showed him a few of the images and he understood. I told him I’m creating a tarot deck and I need to find a local printer who can print the deck, the box, and possibly a guide book to my exact specifications. He nodded and said, “not a problem. I can manage this. Let me know when and we’ll talk more.”

Thus, I found a printer a mere 3 days after setting that intention and then thinking no more about it.

That was yesterday. Today something else happened that has knocked my socks clean off!

My concept for my tarot deck requires that I paint from items that are held in some museum collections around the world. Museums copyright their photographs of the items in the collections so unless you take the photo yourself you really cannot paint a picture of the item in a museum’s photograph without running up against possible copyright infringement.

Today, as I was online I saw an article that made the startling announcement that the Metropolitan Museum of Art was releasing its copyright of images in its collection that are within the public domain! This includes not only works of art, but other items in the MET’s collection!!

I honestly didn’t believe it. I thought it was fake news! I checked other sources and the story is real! I went to the MET’s website and there was their Collections page already set up where you can search their data base of images and look for public domain images! I had also set this intention on Sunday so that must have been a high energy day. I was stunned at how the printer and the much-needed museum images just fell neatly into my lap.

I am now setting the intention that the British Museum follow suit, if they haven’t already (I need to check!) because they have items within their vast collections that I also need to depict in my tarot deck, but in a pinch I can get buy with using the photographs from the MET and I no longer have to worry about copyright infringement. Furthermore, it will be a simple matter of searching their database to find the exact images I need! This will eliminate a great deal of time searching for images within the public domain.

I was so excited about this that I visited the MET’s Collections page and have already downloaded 12 images for 12 future paintings for my tarot deck!!

Now all I need to do is manifest the time I need to create those paintings.

The universe speaks, so listen up. You’ll be surprised at what you hear.

Wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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