Reincarnation Experiences

By Nattavut. Image # 10024152
By Nattavut. Image # 10024152

Whether you believe in reincarnation and past lives there is a growing body of evidence that people are having some type of an experience with vivid memories of past events, locations, and time periods they could not have witnessed themselves. I have several of my own past life memories. Here is just one of quite a few “reincarnation stories” that I have. This one is about my daughter who is now 15.

When she was only one month old it was first thing in the morning and I was changing her diaper. At this point of her life she was capable of a few grunts & coos, but that was it. As I put the wet baby wipe on her bottom I didn’t realize she had developed diaper rash overnight. She screamed in pain & then screamed, “NYET! NYET! NYET!” I knew that was “No” in Russian.

As I stood there clutching my chest with my mouth hanging completely open she turned her head, looked me dead in the eye and screamed, “NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!” I knew that was “No” in German.

After the shock wore off (probably a good two minutes), I retrieved a soft washcloth to clean her, then I medicated her bottom & that was that. To this day that is her favorite story about herself. She loves to hear me tell it over & over & over again.

When my daughter was 3 she told me she had been a little boy who had been taken away from his parents by “army men” & put in a train with a lot of other people she never knew. She was then put in a building and she said they all thought they were going to take a shower, but instead people began dropping dead & she died in that building. I figured she had died in a concentration camp’s gas chamber.

When she was 4 she told me she had been a soldier for Tzar Peter & was very proud of that fact. She said she had died for her “Mother,” which confused me until I remembered that Russians refer to Russia as “Mother Russia.” She also told me that her father & I were there with her & we had been her parents & she had been our youngest son. Now that freaked me out because I have a past life memory of my husband & I as old Russian farmers crying because we just received word our youngest had died in some battle & we had already lost our first 3 sons. It’s also funny that in this life neither my husband nor I wanted any children. I knew from my own memory it was to protect us from the pain of ever losing a child again. We had lost all four & the death of the baby had killed my husband in that lifetime. In this lifetime we immediately got our over desire not to have children when I became pregnant & we were (and still are!) so happy to have her in our lives. Our daughter is our greatest blessing.

Upon seeing a slide presentation for a unit on Anne Frank in the fifth grade, my daughter became very upset when she saw scenes of the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Then it hit me. That must have been where she had died in the gas chamber! It took myself, her teacher, and 2 boys to drag her out of the classroom and into my car where I could finally calm her down & convince her that would never happen to her again. I had to keep her home for 3 days, she was so upset. I also told her teacher I would not allow my daughter to complete the unit on Anne Frank, nor would she be allowed to be exposed to anything about Nazi Germany at this young age. Her teacher, who had been badly freaked out by the entire incident, was all too happy to give Ariel an A and completely excuse her.

Two years later they studied Anne Frank again and read her diary. By then I had explained to my child that these memories can’t hurt her & that it’s best she let them out instead of trying to bottle them up. She was fine at school during the 7th grade Anne Frank unit, but when they showed the movie I kept her home that day with the full cooperation of her teacher who also believed in reincarnation. In fact, when my daughter told her she had memories of dying in a gas chamber at Auschwitz her teacher had told her, “that’s fascinating. I was a young Native American girl who caught small-pox from the Pilgrims & that’s how I died.” Her teacher then emailed me to ask me to talk to my child about the gas chambers & I told her I already knew & believed in reincarnation. Her teacher was relieved & said more parents need to be understanding of such things.

It really pays to listen to our children when they are toddlers. That is the time they are able to begin to articulate their thoughts and memories of past lives are still with them.  Remember to listen to your children. Please do not discount the strange things they may say as imagination or dreams. They need our help to remember their past lives and to realize the past can no longer hurt them. This will result in a tremendous healing for your children and they can then go on through their lives without the burden of past life traumas.

If you feel you have been suffering from past life trauma that you have carried forward into the present, I do offer a Karmic Healing enchantment at my site. You can find it on my Enchantment Page under the “Spiritual Matters” category.

Wishing you many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.



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