Deck Review: The Outback Lenormand.

The Outback Lenormand
Lynne Boyle of Aquarius Wellbeing
$25 AUD, $6 worldwide shipping, $2 shipping in Australia
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The Outback Lenormand

Lynne Boyle is a proficient creator of Lenormand decks. As of the posting of this review Lynne now has 12 decks to her credit with two being black & white versions of pre-existing decks. As a whole, her decks focus on traditional Lenormand symbols and interpretations with some decks having extra copies of particular cards, as in The Outback Lenormand, which has an extra Birds and Child card.

The theme of The Outback Lenormand is life in Australia, Lynne’s home. The images are photographs of wildlife, plants, and objects you would find in rural, or “outback” Australia. Every card image is presented in a crisp and clean manner without any doubt as to what the symbol on the card is. Titles are printed in a lovely script font that is easy to read. Both white and black is used for titles depending on whether the card image itself consists of lighter or darker colors. Titles vary in appearing at either the top or base of the card images. They are printed directly on the photograph and it’s obvious the artist chose the location of each title for every card so it would interfere with the image as little as possible. Every card also has its playing card association noted in shorthand with numbers and letters to denote rank of the card and the cartomantic symbol of each of the four suits.

The Outback LenormandThe quality of the deck is excellent. The cards shuffle just like a deck of regular playing cards and they have a semi-gloss surface. Card size is 3 ½ X 2 ½” and as such is easy for those of us with small hands to shuffle. The deck comes housed in an organza bag. The LWB (Little White Book) of intepretations consists of a 2-page printout on A4 size paper, printed on both front and back of the first page, and halfway down on the second page. Meanings of the cards are traditional and include the playing card association for each.

I enjoy using The Outback Lenormand. The images are bright and cheerful, which gives a good feeling to the overall energy of the deck. Having never been to Australia, I love the images of things that are typical of Australia that you don’t see anywhere else. Cards such as The House, Paths, Anchor, Tower and Tree are showcased against the beautiful countryside with the Mountain featuring the renown and revered Uluru, or Ayers Rock. Sacred to the Anangu Aborigines, Uluru is a popular tourist attraction and is all that is left of an eroded mountain range. The Birds card is presented in two versions of birds native to Australia. The Fox card depicts the Australian Dingo while The Sun card has three kangaroos hopping across the image. The Man and Woman cards showcase Australian outback ranch-style clothing and the woman is holding a lamb.

I like all the cards, which is rare for me The Outback Lenormandregarding any deck whether it’s Lenormand or Tarot; however, my favorite card is The Rider. The man on the horse looks a lot like Hugh Jackman. If you have seen his movie, “Australia” you’ll see the resemblance, I’m sure.

As with any Lenormand deck, readings are clear, concise and uncannily accurate. If you have only been exposed to Tarot readings until now, I strongly urge you to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of Lenormand. I have been hopelessly addicted for four years now and my addiction shows no signs of being cured any time soon. The Outback Lenormand makes a lovely addition to any Lenormand collection and is a deck I highly recommend.

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