Angel Encounters (Part 1)

I shared with with my friend, Anton Rossi, who posted my encounter with an angel to her blog. This is a true story that I & my husband experienced one dark & stormy night. It is proof that prayers are heard & they are answered. Whether this angel was Archangel Michael himself or one of his helpers, I cannot say with any certainty, but something strongly tells me it was Michael himself. Every time this experience comes to mind it gives me chills to this day – 12 years later. Enjoy 🙂

Spirits in the Material World

I am going to post several true life Angel encounters and experiences, stories that friends have kindly “donated” and given me permission to post. Some I will keep anonymous, some not, but they all are lovely :). Oh and by the way, if anyone reading this has any Angel story to share please free to contact me with it. The first story was shared with me by my lovely friend Nefer and it’s about Archangel Michael, so here goes:

Nefer encounter with Archangel Michael

“It was a dark & stormy night – really it was. My family & I were driving back home from my husband’s grandfather’s funeral. It was in Hobbs, New Mexico & we had to drive all the way back to Corpus Christi, and it’s around a 14-hour drive. We were out in the middle of nowhere & it was raining terribly & at night. Visibility was…

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