Egyptian Lenormand, the Review & the Interview.

Thank you very much to Pepi Valderrama for a wonderful review of my deck, “The Egyptian Lenormand,” that I self-published in February, 2013. I still have signed & numbered copies available & my deck will be published by Schiffer Books in the fall of 2014.

Tarot Taxi


The Review

The Egyptian Lenormand is one of my favorite Lenormands. Created by Nefer Khepri, PhD, this is a jewel which is going to be published by Schiffer Books by the fall of 2014. However, you can still purchase the Indie version of it (you must run, because there are only a few left!).

This is a very colorful and happy Lenormand. If you like Egypt as I do, and if you are eager to learn something about it, this is your Lenormand. (Don’t worry: you’re provided with a wonderful pdf with exquisite explanations about the art, Egypt and the Lennies). Because it is based on Egypt, the art depicted in the cards is totally according to it. For example: the Rider is a guy dressed in white on a camel, behind the clover you can see a Pyramid, the coffin is actually a Sarcophagus, the whip and broom is…

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