Deck Review: The Resonance Oracle


Resonance Oracle cover

Dara Caplan

Resonance Oracle Cards

40 cards & 93-page guidebook

ISBN # 978-0-7643-4138-0


         Intended for novice and experienced readers alike, The Resonance Oracle Cards is characterized by thought-provoking channeled images in both portrait and landscape orientation.  The cards measure 5 X 3 ½” as does the guidebook.  The cards and guidebook are housed in what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from Schiffer Books, a stiff, sturdy and highly laminated cardboard box with a hinged magnetic lid with ribbon pull.  The packaging makes for a lovely presentation.

Resonance Oracle - Garden of Beauty The guidebook is open-ended regarding the typical “how to use this deck” goes.  You can draw a single card, 3 cards, or carry out more involved spreads typically used with tarot decks.  I do not feel this will cause any confusion even to beginning readers. It will encourage them to use their imagination and perhaps start creating their own spreads.

Cards have titles such as:  Garden of Beauty, Communication, Eclipse, Blessings, Life Abundant, and Release.  Card interpretations offered in the guidebook consist of a single paragraph that offers a general summary and two short alternative meanings.  Each card is depicted in black and white on the facing page.  The deck laminate is sturdy and glossy that is typical of decks from Schiffer Books.  The deck will withstand years of use.

The cards were stiff coming out of the box.  However, it onlyResonance Oracle - Sun & Moon took about seven shuffles to break them in.  They became much more supple and easier to shuffle.  The deck stands 11/16” high when stacked.

There are two things I really like about this deck, in addition to the artwork.  Firstly, they broken in easily when shuffling.  I don’t appreciate decks that remain stiff indefinitely since I have smaller hands.  Secondly, I love the fact that the artist chose to create the images in both portrait and landscape orientation.  Portrait orientation is what readers are accustomed to seeing for a deck, but as an artist myself, I find that many times a subject matter just isn’t suited to the portrait orientation.  Based upon the composition of the images and the information conveyed by the imagery wise choices were made as to which cards would be created in landscape format.  It also creates an interesting layout when you use the cards with some in the spread in portrait orientation and others in landscape orientation.  The energy flows from card to card a bit differently than what readers may be used to, but I really enjoy the difference.

Resonance Oracle - BlessingsThe cards are not numbered. The title appears at the base of the card.  Card titles are provided alphabetically in the guidebook so they can still easily be found when doing readings.  However, the image is so provocative that I really encourage you to first try using this deck without the guidebook.  You may come up with some very interesting interpretations of the imagery all on your own.  The images consist of various components that tend to draw the eye to particular symbols.  Whenever that occurs in a reading you should know to pay special attention to the symbol and work it into your overall interpretation of that card.  This goes for any deck, not just The Resonance Oracle.

 Dara Caplan, both the artist and author of this deck, leaves it open-ended as to how you are to use it.  There are no spreads provided in the guidebook so if this is your very first deck you have ever puTarot Spreads by B Moore coverrchased, I do recommend you purchase a book on card spreads.  An excellent one that was published in the past few months is Barbara Moore’s Tarot Spreads:  Layouts & Techniques to Empower Your Readings (Llewellyn Publishing, 2012).  This book offers a myriad of spreads  that you can use with tarot and oracle decks alike.  The book is very well written with the meaning beh

ind each card position in each spread fully explained.  It’s wonderful for beginnings and if you are an experienced reader like myself, the book is still very useful and will encourage you to create your own spreads.

The Resonance Oracle is an enjoyable deck that – at least for me – provides readings that make me sit and think.  I connect the dots and then the answer or guidance reveals itself.  I’m much more a tarot person than a user of oracle decks, but this one is very nice and I enjoy using it.

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