Removal of 2 Services From My Site.

As many of you know, I have been in business at for the past 15 years.  Over that length of time I have gone from hoping for an order – just ANY order from ANYONE to now having clientele on every continent on the planet except for Antarctica.  My business over the past three years has grown tremendously.  Every year my banker husband runs the numbers.  We discovered that in 2012 my business has grown via new clientele by a whopping 40%!  Plus, I have clients who have been with me for years, some as long as 10 – 12 years who bless me by repeatedly returning to me for readings and candle work.

I credit two things for the massive growth spurt.  Firstly, three years ago at the suggestion of another long-time client, Henri J., I created a business presence on Facebook.  He insisted it would really help me.  Henri was right.  I created groups to share what I know with like-minded people (the links to which can be found at the top of my blog’s page) & I have “met” many very lovely people on Facebook who have blessed me with their friendship.  My business grew more.

The second thing that happened about 2 years ago that has helped tremendously is that somehow, some way totally unknown to me, my page at my site on “How to Contact Spirit Guides” now comes up in a google search for the search terms, “contact spirit guides.”  My page comes up as NUMBER ONE!  I wish I knew how that happened so I could do that with all the pages at my site, but that ONE page has brought in many new clients, especially over this past 1 – 1 1/2 years.  So I am very grateful for the awesome page placement on Google for that article.

ImageMy time is not exclusively devoted to my business, yet it does take up most of my days now, sometimes as long as 12-hour work days.  Many don’t realize that I’m also a mother and a wife.  I’ve been married to Stuart, a wonderful man, for going on 19 years this May.  We have a fantastic daughter, Ariel, who is now 14 going on 30 and knows it all now that she’s a teen!  I have to take care of them, the house, the dog, plus run my business.

I have always been VERY grateful to my clients who allow me to have my business. Without them would have ceased to exist years ago as I would have been forced through financial necessity to find a regular 9 to 5 job.  Although I have come close a few times in the early years to losing my business due to a total lack of income from it, I have maintained my faith that my feet are on the path that is meant for me and that through my business I am fulfilling my Soul’s Purpose of being a teacher, healer, and of service to others.  Despite the hard times my family has experienced I have always remained here and will be here until I am at some point too old to work.

Progress creates change, or is it the other way around?  At any rate, due to all the growth my business has experienced the demands by clientele for my services has also increased, which has been a great blessing to me and to my business and, therefore, also to my family.  I am now re-working things just a bit in order to make it more feasible for me to fill orders in as timely a manner as possible.  I have never liked to keep anyone waiting.  I am now fully booking up my work schedule one week in advance for readings while the schedule for candle work hasn’t changed much.

In order to have more time to fill orders as they come in I am having to reluctantly eliminate two services due to them being so very time and energy consuming for me.  I am talking about my Past Life Karmic Tarot Readings and my Tarot Annual Forecast reading.  Each of these readings takes me approximately two weeks to do for a client.  This is due to the fact that most of the information is channeled.  I don’t know what any of you know about channeling. In brief, it’s when you open yourself up to Spirit and allow Spirit to either write or speak through you.  Well, at least for me Spirit isn’t always available.  My spirit guides are often busy helping and guiding others so when I try to tune into them in order to channel the necessary information for these two types of readings nobody is home so I have to postpone my work and try again another time.  That’s why I always tell clients it will take me 2 weeks.  Most times it’s less, but in some cases it can be much longer as well.  Again, it all depends on how the channeled information comes through, when, and in what quantity.

So it is with a sad heart I announce that due to growing demands on my time, my Past Life Karmic Tarot readings and my Tarot Annual Forecast readings shall be no more.  I am leaving the pages up for approximately another two weeks for anyone who wishes to order.  After that, those two types of readings will be gone forever.

Now, those of you who order my Tarot Annual Forecast every year, don’t fear.  I will still fill your repeating order should you wish to order another when your Forecast has concluded.  Just email me and I’ll send you payment information and the price will always remain the same.  I just won’t be doing that reading for new clients because it is so time and energy consuming.

I wish to thank everyone who has ever ordered because each has played a vital role in making what it is today:  a thriving home-grown, home-run successful business.  It has allowed me the blessings of being able to stay home every single day to raise my daughter and the blessing of keeping my feet firmly on the path that was meant for me.  I realize few people enjoy either of these blessings and I am very thankful every single day.

Wishing You All Many Blessings,

~ Nefer

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