The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!


Chicken Itza. Copyright Aaron Logan

I’m writing this in response to the TON of emails I have been receiving asking me if the world is ending on 12/21/12.  There’s a lot of utter baloney circulating about the “end of the world” on 12/21/12.  Noting mainly the Mayan calendar as “proof” Time as we know it will end.  The Mayans are the subject of my doctorate.  My field was not calendrics, however, but the Mayan ballgame, still I was forced to study calendrics to a great extent as well (and against my will as I really hate math!).  Mayans measured time in cycles.  If you imagine the inner workings of a clock, one gear (the seconds) shifts up to 60, thus causing a second gear (minutes) to shift one place over.  The minute gear shifts a total of 60 times, thus causing the hour gear to shift over 1 position, and so on.  That’s how the Maya measured their version of days, weeks, months and years, plus they had larger cycles of years called Katuns and Baktuns, plus even larger cycles.

NOTE: this is the AZTEC calendar being shown, not the Mayan calendar & in many graphics circulating the internet they mistakenly depict the Aztec calendar, just adding to the cosmic joke.

On 12/21/12 of our calendar the current cycle of the current Mayan Baktun is ending.  HOWEVER, a new one starts the very next day!  So the Mayans did NOT see time as coming to an end.  It’s merely the end of one cycle & the start of a new one.  Nothing is going to end. The earth is not going to blow up.  There is a galactic alignment also occurring on that day (probably all nicely arranged for us by the Mayans just to freak us all out), but NASA insists the geo forces at work will not be enough to tear the earth asunder.

However, there is going to be a TREMENDOUS SPIRITUAL SHIFT that will culminate on 12/21/12 and it has to do with SPIRITUAL ENERGY, not with earth or physical energy.  We are always evolving, always changing, and we are all about to experience evolution of a spiritual nature.  Please visit an earlier blog entry to see how you can be an active part of this & receive the energies coming to the earth (that have been arriving since October, 1998, actually).  The post I wrote on The Great Shift is at

ImageThe energy that is coming in has been coming in SLOWLY and fairly uneventfully since October, 1998 according to information I received in a channeling session with Archangel Michael, whom I channel on a regular basis.  He has told me the Galactic Gateway that allows for a pure stream of angelic energy to reach the earth has been opened at various times, the most recent being approximately 26,000 years ago when it was used to spur forward our spiritual evolution so that that rudiment foundations of religion and spirituality were created as our distant ancestors began to believe in a force greater than themselves.  This Galactic Gateway is opened periodically to allow angelic energy to flow freely to the earth in order to help us humans advance spiritually.  The Galactic Gateway has been open for 14 years.  The only hoopla about 12/21/12 that has any bearing on the Galactic Gateway is that 12/21/12 is the day on which the Galactic Gateway will quietly close just as it quietly opened 14 years ago, thus ending the influx of angelic energy until the next time the Angelic Realm decides to re-open the Galactic Gateway.

The energy has been flowing to the earth this entire time.  It’s up to each of us as individuals to open ourselves up to the energy (more on how to do this here).  Many will think this is utter hogwash. Others may be quickly stocking their bunkers for the end of the world.  But those of us who are truly prepared will be those who open up to receive this energy willingly.  It will flow into you at a pace that is right for you.  It won’t make you sick, give you headaches, or nightmares.  You probably won’t feel a thing.  That is how it was designed by the Angelic Realm on purpose because the angels would never desire to cause any of us any form of discomfort.  Those who are more sensitive, you may feel some of the things I felt.  These were:  tingling in my hands & feet, heat along my spine starting at the base of my skull and going down to my tail bone, dizziness, ear ringing or whining, more vivid dreams (but no nightmares), and a surge in my intuitive abilities.  That’s what I felt.  For those of us sensitive enough to feel the shift in energy you may feel all or some of this or maybe something completely different.  Then again, maybe nothing at all.  The most important thing is that you freely and willingly open yourself up to receiving the energy.  Then it will come and you will be one of the many moving forward spiritually.

Now, the earth and life as we know it is NOT going to change overnight.  This is another mass misconception.  Not everyone is going to be aware of this new energy and not everyone is going to be accepting of it, either. This means that while some humans will be moving forward spiritually there will be many who shall remain stuck right where they are now.  Many of these people are world leaders and others in positions of power.  There aren’t going to be massive revolutions the world over.  Governments are not going to topple overnight, either.   However, there will be mass stirring in the consciousness of humankind that will allow for such changes to begin to unfold gradually and over time so that eventually a new earth will emerge, but again, at a pace that is right for all of us and for the earth.  There is no rushing the process, no matter how urgently some revolutionary hearts may wish it to be so.

The Mayan calendar clicks onward to a new cycle and the earth will continue existing as it always has.  Of course there will be tumult and turmoil. That’s the earth and that’s us.  We are the cause, not some planetary alignment or someone’s calendar clicking over to a new cycle that has been repeatedly warped by fear mongers intent on trying to sell their crackpot books.  No one should be running around on 12/21/12 screaming like Chicken Licken, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!”  because the sky will not be falling.  It’s going to stay right where it always has been and the earth will keep on spinning.  So I reiterate in the words of R. E. M. and Michael Stipe, “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.”  And so should you.  Enjoy the ride, soak up the great energy, and let’s all help the world to move on up to the next spiritual level slow, but surely.


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