My Spiritual Name

Anubis embalming a mummy

Many of my clients and friends on Facebook have asked me over the years where my name comes from.  For those of you who have been my clients for more than five years and those who pay attention to their PayPal receipts when they place an order, you all will know that Nefer Khepri is not my legal name.  I run my business under my spiritual name for two reasons.

1) Isis told me to (more on that in a second); and,

2) I live in Texas, which is part of the American Bible Belt, jam packed full of Christian Fundamentalists and born-again Southern Baptists.  People here, for the most part, are sadly narrow minded and extremely judgmental.  So I have to keep what I do for my business to myself.  This saddens me greatly at times.

Now, on to how I got the name of Nefer Khepri and it’s meaning.  Until now I have never shared this experience publicly before.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Standing winged Isis

My name was given to me.  It was in 1997 and I was the assistant manager at a new age shop in Corpus Christi, TX where we lived before moving to Houston.  I was receiving a healing from a colleague at the time and I went into this very long, highly detailed vision.  I believe I was astral traveling.  At one point I ended up being taken by an angel to a chamber below the Great Pyramid at Giza.  It opened to a circular chamber with a rose-quartz sarcophagus in the center.  Along the walls were huge 10 – 12 feet high paintings of various gods.

As I was looking at the paintings with an archaeologist’s eye (that’s the field in which I have my formal education), I heard a sound behind me.  I turned & there were Isis, Osiris & Anubis.  I didn’t know what to do so I fell flat on my face with my arms out-stretched.  I heard Isis say, “arise, my child.”  So I did.  Then all 3 of them pointed to the sarcophagus. I walked up next to it, looked inside and was like, “yep, that’s a sarcophagus alright.”  They kept pointing and I figured out they wanted me to get IN the sarcophagus.

That totally creeped me out so I kind of stood there looking at Them, They were looking at me & all 3 were pointing at the sarcophagus.  I finally climbed in & then They were suddenly around me.  Isis was at my right shoulder, Anubis at my head & Osiris was at my feet.  Then I heard some hydraulic (or so I assume) gears kick into motion.  The base of the sarcophagus rose up until it became flush with the sides and turned into a table.  I laid there while the gods gave me a healing.  At the end, Isis placed her right hand on my heart & leaning over me She said, and this I will never forget, ” you are mine in all Space and in all Time.  Your spiritual name is Nefer Khepri, oh Beautiful One of the Rising Sun.  Put your name to good use.”  Then I woke up while my colleague was freaked out because the energy in the healing room had gotten so high.

That, in a nutshell, is how I was given my spiritual name.

Em Hotep (Egyptian for, “in peace”)

~ Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.



  1. aw mann.. i wanted the long version. I just love reading about your experiences. It makes me feel so happy and uplifted…to the point of making me have little crying sessions. lol thank you so much for sharing.

    btw: you do know that you are AMAZING, right? 😉 love you!!


  2. aw mann, i wanted the longer version. i love reading about your experiences. gosh.. this is another one of your stories where i have a little crying session. lol thank you for sharing

    btw: you do know you’re AMAZING, right?? 😉


  3. funny you should share this story now. Just yesterday I decided to look up your name to see what it meant and I thought ‘I agree, and what an appropriate name. I wonder how she got it?’ so Thanks!


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