I Am Grateful for …

… my INTUITION!!!!!  OMG!!!  Since Friday something’s been telling me to get the air conditioner checked out.  The last time it was serviced was 3 years ago when the capacitor went out & the whole thing shut down in the middle of AUGUST in 105 temps here in Houston, Texas!  I about died. 

ImageMy feelings about the air-conditioner bothered me the entire weekend we were in Austin for my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary.  We get home, everything seems fine, but then Monday afternoon I was like, “no, something’s not right.  I need to call the repairman.”  I call, he asks if there’s a problem & I tell him, “well, no, it’s all working just fine, but I don’t feel right about it.”  Guess what he said?  “Then there MUST be a problem. I can fit you in tomorrow.”  

How great is that?  Here is a MAN willing to listen to my intuition.  When he got here he told me that many women say the same thing & when he goes out to the house there’s always some problem and they are usually very small problems, but if left alone for a long time they can cause major damage to the unit or even the house.

Well, he just got done.  He was here for 2 hours.  Our drain line was clogged so water was backing up into the drain pan beneath the a/c unit in the attic.  The drain pain was 1/8″ short of spilling over & flooding the attic!  Also, some of the water had drained off into the furnace & was about to start leaking, so he rigged it up so that can dry itself out.  He installed overflow warning switches.  If our a/c drain pan ever gets that full again those switches will kick on & turn off the a/c so we will know to call them to come check.  Also, the coils were freezing up due to Stuart NOT CHANGING THE FILTER when I told him it needed changing!  This was A MONTH AGO.  The guy changed out the filter & didn’t even charge us the $30 for a new filter, & I know darn well that’s exactly how much they cost.  The compressor outside was the only part  that didn’t have a problem.  He told me I was lucky I called when I did.  Another 48 – 72 hours & we would have had a flooded attic & a leaking ceiling in the loft resulting in thousands of dollars of structural damage to our house!  

ImageIt really PAYS to listen to your intuition, even if you think it’s stupid or it makes you wonder what could possibly be wrong since everything is working fine.  LISTEN and then ACT.  You won’t regret it ever because our intuition is our guidance from God/dess, our angels, & our spirit guides who would never ever steer us in the wrong direction.  I’m so VERY GRATEFUL I listened & acted!!!

When is the last time you listened to your intuition and then acted on what you sensed?  Yesterday?  Last week?  Never?  I sure hope your answer isn’t “never.”  Remember, our intuition is our God-given guidance system.  It helps us to make decisions, but it also prods us when we need prodding.  Just like in my case. It had me worrying about our air-conditioner all weekend long.  Now the problem has been fixed and disaster has been averted, plus we got a free filter thrown into the deal, and what a deal it was!  $245 for all of that, including labor. 

Now, what if your intuition isn’t as strong as you hoped it would be?  There’s an easy fix for this, but you need to repeat it daily, several times a day.  It’s simple.  Express gratitude for your intuition.  Send up a prayer and say, “wow, my intuition is so right-on all the time, thank you!  I appreciate the blessing of intuition!”  Just send that prayer out, whether it’s true or not.  Send it up enough times & it will become truth.  You’ll see. 

Many Blessings,

Nefer Khepri, Ph.D., R. M-T.


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  1. Hi Aparna ~ thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. The second picture is one I got off the internet. I chose it because the moon is featured prominently and it rules our emotions through which we can reach our intuition. Also, the owl is symbolic of a seer, of someone who is all-knowing, so someone who is in perfect tune with their intuition and follows it well. I just love this picture & wish I knew who the artist was so I could give proper credit to them 🙂


    • youre welcome Nefer…..Thanks for answering my query..reg the picture …..
      .who ever drew it.is certainly not an ordinary person


  2. i love to read your blgs,,every time thers some thing new to learn….
    btw.if you dont mind me asking he second picyouve postedis that of a spirit guide?


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