Do NOT Mess with the Gods!

The only two things that ever really bothered me about Stuart is that first of all, as a banker.  he was super, super tight with money.  He felt it ALL must get saved & we only use what we barely need to live on.  Me, I’m the polar opposite. I believe in living for NOW, so my motto is, “buy now & save,” which Stuart is fond of saying he will have engraved upon my tombstone.  However, over the years and after having lit lots and lots of candles while performing enchantments to help him see the light, I’m very happy to say it’s all worked and for the past 5 years or so, Stuart no longer complains about spending.  So that issue was fixed.

The second big issue was his attitude toward my work and my beliefs.  He doesn’t believe in anything I do.  Everything I believe in he feels is crazy, or even worse – silly and stupid.  However, if he’s having a big problem at work he won’t come right out & ask me to light a candle for him.  BUT … if I ask him, “would you like me to do a candle for you?”  He NEVER has said no, & quite a few times as part of the spell I’ve had him bury residual wax from his candle work in the backyard.  This he has done without complaint.

Knowing, as he does, that my office is sacred space (this is where I do all my work: readings, spells, sketches for Soul Portraits, Manifestation Mandalas, & my newest & not Imageyet loaded to my site service: Spirit Guide Portraits), it really shocked me badly one day around 9 years ago when he came in and nonchalantly set a can of Coke on my personal altar.  I have 3 altars in my office:  my personal altar for myself and my family, and two working altars for candle work I perform for clients. 

Stuart simply walked in one day as I was checking my emails and plopped his can of Coke on my personal altar like it was a coffee table.  I never place any items on any of my altars that have not first been properly cleansed.  Most items are also properly charged prior to placement on the altar as well.  The Coke can was a profane item ~ an item without any type of purification prayers said over it, no cleansing, and it had attached to it Stuart’s energy and the energy of the people who processed, shipped, and stored the can prior to Stuart buying it.

To say I hit the roof would be an understatement.

I jumped up & ran to my altar, grabbed the can, handed it to Stuart & told him this was UNACCEPTABLE.  So, what did he do in response?  He laughed at me.  Then he said with a grin, “maybe the Egyptian gods would like some Coke.” 

Well, you do NOT mess with Egyptian gods.  They don’t take too kindly to jokes at Their expense.  I knew this, of course, but Stuart was clueless. I told him to apologize to Isis for profaning Her sacred altar & for polluting Her sacred space with his crappy attitude.  He refused.  Instead, he merely laughed at me.  I told him again to apologize & that I could not be held accountable should Isis decide to really take offense & do something.  Again, Stuart laughed, grabbed his Coke, & left my office without another word.

I prayed to Isis explaining that Stuart wasn’t aware and if he were then he would realize he was disrespecting Her.  I explained it’s like a toddler who breaks a valued family heirloom not realizing the value and the history behind the item.  I asked Her to forgive him.

That night I was awoken by one of Stuart’s arms hitting me in the chest.  It about scared the life right out of me.  I pushed him away & told him to stay on his side of the bed.  At that point I realized he was muttering in his sleep. I could only make out the word, “no,” which he was saying repeatedly.  I tried to wake him up as I realized he was having a nightmare.  However, no matter how hard I pushed on him or prodded him Stuart was not waking up.  I was pushing him hard enough to move his body, yet he failed to wake up and just kept on muttering.  He tossed & turned the rest of the night, keeping me awake.

“Isis Rising,” copyright Nefer Khepri, 2001.

The next morning Stuart woke me before he left for work to tell me he had a dream.  In the dream he saw a very tall, beautiful woman who had skin as white as alabaster, piercing blue eyes, bright red lips, & deep black hair that was so black it had blue highlights.  He said the woman was yelling at him & then proceeded to beat the crap out of him.  I then told him I had tried waking him several times, but that he never became conscious, not even halfway, and that he had kept muttering, “no,” over and over again.  I also told him that the person he described fit how I see Isis in meditation PERFECTLY.  I explained to him that She was pissed off over him putting his Coke can on Her altar and that She probably wouldn’t allow him to sleep until he apologized to Her. 

Stuart asked me what to do.  I told him to simply go into my office, face Her altar & tell her what an idiot he had been & beg for Her forgiveness.  I was amazed when he went immediately to my office.  He came out and said he had apologized, so now what?  I told him when he was coming home from work to buy some good beer (you never offer the Gods the cheap stuff!) & a loaf of bakery bread.  He asked why & I told him when he came home he would make an offering to Isis in the back yard.  He agreed.

Later that evening he made the offering. I also think he apologized a second time because I did see him go into my office again before bed, but I didn’t follow him to see what he was up to.  He happily reported to me the next morning he had had a second dream of Isis.  In the second dream She was drinking the beer & eating the bread he had left for Her outside before going to bed.  He asked what that meant & I told him that She had accepted his offering & had forgiven him.

After that, Stuart has NEVER EVER made fun of the gods again, nor has he ever brought ANY item into my office.  In fact, before he comes in to talk to me he asks permission to enter.

When you perform magic you are dealing with VERY REAL energies, many of Whom have been in existence for millennia, and perhaps countless millennia before humans became aware of Them.  Never treat Them with any disrespect or you will feel Their wrath, just like my husband did all those years ago.  He still will make fun of my readings, but he has never again said ONE word about the gods.  He knows better now.

Many Blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, Ph.D., R. M-T.


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