Read Tarot Cards For Yourself
Volume 1
(Introducing the TarotSeek system)
By Abella Arthur and Ryan Arthur
Higher Mind Publications

Copyright 2011 Abella Jucy Arthur and Ryan Arthur
FORMAT:  E-Book for the Kindle at Amazon & at smashwords (see above link) for download to your Kindle or computer.
First of all, I just received a Kindle last month from my husband for our anniversary. I’ve been anxious to find good tarot books to download onto it that I haven’t read already.  The choices have been few and far between, sad to say.  Fortunately, Arthur & Arthur just published their E-book, TarotSeek, a week or so ago and when I read how the authors promised a much easier way to read tarot cards I ordered it for my Kindle.
What many people will say is, “man, that’s a such a short book and they want $7.99 for it?  What gives?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  Yes, it is short at around 50 pages, however, the wealth of information TarotSeek contains is WELL worth the price.  I have no regrets about my purchase & am now recommending it to all my tarot reading followers here and to my friends on Facebook. 
Just what is the TarotSeek method, you may ask?  Well, ask away, but you won’t be getting the answer here.  Suffice it to say, that it’s simple and even my 12 year old daughter can now use it, and with great effectiveness.  In fact, here is the best endorsement this book could receive, from Ariel, who said upon learning the system from me,
“OMG, Mom!  This is so simple and I don’t have to look in the book anymore, I just look at the pictures on the cards.  This is great!”
Yes, you read right. My child who has been reading tarot for herself less than a year no longer has to refer to the book that came with her tarot decks (she now owns 2 and wants more – like mother, like daughter).  In fact, Ariel is in her room now happily reading her tarot cards and she reports every once in a while, “this is cool!  And I haven’t even gotten the book out!” 
Like many who have attempted to learn tarot, Ariel was overwhelmed with having to memorize the meanings of 78 cards.  If you decide to read reversals, than the number of meanings you need to know automatically doubles.  This presents a daunting task to anyone.  However, if you employ the TarotSeek method there is no reason to memorize the meaning of the cards.  The only requirement is that all the cards, including the minor arcana, or pips, as they are otherwise known, be fully illustrated with scenes containing action and people or other types of figures (cats, and so on) on each card.  As long as your deck is fully illustrated with a scene on every card, then you can use it with the TarotSeek method.
In addition to the TarotSeek method this E-book also contains what I, as a professional reader, consider to be highly valuable information on how to properly formulate questions for a tarot reading.  So many times clients order from me with questions of, “When will Jim ask me to marry him,” or, “When will I meet my true love.”  The problem with the first is you’re assuming Jim will ask.  He may have other ideas.  The problem with the second question is that it’s too open-ended.  This person may have met their true love already and the opportunity may have passed them by.  Imagine having to tell a client something like that in a reading.  That would be difficult. 
TarotSeek provides a lengthy section on how to formulate questions for a variety of topics and then includes examples of questions under each topic heading.  I wish EVERY tarot book would do this as a matter of course.   I have to often email clients once they’ve ordered to help them to revise their questions in such a way so the tarot can address them properly and accurately.  Professional readers should read TarotSeek so they can see just how easy it is to formulate really good and specific questions that will help the tarot to get to the heart of the matter under question instead of providing vague or difficult to follow answers.  
I’ve been reading professionally since 1996 and have been reading tarot for myself since 1979.  I even learned a couple of new things from TarotSeek that has made tarot readings easier and faster for me to do.  I used the method on several readings so far and each client has emailed me back on how insightful it was and to the point. 
What is important is quality, not quantity, but many people don’t realize that.  The quality of the information you will receive upon ordering TarotSeek will impress you.  It’s a method you will use time and time again, and you will NEVER need to refer to another tarot book again, unless you really, really want to, that is.

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