BOOK REVIEW: The Enchanted Birthday Book

The Enchanted Birthday Book,              
Amy Zerner & Monte Farber
Paperback: 376 pages
Publisher: Sterling Ethos, New York
ISBN: 978-1402781216
Product Dimensions: 7 x 6.9 x 1.1 inches
Beginning with a very brief introduction by Monte Farber, The Enchanted Birthday Book is a collection of 365 descriptions of the characteristics of every single day of the year, including Leap Year, February 29th. 
Each day makes for a fascinating read as the authors describe various aspects of a person’s personality who was born on each particular day of the year.  The first category discussed for each birthday is “Personality.”  This covers character traits, gifts, and even setbacks, that a person born on that day would possess.  The next section is entitled, “Life Path.”  The Life Path summarizes lessons that a person on that day will need to learn to work through in order to best make use of their natural talents and gifts in order to get through life and be as successful as possible.  The next section, “Destiny,” offers advice on how best to approach life’s major issues and also can provide further information as to what gifts a person can draw upon.
Deeper subject matter is covered in the gray colored margin of each page that begins with a brief inspirational quote.  This is followed by a section entitled, “Karmic Lesson.”  The Karmic Lesson section consists of possible scenarios a person can encounter during their life and they conclude with a suggestion as to the best career path for many days, but not all.  Traits discussed in this section do tend to be geared towards traits that would be useful in the work environment so the Karmic Lesson section offers a person clues as to various things for which they may have a natural aptitude whether a specific career suggestion is made, or not. 
The final category is entitled, “Secret.”  Often, the “Secret” section discusses one or two traits that we may not wish for everyone to know we possess.  For example, the “Secret” for June 19th, my birthday, reads as follows:  “Slow to rise to wrath on detecting a wrong, but slow to forgive, you have a passion for fair play.  You can be very emotional in your home life.”  Not many people want to hear that it’s difficult for them to forgive others.  For many days of the year a suggestion as to a possible career may also appear in this section. 
Of course, the very first thing you do with a book like this is look up your own birthday.  I shall use my own again, June 19th, as the example.
Regarding personality, it is very much on the mark.  The authors state that a person born on June 19th is intellectually honest & has “tolerance for all things.”  I’ve always had high ethical standards & coming from a long background of academia with a doctorate, yes, I highly value intellectual honesty.  It goes on to say that my insight into others “is as revealing as a flash of lightning in the dark.”  Well, as a tarot reader I like to think that is true, and over the years many clients who have ordered readings from my web site have taken the time to email me afterward to tell me how accurate I was in describing their situation or their personality and the personalities of others involved.  The authors go on to say that I enjoy the finer things in life – like a good movie, good music, and that I do not take much pleasure in gambling or other such activities.  That’s very true.  When my husband & I went to Las Vegas a few years ago I had much more fun eating at fancy restaurants and attending the shows than I did playing the slots or craps.  I was always worrying about how much money I’d lose when I could be using that same money to buy a ticket to another show.  The only point with which I strongly disagree is where the authors say that I “take all the negative aspects of life in your stride, & you never let them get you down.”  Quite an admirable trait, but sadly, not one that I possess. 
The “Destiny” section made me laugh as it suggested that I be thrifty with my spending & keep a good record of receipts.  I guess this means I’m lacking in that department.  Well, I can honestly tell you that yes, I am a spendthrift.  I have the attitude that if you can’t take it with you then you might as well spend it now.  So, point well taken and this is something my parents told me repeatedly.  So I married a banker & I don’t have to worry about such matters. 
I found the discussion of my birthday quite interesting; and for the most part, quite applicable to how I really am.  I also looked up June 18th because my mother went into labor on June 17th, but didn’t have me until the 19th.  There were problems and we were all very fortunate that I was born at all and that I was born healthy.  The description for June 18th also fits me very well and I’ve always considered that day to be my “real” birthday, despite making my grand entrance on the 19th. 
I looked up the birthdays of everyone closest to me: my husband, daughter, parents, in-laws, cousins, and closest friends.  I was surprised at how very accurate this book can be.  The only person it did not get right was my dad.  In fact, the discussion for his birthday, August 3rd, is almost the opposite of how he really was.  I found that to be quite interesting and wonder why out of all the people I looked up his was the most different from what was discussed in the book.  So, not every person you know may be described perfectly in this book, but I’m willing to bet that most will be very close to either how the people you know really are or how you perceive them to be. 
The book is an enjoyable read. I would also suggest looking up the “birthdays” of important events; such, as your wedding anniversary, the day you moved into your first house, a graduation day, and so on.  Different chapters in our lives are given birth on specific days, usually as the result of a major event like a wedding or graduation.  You will see if you look up those types of dates that the Personality, Karmic Lessons, and so forth, can really apply to an event or a situation that began on a specific day.  I found that to be the most fascinating aspect of the book.

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