Can Anyone Say “Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period”?


It’s been INSANE here today!!!!
The furkids: best buddies Bluestar & Sheila

I have 2 animals I have to medicate & cook special food for because on Thurs – Friday (while my husband was in the hospital with sudden heart issues & no history of problems) they both came down with serious digestive issues (not related to one another). Vet bill of $457 for the 2 of them on Friday.

This morning I’m giving the dog her medication first. The cat decides to go CRAZY & she rushes Sheila trying to get the piece of bread from her! They are both on a restricted diet, limited food intake so obviously the poor kitty is starving. The dog BITES HER IN THE FACE!!!! My cat’s ENTIRE FACE WAS INSIDE THE DOG’S MOUTH!!!!!!  I’m screaming as Sheila PICKS  THE CAT UP BY THE FACE & tosses her to the side! Blue lands on her side. I’m still screaming at this point. The dog finishes her medication that’s inside the bread. The cat sits there looking appalled. The main thing was that she is fine, praise the gods!!!!!!
If that wasn’t enough, I had a load of clothes in the dryer. I’m going about my business & just as the lawn guy shows up I smell something funny. Something BURNING

You know how your mind can work a million miles an hour in an instant as you go over the possibilities? Was it a candle? That is always my first thought. I run up to my office before realizing I currently do not have any candles burning for my family or any clients. The smell was gone so I went back downstairs realizing it’s not coming from the stove and track the smell ….

…. to the DRYER!

I quickly open it not knowing what I’ll find. Evidently, something went really WRONG with the heating element. The smell was so bad I slammed the door shut & made sure the power button was in the OFF position. That entire load of clothes is ruined.

There went my brand new David Bowie t-shirt a friend had juspurple shirtt sent me. And it was
purple!! My favorite color!! POOF! 

My husband comes home (he got out of the hospital Friday night after a battery of tests) to tell me his car died & he had to get a jump from someone … while a massive downpour was occurring! At least he’s home even if he is soaked to the skin. This is going to be the SECOND brand new battery he puts in his car in a month. I told him last time, something is wrong with the terminals. I just “know” things because, well, I’m psychic after all. Does he EVER listen to me? NO. He’s convinced he bought a dud battery.

Then I have to tell him his favorite jeans are probably smoked. Hubby is now a most unhappy camper & decided to pull all the burned up smelling clothes OUT of the dryer & he proceeds to stink up the ENTIRE HOUSE!! My cat is very sensitive to smell. She gave out a little squeal and ran up to my office. I found her in her litter box, which has a lid so it’s like a little cave. Good thing I had just changed out all the litter last night. Having her entire face in the dog’s mouth didn’t bother her, but the stink of the burned clothes sure did.

Meanwhile, hubby is downstairs cussing up a storm over the clothes. He’s yelling, “OMG! NONE OF THIS IS SALVAGEABLE! MY JEANS! OMG!! YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO FIND A NICE FITTING PAIR OF JEANS!! SHIT!!! %@&^$!($&+@#^!!!”

I yell down, “SHUT UP! Remember your HEART!”

He quiets down & says to me, “And NO, you are NOT going to run off to Kohl’s to replace all these clothes! We can’t afford it!” I tell him I have no intention of doing that while thinking to myself, “hey dude, most of them are YOUR clothes, so I’m not too bothered over it except for my new Bowie t-shirt I shall now never get to wear.” I kind of snicker to myself.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh or you’ll cry.

My husband comes upstairs to change out of his soaked clothes glowering like you would not believe. I stay in my office & follow my cat’s lead. Too bad I couldn’t crawl into the litter box with her to avoid what was coming next.

Oh yes, it gets WORSE, my friends!!! MUCH WORSE!!!

The lawn guy is outside mowing our grass. We both have severe grass allergies to the point we can’t go in the yard for 24 hours once the grass has been cut, so we have to hire someone to take care of that bit of yard work for us.

Dave’s out there mowing. He loves doing yard work. Being a retired school teacher he says it keeps him busy. Meanwhile, I hear thunder off in the distance …

About 15 minutes later it begins to rain. I hear more thunder. I think to myself where there’s thunder, there’s lightning and Dave is out there pushing a lawnmower made of METAL!!

He never stopped. That crazy man finished our yard. I had told him earlier on the phone if it’s raining when you get to our house please come back another day because with all the thunder & lightning we’ve had lately it won’t be safe. So he knew it was okay by me for him to leave mid-job and come back another day. Instead, he risked his life to complete our yard. By the time he was nearly finished lightning was close by. There was maybe two seconds between the thunder claps and the lightning flashes. Meanwhile I’m in the house with my phone literally in my hand with the 9 & the 1 already dialed so I can hit the other 1 for the paramedics.

Luckily, Dave completed the yard without incident, but that is one crazy man!! We couldn’t afford it, but I gave him a $10 tip anyway. He was most appreciative, but I did have to scold him and I told him DO NOT work with metal lawn equipment in the middle of a storm! No one’s yard is worth your health or your life. He pretended to listen to me, but I knew it was going in one ear and straight out the other since I often see that look on my husband’s face.

I go in to deal with the nasty clothes and I’m running the ceiling fans in every room trying to get the stench to do something besides hang out in my sinuses.

Stuart goes out to the garage to get himself a frozen dinner from our chest freezer. He comes back in the house laughing hysterically with a frozen dinner in his hand as he tells me, “Nefer, you won’t believe this, but our chest freezer? I think it went out!”


I go out there, check it out, and yep, the darn thing not only went out, but by my best estimate it went out about 24 hours ago, at least! The food in the center up top is not only completely thawed out, it’s barely cold at all.

So!!! Now I’m telling Stuart to bring me garbage bags as I start pulling out the fish, the steak, the chicken, all the while thinking wow, an entire load of clothes have to go in the trash and now we’ve probably lost most if not all the food in our chest freezer!

I was too busy dealing with the food to even feel stunned. I went into autopilot mode.

I filled 3 full-size garbage bags full of food in various states of temperature from room temperature to barely refrigerator food temperature. THREE BAGS. Meanwhile I’m thinking, “OMG, all this money! First the clothes, then the necessary tip, & now all this food!”

I managed to salvage ONE garbage bag worth of food. ONE. The kid will be upset. She’s addicted to fudgesicles. Well, they’re all in fudgesicle heaven now, which unfortunately is not her stomach. Today’s the first day of school. She ALWAYS has a fudgie (as she calls them) when she gets home; and, my kid is a creature of habit and when the habits change for any reason, well, let’s just say it ain’t pretty.

Meanwhile, we’ll be going vegan for the week! We have plenty of frozen vegetables, but no meat! We’re on a very strict budget since my husband lost his job last October & I had just bought groceries Thursday morning. When it rains, it pours, I guess. Meanwhile, it was literally pouring outside. A regular monsoon of end-of-the-world proportions.

Then I realize it’s been storming here for a week now, what if the chest freezer didn’t go out? What if it was merely the circuit breaker into which it was plugged in? I check it, press the little button …

HUMMMMMMMMM ………………………….

The freezer kicks on!

Eureka! Something actually worked out today!!!

I manage to fit the food I was able to save into the kitchen freezer by some miracle. I’m standing there looking into the freezer with a smile on my face feeling damn proud of myself.

I then turn around to discover the dog had peed on the floor. In all the confusion neither one of us had considered she was overdue to be let out in the yard, plus she hasn’t been feeling well so we’re having to let her out more frequently than usual.

I stand there looking at the puddle of dog pee as I estimate this job is going to require at least half a roll of paper towels. I open the cabinet to get a roll out. No rolls. No paper towels!! I spin around to find only HALF a roll on the stand in the kitchen. I had to use every last paper towel to clean up the dog pee, but hey, at least that got done, then I disinfected the floor while Sheila watched me looking quite forlorn. I did not yell at the poor creature. She was so sick the past few days, but she felt guilty all the same.

When I went out to the garage to throw that mess out what do I find? A brand new package of 8 rolls of paper towels! I had forgotten they were out there, but I’m glad we have them.

All of this occurred today starting at 10:45 AM. It is now 1:40 PM. I sure hope it’s all blown over.

The house still reeks & my cat is still hiding.

Mercury retrograde shadow period, anyone???


I so NEED a vacation!!!!!!

Our Dog’s Health Crisis

It’s always a lovely thing when out of nowhere someone extends to you an unexpected kindness. It could be something small & easy to give, like a smile; or, something large like a scholarship for a spiritual course.

I have been the recipient of both over the past few days.

Friday I went to the grocery store for just a few things. As I stood there choosing some chicken a woman walked up beside me to do the same. She turned to me, caught my eye and simply smiled. I smiled back and at that point the light that shone from her eyes touched my soul and made me want to cry, but I kept smiling instead.

When I paid for my groceries the checker, who was male, smiled as well, asked how I was. When a stranger asks you how you are I never take it seriously. I assume they are merely attempting to be pleasant. I gave the standard, “I’m ok, hope you are too!” I smiled. He looked at me and said, “No, no you’re not. You’re very worried about someone you love.”

I stood there STUNNED.

I told him he must be psychic and he said no, that he just blurts things out. I said “that’s almost the same thing as being psychic, depending on what you’re saying at the time.” He then admitted to “just knowing things for no reason.” I told him THAT is what it is like to be psychic. I then told him about the latter half of my week to that point.

Sheila, about 3 months ago. Note how her hind leg protrudes. The tumor was so large she couldn't sit properly.
Sheila, about 3 months ago. Note how her hind leg protrudes. The tumor was so large she couldn’t sit properly.

Wednesday morning our family dog injured herself while playing outside. She’s 10 years old, but has the heart of a puppy. She’s extremely playful & doesn’t realize her body is a lot older than her heart. She came up lame & couldn’t put any weight on her right rear foot. So she saw the vet early, and praise the gods she got injured! If there was EVER a “happy” accident, this was it!

The vet thought her abdomen looked a bit distended since he had last seen her in early July when everyone assumed it was just “middle age spread” so nothing was done at that time. He diagnosed a torn ACL in her leg, but x-rayed her abdomen. In the x-ray a giant white mass showed up that he said was a “growth.” He did not want to use the “T-word,” – tumor, but I knew that’s what it was. Sheila was immediately scheduled for an ultrasound on Thursday.

Diagnosis: a spleen tumor that had eaten up nearly all her spleen so it no longer functioned. The tumor was so large it was pushing her spine upward, had pushed all her organs except for her heart out of place & the tumor had about 3 – 4 mm of growth before it would touch her heart & probably cause a massive coronary. It had to come out.

Friday, just before we took her to the vet for her operation.
Friday, just before we took her to the vet for her operation.

Stress was high at home anyway. My husband may be losing his job in November if he doesn’t make his quota at the bank & November will be his 1st anniversary working at that particular bank. Then this happened with Sheila.

We decided to do all we could for her despite not having the money. When a job is in danger you save, save, SAVE just in case you end up unemployed for a time. It was the right thing to do. Sheila has brought us much joy over the years & is a good & loving dog who is excellent at keeping an eye on our home. We owed her the best care possible.

Long story short, as I told the checker his eyes filled with compassion. He insisted Sheila would be fine, not to even worry, that she was in the hands of angels who would be assisting the vet. He pointed out what I believed: she had torn her ACL for a reason, so she could receive proper treatment before the tumor got so large that it killed her. As it was, according to the vet, that would have happened over Labor Day weekend & he’s convinced Sheila’s time was THAT short, so he had fit her into his schedule, moved appointments & performed her surgery on a day when the clinic does not do surgeries. He is a new vet there & this was only his second time seeing Sheila.

A word about Dr. Rockar. We met him by “mistake.” I use quotes around the word “mistake” because there are NO mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. My cat had her well visit with her regular vet whom we’ve been seeing for 2 years. I brought my cat in at the right time, but the wrong day. Her regular vet wasn’t there, but Dr. Rockar was & he told the receptionist if I didn’t mind waiting 30 minutes (they had a big emergency with one of their patients) he would see my cat. I figured if nothing else it would save us another trip the next day so we waited.

Dr. Rockar was so awesome with my cat I decided on the spot to switch vets. When it came to be Sheila’s turn for her well visit the next month she was also switched & saw Dr. Rockar. He was the one to perform the surgery. He saved Sheila’s life.

His care of Sheila all originated from a “mistake.”

As I shared all this with the checker he asked if I’d mind if he prayed for our dog. Mind? Me, mind?? So he, the bagger and I bowed our heads right there in a super busy grocery store & the checker said a little prayer. He prayed for Sheila & also for the entire family, that we have faith and be at peace. I shook his hand when I left and hope I see him at the store again sometime.

Sheila's nearly 9 pound abdominal tumor! That is a 2 liter bottle of Coke for size comparison!!
Sheila’s nearly 9 pound abdominal tumor! That is a 2 liter bottle of Coke for size comparison!!

At that same time Sheila was having surgery. I was informed that everyone at the clinic observed her operation. Dr. Rockar removed what ended up being a nearly 9 pound tumor from Sheila’s abdomen. Sheila is not a huge dog. I guess she’s what you’d call medium-sized. She’s an Australian Red Heeler & they weigh 35 – 40 lbs. Sheila had been weighed at 44 lbs the day before her operation. Nearly 9 pounds of that was the tumor so she’s nice and thin again and weighs 35 lbs, her perfect weight for her breed.

I kept posting about this to my Facebook timeline and I also had to start a GoFundMe account for her medical costs, which went up to just over $2,000 and will probably go a bit higher with the necessary post-op care she will require. My family and I are VERY appreciative of the donations that have come in so far. We didn’t have the money for this. Normally, we’d just put it on a credit card and pay it off when we could, but right now we’re avoiding accruing any debt due to Stuart’s job hanging in the balance. Last year was a very meager Christmas. We spent only on our daughter and we didn’t want to have the same for this year, so we were being very careful with our spending. I’m happy to report we are now nearly one-quarter of the way toward meeting our goal for Sheila’s fund.

Sheila back home from the vet & a very happy husband to have his beloved dog back home.
Sheila back home from the vet & a very happy husband to have his beloved dog back home.

Sheila experienced what everyone at the clinic is calling a “miracle.” The vet had told us Sheila would need extended post-op care that evening and probably most of Saturday in an ER animal clinic, which would run us “a few hundred dollars more.” When she woke up, however, she was doing so well and being so responsive that he felt confident about sending her home with us! So Sheila began her recuperation at home under our loving & watchful gaze. She had a very restful remainder of the day and night due to all the medications she had as a result of the surgery.

By Saturday afternoon Sheila’s bodily functions were back and that is always a major hurdle after a huge operation like that. Sheila’s incision is 13 1/2″ long and she has 18 staples. I don’t even know how many stitches she has. I would guess around 50 – 60. It will be a long recuperation time, but thanks to all the prayers and positive energy focused upon her by my lovely Facebook friends, Sheila is our little miracle. She is hobbling along as best she can on 3 legs since the torn ACL will not allow her to put weight on her right hind leg, but starting yesterday (Monday) she was back to wanting to chase the cat, who LOVES to be chased & will taunt the dog until Sheila runs after her. I’ve had to yell at both of them off and on all day yesterday. Both animals were very confused. They play “chase” every single day.

I thank everyone who has been praying for Sheila and I ask that you continue to please

Bluestar: "OMG! What the hell did they do to you?!"  Sheila (in a medicated fog): "Do I know you?"  They're actually best buddies.
Bluestar: “OMG! What the hell did they do to you?!”
Sheila (in a medicated fog): “Do I know you?”
They’re actually best buddies.

keep her in your prayers because she has a long road ahead of her, including a second operation to repair her torn ACL. I also ask you please keep Stuart in your prayers as well as his job situation, that he meets his quota every fiscal quarter with a minimum amount of stress. Stress levels at home had been very high since we returned from vacation. The day he went back to work Stuart was put on probation by his bank! What a thing to come home to, right? He hasn’t been eating or sleeping right, and there I am keeping positive and having to hold him up, remain positive for our daughter who is a Junior in high school & decided to turn on the gas and take all AP and Pre-AP courses for her 4 core courses this year & is feeling the strain of that already and we’re not even a month into the new school year. Plus she suffers from anxiety.

I am holding down the fort as best I can, but even I crater. Just because I’m psychic, read cards, am a professional artist, and have had a deck and book set published does not mean things in my life never go way off kilter. Things are off kilter now so I ask for your help with prayers and positive energy. I so much appreciate it. Meanwhile, if you can share this post so people see the GoFundMe link for Sheila, I would very much appreciate that as well. There are many worthier causes on GoFundMe. The Syrian refugees, is but one. Deputy Darren Goforth is another who was shot FIFTEEN times in the BACK as he filled his cruiser with gas at a north Houston gas station, which isn’t too far from where we live. He leaves behind a wife & children. I ask that you place more value on the funds for the Syrian Refugees and Deputy Goforth than on Sheila, but if you have a couple of dollars to spare once you’ve helped out with those funds, my family would surely appreciate your help. Her GoFundMe is at:

Never forget: no matter the cause – every little bit helps, & in our case is deeply appreciated.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

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