The Isabella Oracle.

The Isabella Oracle is self-published by Lynn Boyle of Aquarius Wellbeing. Lynn has been self-publishing oracle and Lenormand decks for a number of years now. Lynn now has 62 decks to her credit, 59 of which are still in print that she sells through her Etsy shop. She’s been a very busy bee!

Isabella Oracle 1

The Isabella Oracle consists of 54 cards packaged in an organza drawstring bag that is accompanied by a 3-page print out of card meanings in A4 size. The cards are typical Lenormand size and are printed with a semi-gloss coating with black borders. The card number and title appear within the black border centered at the base of the image. The style of the artwork is photographic using images within the public domain (i.e., copyright-free).

The first 36 cards may be separated from the remainder of the deck and used as a stand-alone Lenormand deck. Card titles of the first 36 cards derive from traditional Lenormand keyword meanings. For example, Card 1 traditionally known as Rider, is interpreted as a messenger; therefore, Card 1 of The Isabella Oracle is aptly entitled Messenger. The second card that is traditionally Clover and seen as representing luck is entitled, Luck. The images themselves consist of traditional Lenormand card imagery. The remainder of the first 36 cards are titled as follows:

3: Travel, 4: Home, 5: Health, 6: Confusion, 7: Complication, 8: Ending, 9: Appreciation, 10. Severing, 11: Strife, 12: Conversation, 13: Child, 14: Tricky, 15: Strength, 16: Wish, 17: Change, 18: Friend, 19: Authority, 20: Society, 21: Barrier, 22: Decision, 23: Theft, 24: Love, 25: Commitment, 26: Secret, 27: Paperwork, 28: Man, 29: Woman, 30: Harmony, 31: Success, 32: Intuition, 33: Solution, 34: Abundance, 35: Security, and 36: Burden.

This portion of the deck can easily stand alone as a Lenormand deck. Lynn Boyle chose traditional Lenormand images for these cards with the exception of 8: Endings. Here, she has a skull with the traditional depiction being that of a coffin. Card number 10: Severing is depicted with a knife while traditionally a scythe is found on this card. Authority, the 19th card, which traditionally is called Tower and depicts a tower, in The Isabella Oracle here we have the figure of a king carved from wood.

Beginners would do well with this deck in particular because they are basically receiving 2 decks in 1, and having a keyword on each of the first 36 cards will also help them to learn the Lenormand system as long as they maintain a separate list of the traditional card titles. Card titles for all 54 cards nicely convey the core meaning of each card.

The remaining 18 cards transform The Isabella Oracle in a 54-card oracle deck. Card images are reminiscent of Lynn Boyle’s Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand. The card images and titles of the additional cards work well with the first 36 cards and nicely flesh out readings when all 54 cards are used. Card titles and images are as follows:

37: Agreement (handshake), 38: Breakthrough (the Hindu god Ganesha), 39: Cleanse (tree frog), 40: Contemplation (a man meditating), 41: Cupid (winged cupid statue & hearts), 42: Cycles (ferris wheel), 43: Disappointment (heart pierced by 3 swords), 44: Doorway (door), 45: Forgiveness (dove of peace), 46: Hand of Fate (hand of Fatima), 47: Illusion (broken mirror), 48: Malfunction (broken bottle), 49: Rebirth (phoenix), 50: Timing (clock), 51: Toxic (bottle of poison), 52: Transformation (butterfly), 53: Observation (owl), and 54: Yin Yang.

The cards shuffle easily and withstand rifle shuffling well. I have used The Isabella Oracle with equal accuracy as both a Lenormand and oracle deck. The black borders make the images “pop” and the deck looks lovely against a dark reading cloth.

Isabella oracle 2

The Isabella Oracle is available directly from the deck creator at: where she has numerous 5-star reviews, offers 59 decks for sale, and has been on Etsy since 2013. I can tell you based upon my own experience she ships quickly & despite the package being shipped from Australia to Texas, it arrives quicker than what one would expect.

Wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full DisclosureI received a copy of this deck from the publisher to consider it for review. I only review those decks and books that I find personally useful and feel would be of interest to my followers.

Deck Review: Fairy Tale Lenormand

The Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt is a delightfully charming deck. Stemming from Lisa Hunt’s long interest in fairy tales (The Fairy Tale Tarot is also one of her creations), she painted the delicately soft watercolor images and Arwen Lynch wrote the accompanying guidebook. Published by US Games Systems, Inc, The Fairy Tale Lenormand immediately joined the ranks of my favorite Lenormand decks.

Scenes are depicted in soft, yet bright watercolor paintings that are intricate and highly detailed. The style is long familiar to fans of Lisa Hunt’s tarot decks. Hidden faces in clouds and rocks, intricately latticed tree roots and branches, along with tremendous attention to the finer details makes The Fairy Tale Lenormand a feast for the eyes. The cards measure 3 1/2 x 2 1/4″ with a light tan border containing muted scrollwork. Card numbers appear in the upper left-hand corner. Card titles and playing card associations are centered at the base of the card.

Consisting of the traditional 36 Lenormand cards, The Fairy Tale Lenormand, like most modern Lenormand decks, includes an extra pair of male and female cards. This is done to accommodate same-sex readings; and, some readers may wish to include both sets of gender cards in order to address situations in which there are a number of people involved. Card titles hold strictly to tradition with the female card entitled “Lady” and the male card entitled, “Gentleman.”

The accompanying guidebook is the same size as the cards. As it is quite small one would expect just a simple LWB (Little White Book, basically a pamphlet often found with tarot decks), but instead we are treated to an actual Lenormand card-size paperback book with an actual spine. The guidebook contains 124 pages. The fairy tale that is the inspiration behind each card is briefly summarized. Keywords and a general meaning are provided for each card. The guidebook concludes with several spreads: several examples of a Fan Spread using a focus card plus 3 additional cards, a 12-card Crossroads Spread, a 16-card Tower Spread, and a 12-card Happily Ever Afters Spread. This guidebook does not go into the longer Grand Tableau spread due to space constrictions, but a discussion of the Grand Tableau can be found in any number of new Lenormand books out on the market.

The Fairy Tale Lenormand comes housed in a lovely tin box. Lisa Hunt created artwork specifically for the box, which is decorated on all six surfaces. This set of deck and guidebook make for a very lovely presentation. The tin box provided sturdy and completely secure storage for the cards that allows for ease of travel. It’s a lovely little kit that I am sure any Lenormand reader would love.

If you’d like to see every card, please click on my YouTube video review of The Fairy Tale Lenormand. This is my VERY FIRST video deck review. I also invite you to view the other videos on my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like. There is plenty more to come.

Recommended Books: 

Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt & Arwen Lynch

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand by Andy Boroveshengra (hard copy)

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards (2015 Edition): An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand by Andy Boroveshengra (Kindle Edition)

The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook: Reading the Language and Symbols of the Cards by Caitlin Matthews.

Wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure: I received a copy of this deck from the publisher to be considered for review. I only review those decks I consider to be of interest to my followers.

Deck Review: The Eclectic Gypsy Cards.

Eclectic Gypsy Cards.
Lynn Boyle.
$25 AUD + s/h
Aquarius Fortunes on Etsy
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A proficient card deck creator, Lynn Boyle now has fourteen decks to her credit, all of which are available for sale at her Etsy shop. Price on all her decks (to date) is $25 each with shipping being $2 in Australia and $6 overseas. Dollars are in Australian dollar amounts.

I have been using Lynn Boyle’s Eclectic Gypsy Cards for a good while now and I really enjoy them. The deck consists of 36 poker-sized cards. Since there are 36 cards here you can use this much the same way you would use a Lenormand deck, but this is not a typical Lenormand deck.

There are some card images and interpretations the Eclectic Gypsy Cards hold in common with Lenormand, most notably the Anchor, birds, Bouquet/Flowers, Dog, Fish, Fox, Heart, House, Key, Letter, Lily, Lucky Clover, Man, Ring, Ship, Snake, Star, and Woman.

Card titles that will not be familiar to most Lenormand readers are: Broken Bottle, Broken Heart, Broken Mirror, Butterfly, Clock, Death & Rebirth, Dove, Hand of Fate, Handshake, King, Knife, Oracle, Owl, Phoenix, Poison, Sunflower, Violets, and Wheel. Of these cards, two can be found in the Kipperkarten card deck: Broken Mirror and Handshake.

According to Lynn Boyle, the cards have the following Tarot or Lenormand correspondences:

“The Oracle card in the deck is like High Priestess in Tarot, Wheel as well. Sunflower is the Sun, Owl is wisdom & patience a bit like the Hermit in Tarot. Handshake is like the 2 of Cups. Dove is like Temperance  (peace harmony reconciliation). Phoenix is like the Judgement card / resurrection & learning from the past. Death/Rebirth is the Death card. King is the Emperor. There is a Broken Mirror in the Whitmans cards which I have been inspired by. Poison is a bit like the snake again (can mean bitterness or resentment) or perhaps even the Devil in Tarot. Broken Heart is like the 3 of Swords. Violets, Hand of Fate, Butterfly, Broken Bottle & Clock have all been inspired by various gypsy decks I have come across in my travels & I believe its quite easy to intuit there meanings.”

The Eclectic Gypsy Cards have a nice balance between positive, negative and neutral cards. The way I see them, I divided the deck up into 22 positive, 8 negative, and 6 neutral cards.

The images are very clear cut and easy to understand with most rendered in bright colors, which would make sense as this is a Gypsy deck and most associate bright colors with that culture. The card title is clearly visible on each card, but these cards do not include numbers or playing card inserts.

Accompanying documentation for the Electric Gypsy Cards consists of a 4-page pamphlet of interpretations printed out on A4-size paper. Interpretations of both a positive and negative nature are included for each card. The cards arrive in an organza drawstring bag and Lynne takes great care in packing them for international shipping. My box arrived in Texas all the way from Australia and the deck was very well packaged and arrived safe and sound, despite a lengthy delay caused by the local branch of the post office, but that had nothing to do with Lynn, but had everything to do with local postal employees being incompetent.

Using the Eclectic Gypsy Cards to generate a reading for my blog, I am going to ask what type of academic year will my daughter have this year. Last year she struggled with reading issues caused by an heretofore undiagnosed brain and optic nerve problem (Irlen Syndrome, please see to see if you or one of your children also suffer from it) & she had a very nasty Science teacher. As a result of those two problems she suffered badly from anxiety so that is naturally one of my concerns for the new school year. In asking the Eclectic Gypsy Cards how she will do her Sophomore year, I received the following cards:

Eclectic Gypsy Cards, Copyright Lynn Boyle. Self-published.
Eclectic Gypsy Cards, Copyright Lynn Boyle. Self-published.

  Ring + Ship + Star + King + Hand of Fate

For those of you who read Lenormand cards, I did not pre-select a significator. All five cards were drawn at random. I note that I was concerned about my daughter’s success this academic year and the Star card is in the central position where the significator would normally appear. The Star means goals, hopes and success. It matches my concern regarding my daughter.

Ring represents a partnership or commitment. That is definitely what happens when a child attends school, at least one who is interested in learning. They make a commitment to attempt to do the best they can in all their classes. I have had talks with my daughter over the summer about this issue since last year she was picky about which homework assignments she would actually complete. I told her I expect her to be more committed this year and that receiving zeros as grades will no longer be tolerated. The Ring reflects the topic of these conversations.

Ship is moving forward. My daughter is now a Sophomore so she is definitely moving forward, and I also see Ring + Ship combined as meaning that her increased commitment to doing well will start to take her places.

Star in the center represents my wishes for her to be successful. I also see it as representing her being surrounded by all the positive energy I send her daily to protect and help her in all of her endeavors. Over the summer I also taught her how to better connect with her angels and spirit guides so for me, The Star represents the guidance she will receive from the new connections she has made with her spiritual team.

Ship + Star to me means moving forward toward new blessings. I take this as a very positive card combination.

King is a card not found in Lenormand decks. Lynn Boyle defines King as meaning: “wealth, power, privilege, & position, success & prosperity, independence, having influence, rules and regulations … thinking straight, level headed & analytical … being a leader.” Given the context of my question, King represents my daughter taking more control over her academic life, becoming more determined to succeed. I can already see signs of this. It is now the second day of school & she came home with homework, told me about it and immediately sat down and did it. I tried not to allow my mouth to drop open when I saw what she was doing. Normally I have to really get after her to do her homework and she whines about it. This is a different child from last year already!

Star + King represents success coming from someone being a hard worker and dedicated to what they are doing. I am hoping that the early indication I have already had from my daughter as she quickly completed her Geometry homework today is an indication that she is taking her education more seriously as this card combination seems to indicate.

The final card is the Hand of Fate. Well, that sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? This is not a card of the Lenormand system, so again, I am quoting Lynn Boyle as to the card’s meaning: “being guided, hand of God or hand of Destiny. If you are too far off track the Hand knocks you back on course. Divine intervention. Karma …”

Well, that about sums up what I’d like to have occur – for the hand of God to knock some sense into my child that her grades are important and will determine what sort of university she can attend! I’d say that looks like she will falter from time to time but that she will be knocked back on track, probably by yours truly, but hey, isn’t that a mother’s job anyway?

The final card combination of King + Hand of Fate indicates to me the presence of a strong male in her life that will help to keep my daughter on course. She has already been speaking about her Geometry and Spanish teachers positively, both of whom are male. She says of her Geometry teacher that he teaches in a way she can easily understand. It also helps that she has always been very good at Math. They had a bonding moment when she saw a “Bad Wolf” magnet on his filing cabinet. She pointed to it & said to him, “I see what you did there,” to which he replied, “Do you know what that’s from?” My child immediately looked and behaved as though she was offended and said, “Of course! It’s ‘Doctor Who!'” The teacher gave her a high-five. Instant friends due to “Doctor Who.”

Overall, I really enjoy using The Eclectic Gypsy Cards. They give me clear and accurate readings, plus I enjoy looking at the images. Check them out and see what the future has in store for you.


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