Solar Storms Usher in Mercury Retrograde

I won’t mince words here. There’s a whole lot of shit going on & this is what you can do to prevent it all from affecting you terribly.

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A canyon has opened in the Sun that is sending out tremendous bursts of solar energy that are hitting the Earth at this time (see this link for further information). This happens around the equinoxes when universal portals open that allow energy to travel inter-dimensionally. The spring and autumn equinoxes are times of spiritual awakening for many people. The solar energy that reaches the Earth at those times is not nearly as intense as it is right now. These solar storms began on March 16, 2018 and will continue on through March 26th. To add a great deal of spice to this mix, Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday, March 22nd and shall remain in retrograde through April 15th (Happy Tax Day, America! Be SURE you have ALL your paperwork in order as Mercury retrograde can adversely affect paperwork, the transfer and filing of paperwork!!!).


Many people are currently feeling the very real physical symptoms that the energy from the solar storm. This is also what is known as “ascension flu,” which are the physical symptoms a person will experience when their vibratory rate increases to the next level, but their physical body hasn’t quite caught up yet. Here is the checklist of symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches, body aches, stomach ache, moderate to severe joint pain
  • Confusion, disorientation, memory loss, short-term memory issues, forgetfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of sleep, insomnia
  • Very intense dreams, sometimes of a psychic nature, or really bad nightmares
  • Excessive thirst
  • Lack of appetite, or if you eat meat – a sudden aversion to meat
  • The feeling that no one understands you
  • Being unable to relate to others while in the past this was never an issue
  • The need for more “alone” time
  • Sore throat
  • Ear ringing, buzzing or whining (which – if NOT physical – is the sound of information being downloaded to you by your guides or it is the rush of energy coming into you that is helping to raise your vibration)

Coupled with all of this is Mercury Retrograde, which is when the planet Mercury appears to the naked eye to be moving backwards in its orbit. Although this is an optical illusion it is a measurable fact that during retrograde periods we see an increase in traffic accidents, airline and train disasters, and our appliances and vehicles tend to go haywire, all the while this is made more exciting by the fact that people are misunderstanding one another and arguing more than usual (note sarcasm!).

Mercury is the planet of Communication and Technology. It rules the mind and intellect, also if you are a Virgo or Gemini you are ruled by the planet Mercury. Furthermore, if you have Mercury IN Virgo or Gemini on your natal chart, well, Mercury Retrograde can appear to personally have it in for you. I am Gemini and I have four planets in Gemini: the Sun (of course, which is what makes Gemini my sun sign), the Moon, Venus, and my nemesis: Mercury. Those who are ruled by Mercury (Virgos and Geminis everywhere have my deepest sympathies) or if you have Mercury in your sun sign on your natal (birth) chart are usually much more affected by Mercury retrograde periods than others. By the way, I am surrounded. My husband is a Virgo, my daughter is also a Virgo. Both have Mercury in their sun signs, and even my CAT is a Virgo! Help me, please!!!

Mercury retrograde can adversely affect travel. This can create snafus at the airport. There are more reports of lost luggage during retrogrades than at any other time. Flights are delayed, cancelled, or missed more frequently during a retrograde, thus creating travel chaos for many. Reservations get lost or double-booked, the car you rented was given to someone else and now the agency is out of cars – that sort of thing.

Mercury retrograde, especially when combined with solar storms (which is ongoing as Icomputer type this) can cause appliances, vehicles, and especially computers and phones to go on the fritz. If you have seen your phone or computer screen blink off, then back on again suddenly without warning – that is more than likely being caused by the solar storm, not Mercury retrograde, but combined with the solar energy, well, it’s anyone’s guess as to what we’ll be experiencing as individuals over the next few weeks. Be sure your vehicle is in good shape and also, while on the road please be extra vigilant. It’s also a measurable fact that there are more traffic accidents & fatalities during a retrograde period. You may see more traffic signals malfunctioning – again, that is both an effect of the retrograde period and the solar storms, so while driving please do use extra caution.

pen & inkMercury as the planet of Communication also rules over paperwork, the courts, and even relationships – anything that requires any type of communication. During a retrograde period paperwork tends to get misdirected or downright lost. Be sure when filling out applications, BEFORE you send them off MAKE A COPY! You should be backing up your files and be sure you have backups of all important files and paperwork on CD or flash drive. Do NOT rely solely upon your computer – just in case the worst should happen and it crashes.

Interpersonal relationships can also suffer. Mercury retrograde can cause people to mis-hear or mis-comprehend what you’re saying, which can then lead to misunderstandings, arguments, and hurt feelings. In my line of work as a magical practitioner, I have noticed over the years I receive more reading and enchantment orders from people experiencing a break up during a retrograde period than at any other time of the year. Please be careful with your words and remember – once words are said they cannot ever be unsaid. Think before you speak.

Here’s hoping that the next few weeks are as peaceful and stress-free for all as possible. If things do get crazy and you feel like pulling your hair out, here are a few things you can do to help yourself to feel better:

  • soak in a bath of 2 cups Epsom salts & 3 – 4 drops of lavender essential oil. This will help to clear your aura and chakras while helping to calm your frantic mind
  • take walks in Nature
  • remember to ground frequently (Geminis, I am talking 2 – 3 times a DAY for you in particular!), by hugging a tree, walking barefoot in the grass or on sand/dirt, or by placing the palms of both your hands in dirt (even if it’s a potted plant for those of you who live in the middle of a large city, that WILL work!)
  • drink more water than usual, for some you may want to double your water intake
  • try to keep your sleep pattern regular. Go to bed at the same time each night & try to wake up the same time each morning
  • eat more fruits and veggies (that’s always good advice anyway)
  • avoid violent or scary movies – this includes the news!
  • remember to tell others you love them (important all the time!)

Until next time, wishing you & yours many blessings & a Blessed Ostara to those whoOstara2 observe this day,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2015.

(C) Nefer Khepri, 2012. The god Mercury, Palace on the Island of Corfu, Greece.
(C) Nefer Khepri, 2012. The god Mercury, Palace on the Island of Corfu, Greece.

The planet Mercury rules over Travel, Technology, and Communication. Three to four times a year it appears to the naked eye to be traveling through its orbit backwards. This is actually an optical illusion, however, when this does occur it appears that here on our little planet things can start to go askew.

During Mercury retrograde periods we experience more snafus and screw ups than usual. If you’re traveling your luggage could get lost, flights can suffer lengthy delays, and reservations can be mysteriously canceled without your prior approval. Also, as I found out the hard way last June, you can also suffer very bad accidents when traveling during a retrograde period. This is something that I will never ever do again.

Mercury rules over technology as well and you can experience more vehicle, electrical, & computer problems during a retrograde period. We have an icemaker in our refrigerator/freezer that always knows the very DAY Mercury goes retrograde. It decides to become jammed and will repeatedly jam throughout the retrograde period. Once Mercury goes direct again the icemaker suddenly decides to exhibit stellar behavior; that is, until the next retrograde period when it suddenly decides to once again misbehave.

Computers can be badly affected so I do caution you to be sure if you are planning a backup of data or pictures to do so BEFORE the retrograde period begins. Never attempt to do any major backing up on your computer during a retrograde period. I had a friend who did this (despite my warnings) and she lost ALL her vacation pictures in the process. Play it safe and do such work when Mercury is behaving.

Mercury retrograde energy can cause appliances to go on the fritz. Unless the appliance is absolutely broken, try not to worry & work around it. In most cases the appliance will begin to operate properly once Mercury has gone direct. This happens to our icemaker EVERY time.

Vehicles can be adversely affected as well. Should your car need some work done on it try to do this before or after the retrograde period, never during. This is when screw ups occur and your mechanic may do something wrong that causes even more problems. If at all possible, wait until Mercury goes direct. My husband lost control of his car hitting a pothole. It was the first day of a retrograde period. He had no choice but to have his car worked on since his little accident had caused him to go up on the curb and it caused damage to the undercarriage of his car. It was repaired, but the car was never the same again and he ended up trading it in within a year. Now, was that due to just a bad mechanic? One he still uses to this day who always does a fantastic job? Or was that due to the energy of the Mercury retrograde? We will never have a definitive answer either way, but play it safe. If your car can wait, then let it wait.

Do not make any major purchases during a retrograde period. This is another thing I did before I knew any better. I actually bought a car right in the middle of a retrograde period, but I didn’t know about Mercury retrograde back then. Three months later that car was in the shop. The starter had gone out. A few months after that it was the alternator. Then the starter again, then the alternator again. In the end, after having the car only 3 years it had gone through 3 starters and 4 alternators. That must be some kind of record. I will never buy a car during a retrograde period again.

People tend to suffer from miscommunication and misunderstandings during retrograde period. This is why I recommend to my clients that they not enter into any binding contracts during a retrograde period. I’ve seen many cases when the fine print has been either misunderstood or missed completely, the person signs anyway and is in for a lot more than they initially bargained for. Also, relationships do tend to suffer from this as well. Every relationship is dependent upon good communication. When Mercury goes retrograde people assume they know what their partner is thinking when they really don’t or they make other assumptions or totally misunderstand something and arguments can result.  Be careful how you communicate with others, and by all means try to avoid texting at this time. So much gets misunderstood in text, email and online due to the fact that facial expression, vocal tone, and body language is absent. Call the person instead.

That is pretty much the Do’s and Don’t’s of any Mercury retrograde period. If you can stick to these guidelines you should not suffer from any major issues unless Mercury is in your sun sign of your astrological chart. For example, I’m a Gemini with Mercury in Gemini. Plus, the sign Gemini is also ruled by Mercury. Retrogrades can hit me particularly hard so I always do a protection spell for myself and also for my family prior to the start of every retrograde period, except for the one that occurred last June. That one snuck up on me and I felt the aftereffects of that until just a few weeks ago when I took a very bad fall when on vacation that resulted in six months of pain. My husband had a lousy boss who only gave him a small window during which he could take a vacation so we had to travel during a retrograde period, otherwise we never would have done it. Afterward I told him if we’re ever in that position again we are having a stay-cation and staying at home. I absolutely refuse to travel during a Mercury retrograde ever again. We didn’t have any flight or reservation problems, but the fall I took ruined the entire vacation and my birthday for me. Never again. EVER.

I wish you all a safe and Happy Mercury retrograde period. Please make note of these dates & follow my simple guidelines so that Mercury hopefully doesn’t upset your plans too much, if at all. Above all, remember to maintain a positive attitude. Should things start to go wrong remember one important thing:

The effects of a Mercury retrograde when it causes things to go wrong are usually temporary. It will pass and things should return to normal once Mercury goes direct. Try not to get all wrapped up in what’s going wrong. Instead, focus on the countdown to the day Mercury goes direct.

One more thing: Mercury retrograde energy can often be felt 1 – 2 weeks prior to the actual start date of the retrograde period and also 1 – 2 weeks after the end date. This has to do with the shadow of Mercury and how it moves, so do beware of that as well and proceed with caution.

Wishing you all safe, happy, and harmony Mercury retrograde periods for 2015.

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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