Review: The Sacred Awakening Cards

sacred awakening cards 3The Sacred Awakening Cards is a 67-card oracle card set with accompanying paperback 48-page guidebook. The card and book set is packaged within a box with fitted lid that measures 3 7/8” x 5 ½” x 1”. The cards measure 3 ½ x 5” and are printed upon a highly flexible and somewhat thin card stock. The artist/author is Sa’arah Esther Felix, and is published by the Lemurian Temple LLC, 2013. I suspect this deck is self-published as I have never heard of this particular publisher. I purchased my copy from Amazon.

The cards shuffle easily, though I will warn anyone who purchases this deck that you will need to be VERY careful when you first remove the cards from the box. Give them a few gentle flexes. There is a very thin laminate on the cards and my deck arrived with some cards slightly stuck together. As I gingerly pulled them apart some of the black border came off so a few of my cards have white specks along the borders. This does not bother me and it never came close to tearing any of the cards, but depending on the level of humidity where you live, for some this may be a real problem, so open for first use carefully.

The imagery consists of bright colors that are a combination of painting and photo collage. The borders are black and the card title appears in white within the black border along the base of each image. The black borders allow the colors to really “pop,” and the images feel as if they are alive with energy. I have used the images for meditation and for me they work very well as a meditative tool so that may be something you may wish to consider should you purchase The Sacred Awakening Cards.

sacred awakening cards 2

The guidebook with a few introductory paragraphs on the artist’s idea behind the deck and how to use the deck. This is followed by several card spreads: a One Card, Three Card, and Four Card spread, as well as an 11-card Pagan Cross spread that will present you with a thorough analysis of a situation or question. Other traditional tarot spread work well with The Sacred Awakening Cards. Card interpretations consist of approximately 7 – 9 sentences that cover half the page. I have found the deck to be useful for both guidance and predictive readings.

Here is an example of The Sacred Awakening Cards in action.

For this 3-card reading I am asking for general guidance for all of my social media followers from now until the end of July, 2016. The cards you received are as follows:

Withinside + Veil + Resistance.

sacred awakening cards

Withinside indicates that you already possess whatever it is that you need to deal with any type of situation that arises in your life. You can rely upon your inner power. Despite the fact that you may not believe this, trust in the fact that every resource is at your disposal. Trust in the process, go with the flow, and be patient (paraphrased from pp. 44-45 of the guidebook).

Veil represents that which hides the love within you of All That Is. Despite being hidden by the Veil upon your incarnation, this love remains within you and is projected outward when you fall in love. Lift the Veil so you can continue to feel the flow of this divine love within you (paraphrased from pp. 43 – 44 of the guidebook).

Resistance represents the need to be open to the changes in life. When we resist change we block our own natural flow and this can lead to all sorts of problems. Be open to the lessons that life has to offer and this will help you to experience them with grace (paraphrased from p. 35 of the guidebook).

Taken together as a set, these cards indicate that the energies that are taking us from July into August are centered around helping us to realize we have the power within ourselves to transform our reality. Most of us do not believe this to be true, but it is. We all need to accept our inner power and so doing will allow us to access tools within us that have always been there for our use. Once we do that we can use that divine power within us to overcome our resistance to change, thus creating a free flow of energy in and through our lives that will help us in our own spiritual growth.

The Sacred Awakening Cards is a truly beautiful oracle that I can tell was created with love and intention. I find the images to be very soothing and some feel as though they are actually healing. I always feel uplifted after I have done a reading with this deck.

The images are all non-threatening, peaceful, some are quite joyful, and the interpretations offered in the guidebook are fairly straightforward, making The Sacred Awakening Cards a great deck for beginners and seasoned readers alike.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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