Your Still Small Voice.

I was going about my business today preparing to take my daughter to pick up lunch at Whataburger. We just had to have their Avacado-Bacon Burger, you see.

As we were leaving the house my still small voice – you know, that voice inside your head that sometimes makes suggestions. That voice. It said, “you should take your phone.” Well, I was downstairs and my phone was somewhere upstairs. I didn’t want to go up and look for it so I blew off my still small voice thinking Whataburger isn’t even five minutes away. There is no reason I would need my phone.

I was wrong.

dodge ramWe gave our order and proceeded on through the drive-through. In front of us was a red Dodge Ram. As we sat there minding our own business, my daughter looked up & burst out laughing. I followed her gaze.

Adhered to the lower left bumper area of the pick up truck was a bumper sticker. It read:

“I’m speeding because I have to poop.”

Peels of hysterical laughter ensued. Then my daughter asked, “where’s your phone?” Oops!

Nefer: 0.

Still Small Voice: 1.

No wonder I was told I should have taken my phone along! I missed a great photo op that I later could have posted speeding poop to Facebook to give my friends a laugh, but at least I have the memory and found the bumper sticker on Google.

I am discovering more and more lately that Google is my new best friend.

Word to the wise: pay attention to your still small voice – always, even about the little things that seem to be of zero consequence at the time.

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