The Spot Where I Died.

Recurring dreams & past lives have come up in discussion in my Facebook group so I thought I would reblog this post since the subject matter fits the topic under discussion at the moment, plus it may help someone else figure out why they keep dreaming of dying the same way or repeatedly experiencing a particular trauma in dreams.

The Magickal-Musings of Nefer Khepri, PhD

Cliff Hotel, Gwebert-on-the-Sea, Wales

What do you do when you find yourself standing on the very spot that has dominated your nightmares ever since you can remember?Run?Scream for help?Faint?What would you do?
In my case, I just stood there in total awe.My mind was reeling.All those years of having that same nightmare over & over again, then to find out the spot I had seen so many times in my dreams in which I had every rock memorized was truly a real place.I was right there.I was looking out at the same view I had had in my nightmare countless times before.
The first time I can remember having the nightmare I was 4.The nightmare is always exactly the same, like replaying an old beloved movie, except I hated this one and wish I had never seen it in the first…

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