The Doppelganger – Do You Have One Roaming Around Somewhere?

Have you all heard the old wive’s tale that each of us has a doppelganger somewhere in the world? This is another person who looks just like you. That is not the original definition, however. The original definition states that the doppelganger was a ghostly reflection of a living person. Thought to be a form of bilocation with a sinister intention, it was believed to be very bad luck should someone report to you they have seen your doppelganger. Sometimes it was viewed as a harbinger of death. Have any of you had any experience with your doppelganger?

Vatican Fresco by Raphael
A medieval fresco painting by the great artist Raphael on a wall at the Vatican shows a man who looks remarkably like actor Sylvester Stallone. I saw the fresco in person in 2012 & was stunned. Vatican guides enjoy pointing this out to people.

I have.

When I was a graduate student at the University of Texas in Austin once in a while I’d have to take the bus from the south side of campus where I lived & where all my classes were, to the far north side where the Student Health building was located. I would go see the doctors there whenever I was sick. Thankfully I did not have to go very often, but almost EVERY single time I went someone there would act like they knew me & call me “Elizabeth.” The first time it happened I was at the bus stop waiting for the south campus bus & this guy sat next to me & just started talking about Chemistry class like I was taking it with him. I interrupted him to say, “uh, excuse me, but I know nothing about Chemistry.” He laughed, slapped me on the back & said, “good one, Liz!” I also then corrected him. “My name is NOT Liz.”

He kept laughing, thought I was joking so I whipped out my student ID. Then he was so confused. He looked me up & down and said, “No. YOU’RE Liz!” I said, “sorry, I have no idea who this Liz person is!” I then showed him the interior of my backpack & said, “does this stuff look like it belongs to a Chem student?” He looked, saw a couple of Anthropology books & an archaeology book in there & said, “Wow, no, it doesn’t!” He finally believed me & began telling me about her. She’s very smart, a very nice person, kind of shy – it sounded like he was describing ME, but she wasn’t me!

This went on all 4 years I was at UT. I never did run into this mysterious Elizabeth I’d hear so much about nearly every time I headed up to North Campus. The funny thing is this – Elizabeth is my favorite name for a woman. Had I had my way, my daughter would have been named Elizabeth!

Wishing You Many Blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.


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