New Year Gratitude



I suggest that we all start off 2014 on a high note.  So many dwell on what went wrong the previous year & how they don’t want to repeat this or that.  What point is there in dwelling on things that either went wrong or made you miserable?  All that’s going to do is get your new year off to a miserable start.  

Instead, I recommend looking back on all the GOOD that occurred.  It could be anything from something as basic as having a roof over your head & food on the table everyday to perhaps a special new friendship that began, a gift someone gave you, or the happiness you felt when you gave a gift to someone special.   Think on those things and then begin to create your list of things for which you are grateful that came to you in 2013. 

I shall start & will create a list of 10 things so you can see how easy this really is. For 2013 the blessings for which I am grateful are (in no specific order): I am grateful for …

1) my daughter finally realizing that homework may just be a little important.
2) my cat Bluestar, whom we adopted on June 1st & is such a tremendous blessing to us all, even for the dog. They’re best friends.
3) a lovely home & for always having a stable roof over my head
4) our ability to stay at the haunted Stanley Hotel this past summer 
5) catching orbs & figures in our pictures from the Stanley Hotel 
6) discovering a local paranormal group I have joined & the leader, Kat, who created a new group for teens to which my daughter belongs
7) prosperity giving us the ability to save up for a new car for my husband
 the ability to heal & for antibiotics!!! 
9) my awesome husband
10) finally having my artwork validated by Schiffer publishing my Egyptian Lenormand deck in the fall & for the news of the PECTO Award nomination coming when I was at my in-laws’ home who have always looked down at my artwork. The news of the nomination had them all singing a very different tune, which was most gratifying.

OK, now all you have to do is list 3 things. Create your list of 3 things for which you are grateful for 2013. Or 5, or 10, or 105  The more, the better! It took me just 4 minutes to create my list. You see? It’s really easy! 

New Year Blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T. 

Please comment so I know you're out there. Thank you :)

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