Bluestar, My Magickal Cat.

When I have the time when doing deck

Bluestar & 3 of my Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.
Bluestar & 3 of my Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.

reviews I always enjoy including a sample reading, which is a real question I have addressed using the deck I’m reviewing.  Twice, I asked the Lenormand cards if I was to get another cat.  I did so in my reviews of Ciro Marchetti’s self-published Guilded Reverie Lenormand (which has just now been mass-market published by US Games & is available at & elsewhere with a special edition being sold by Ciro via his own site) and Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill’s self-published Yuletide Lenormand.

Bluestar's first day at home: June 1, 2013.
Bluestar’s first day at home: June 1, 2013.

My cat, Bluestar, finally came to me as a result of some candle work I performed for myself. Consequently, she is not a typical cat.  My other cat, Dickens, died on 2/22/12 after being with me for 17 1/2 years.  I mourned him, then in April, 2013 I was ready for another cat, but I wanted a perfect one.  Dickens was great with me, but unfriendly with everyone else & my poor husband had put up with him for 17 1/2 years.  I wanted a cat who would get along with everyone, including the dog. I wanted a smart cat since Dickens was also smart so that’s now what I am used to, & I wanted a cat who would help me in my magic, which Dickens also did.  I also wanted a Russian Blue because I’ve always wanted one since meeting my friend’s cat back when I was in 7th grade.

I lit a candle to the Egyptian cat-headed goddess Bastet asking Her to send me the perfect cat & listed all my requirements in writing & folded one copy & placed it under the candle. I burned the second copy in the candle flame.  I also petitioned Sekhmet, the much more fiery aspect of Bastet.  My requirements consisted of all the best traits of the 10 cats I had lived with previously over the years.

Candles to Bastet for a new cat with "The Cat" card from my "Egyptian Lenormand" in the background.
Candles to Bastet for a new cat with “The Cat” card from my “Egyptian Lenormand” in the background.

I then began to google Russian Blue cats for my area, but nothing was coming up.  In June I once again googled Russian Blue cats for my area & a picture of a cat that met my breed requirement came up first thing.  What caught my attention though was her name.  It was Valentina.  That had been my mother’s name!  So I went crazy KNOWING that she was MY cat, the ONE meant for me & given to me by Bastet Herself.  We went to the shelter to visit her & she was friendly, but understandably nervous so we were debating whether to bring her home.

My favorite singer (as many of you know) is Paul McCartney.  As we were thinking things over his song, “A Fine Line” came on over the PA system in the store/shelter area (the shelter brings animals to the pet store on weekends for possible adoption).  There’s a verse in that song which goes:

“Come home brother all is forgiven
We all cried when you were driven away
Come home brother everything is better
Everything is better when you come home and stay”

The last line nearly made my head explode with a sudden massive realization.  So, that was IT!  A SIGN!!!  I told the woman we’d take her & I haven’t regretted it for a moment.  She gets along with everyone, even the dog.  They play & chase each other (yes, the cat chases the dog & the dog lets her do that!!!).  She is very playful & loves to attack my daughter, but she NEVER uses her claws & when she bites in play it’s always softly so her teeth never scratch or break our skin.  She’s also smart & learned her new name right away (I could not call her Valentina, I tried, but it was just too weird for me given that was my mom’s name so my daughter re-named her Bluestar after a character in an Erin Robin’s Warriors novel about cats).  She watches TV, looks annoyed when she is feeling so, is mischievous, & is a tremendous joy for my daughter & I.  Even my husband has warmed up to her.

The interesting thing in going back over these deck reviews & the sample readings I posted is this:  when drawing additional cards for the reading done with the Guilded Reverie Lenormand the combination of Flowers + Coffin came up.  I had totally forgotten about that.  According to Andy Boroveshengra (his blog is here), that card combination can mean allergies, which I did make note of for my deck review.

When I originally saw that card combination I immediately assumed that one of us would end up being allergic to the new cat.  As it turned out, none of us were allergic at all, but SHE was!  She had a habit of scratching her shoulders, behind the ears & face a lot.  I thought at first it was caused by the anxiety of adjusting to a new home with a child and a dog, but as time wore on & the poor car wore a hole in her left cheek I took her to the vet fearing allergies, having forgotten all about the reading I had done back in February.  The vet confirmed it & treated my cat accordingly, then it was up to me to figure out what was causing the allergy.

As luck would have it, the only constant between her life here and her life with her foster family & in the shelter had been the food – Pro Plan.  I transitioned her over 1 week to Friskies for Indoor Cats, then a week after that all of her scratching completely stopped!  Problem solved!  Then today in looking at the links for the 2 deck reviews in which I read on my chances of getting a new cat I scan them & see that reference to allergies.  My mind is officially blown for the day!

Bluestar is reaching underneath the plastic in order to place her kitty energy into my Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.
Bluestar is reaching underneath the plastic in order to place her kitty energy into my Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.

I made candles for Love/ Romance/Relationships prior to the Mercury retrograde hitting us.  I set the box of the dozen filled jars on the floor in the kitchen so I could clean off the counters.  The soy wax had already set so they were safe to move.  Bluestar came along, walked around the box 3 times (3 being a magic number, of course!) & then with her right paw she smacked the lid of each jar!  If I hadn’t seen it myself I never would have believed if someone else told me their cat did this.  Each box comes with a dozen mason jars & I had made a full dozen candles so the box was now full again with jars that were full of hardened soy wax.  She had to smack EVERY jar, even the 2 jars in the center of the box!  Then she looked up at me & made that blurp sound that cats make, & she walked off & seemed very proud of herself!  This picture was taken today, not the day I made

Bluestar blessing my Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.
Bluestar blessing my Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.

the candles.  I placed the box on the carpet & asked Bluestar if she would bless the candles again.  She was all too happy to oblige so I got some really nice pictures of her doing her magickal thing!

On the Thursday before the retrograde began I made my Chakra 7 Wishes power candles (that took 14 hours, but I figured out a way to get them all done in 1 day by putting the candles in the fridge once the wax was poured so it would cool faster, thus allowing me add another layer of wax a lot sooner, last time they took several days to make!).

Once again, I made a full dozen & had them in their box on the floor as I cleaned up the huge mess in my kitchen.  Bluestar once again came along & did the exact same thing!!  I called Ariel (my daughter) to have a witness & she saw the cat smacking the last 5 jars in the box.  Then the cat blurped at me, blurped at Ariel, as if to say, “there you go, & now my work is done!” & then she walked off!  We stood there dumbfounded!!

So now I will present my candles to her for her special kitty blessing & hopefully she’ll do this all the time.  I strongly suspect that she is a very magical cat. She stands next to me now when I perform candle work for clients & will lean up against my leg as though she is lending her own special energy to the proceedings 🙂   She is just AWESOME.  BEST CAT EVER!  She is my 11th cat.  I’ve had cats since I was 12 & I’m 50 now.  Bastet definitely delivered & sent me the ONE cat who is PERFECT for me in EVERY way.  Bluestar is definitely my magical familiar & I am so blessed to have her in my life.

My Working Altar: the 3 rainbow candles in the center are Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.
My Working Altar: the 3 rainbow candles in the center are Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles.

Chakra 7 Wishes candles combine clearing & harmonizing work on each of your 7 major chakras along with the ability to make 1 wish for each color of the rainbow that corresponds to each chakra.  Your wishes do NOT have to be related to one another in any way.  These candles were a TON of work to create & sell for $150.  They take 5 – 7 days to burn down & all power candles are left burning 24/7.  Here is a secure payment link. I have ONLY 9 of the dozen I made still available for ordering.

The Love/Romance/Relationship power candles are for just what the title says.  They also will burn 5 – 7 days.  They sell for $100 and I have a full dozen of these remaining as of right this moment.  Here is a secure payment link if you wish to order one.

I also made a half dozen Prosperity/Money/Job/Abundance power candles.  These always go really fast, like my Chakra 7 Wishes Power Candles & I won’t be making anymore of the Prosperity candles until after the New Year.  Here is a secure payment link.

Clients, please note:  I am carrying out the final preparations on my Egyptian Lenormand deck to get it to my editor at Schiffer Books by my deadline of Nov. 30th.  As a result, I am working a shorter work day for the entire month of Nov.  All orders will be scheduled as always – on a strictly first-ordered, first-scheduled basis.  Should I run out of enchantment appointments for Nov. people will be informed when they order that I am now booking for December.  So far, I am HALF BOOKED for November, so please bear that in mind. If you wish for candle work or a reading for the month of November, please order ASAP to avoid having to wait until December.

Final note:  I now have only 15 copies of the signed & numbered self-published edition of my Egyptian Lenormand remaining.  Once these are gone they are gone until Schiffer Books publishes their edition of my deck next fall.  I am under contract & can no longer produce these images in deck form. However, after the New Year PRINTS of each card will be available at the deck’s web site, so please bookmark it & come back to visit if you are interested in owning a signed & numbered full color print of my artwork for this deck.

Until Next Time,

Wishing You all Many Blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

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