Helpful Spirits.

Have you ever felt moved to do something odd or out of character for you that ended up being highly beneficial?  This happened to me today & as events unfolded I realized exactly what was going on.  A spirit came by to help my daughter and I during a little crisis we just experienced today.

My daughter is 14 and had her ears pierced back in January.  Everything went well & she’s never experienced any problems until today.  She took her shower & came running out of her bathroom crying & insisting I take her to the ER.  The words, “Mom!  You need to take me to the ER now,” are never something you want to hear from your child.  That alone scared me, especially since my daughter is not one to complain about anything and is very tough when it comes to being hurt or sick.

I jumped up & asked her what had happened & she explained her earring back got stuck inside her earlobe.  It had somehow gotten in through the back of her ear & she couldn’t get it out.  I took her to my bathroom where the lighting was better & what I saw made my stomach turn.

The earring back was so far inside her pierced ear hole that only a slight bit of the gold was protruding, and it wasn’t even enough for me to get another earring to run through the back of that half of the earring back so I could pull it out.  I didn’t know what to do.  I stood there staring at her earlobe for probably 10 seconds, when I suddenly heard a man’s voice say:

“get rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, & ice. Go now. Run!” I was like, “OMGs, OK!” I gathered all those things, all of which except for the ice was in my bathroom already. Then I felt guided to do each step.

I washed my hands very well under hot-as-my-skin-could-stand water. Dried them on a clean towel. I gave her a clean face towel & told her to bite down on it & that this may hurt like H & I was sorry ahead of time. She simply nodded & said like the olden days & she went on to say she felt she was in the Civil War, which was a VERY ODD thing for her to say (see below).

I felt moved to soaked 3 swabs with alcohol, cleaned her ear well front & back with one. With the second swab I disinfected one of my own earrings that I used as a hook to hook into the bit of earring back that was still exposed, & then with the 3rd cotton swab I pressed as hard as I could on the front of her ear lobe to force as much of the earring back out through the back of the ear lobe while applying ice to the back of the ear to numb it, then used my earring to hook the earring back & pull the rest of the earring back out of the back of her earlobe.

She didn’t feel a thing, but Mama felt like dying & I felt sick for a good hour or so afterward! When we were all done I heard this man’s voice say clear as a bell (but in my head): “Now, clean all this up. No one should leave a surgery a mess like this! Good job, Mother! Wish you had been in the field with me.” And that was it. With that he was gone.

I really believe a doctor from the Civil War came to help us. Perhaps he’s one of my daughter’s guides, I don’t know. I know he’s not one of mine since I’ve never heard his voice before. I also never would have thought to have my child bear down on a towel in case it hurt a lot when I pulled the earring back out, either. That was due to the doctor’s presence.

Dr. Ashbel Smith
Dr. Ashbel Smith

I felt strongly that this man was not only a Civil War doctor, but also somehow tied to my doctoral alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin.  I began my search by simply googling “Civil War doctor Texas.”  This is where I came upon Dr. Ashbel Smith.  Dr. Smith was a remarkable man & I do urge you to read the link about him included in this post for the finer details of his life.  He established a hospital in what is now Houston where we live.  He worked closely with Sam Houston in the battles that established our state and our state’s independence (did you know Texas was its own country for a while with its own president???).  He was awarded numerous honors & years later also served as a doctor in the Civil War. After the war he became the first President of the Board of Regents at the then newly established University of Texas in Austin.  His goal was to make UT-Austin a fine academic institution with a good reputation throughout America.  Today that’s just what UT is and Ashbel Smith graveUT only accepts students from the top 10% of their graduating classes.  It has grown into a fine institution of higher learning, just as Dr. Smith had hoped it would.  Dr. Smith is buried in the State Cemetery in Austin.

I’m not saying it was THE Dr. Ashbel Smith who helped me today. It could have been any surgeon from the Civil War who was just passing through, saw us needing help, & realized I could hear him so he helped us.  However, given my strong feeling this doctor who did help was somehow tied to UT-Austin, then finding this article at Wikipedia about Dr. Smith & his strong connection to the university, I cannot help but believe this must be the man who helped us.

So, THANK YOU, Dr. Ashbel Smith, or  Whoever You Are/Were! I appreciate your help very much! This saved us a trip to the ER & who knows how much time & money!!!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD.

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