Day 3 of the Lenormand Challenge

I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties today, hence the lateness of my response to Day 3 of Pepi’s Lenormand Challenge.  Her blog is Mystic DePepi and is located here.

DAY 3: Do you have more than one deck? (I know… tricky question) If so, how many?

Oh yeah, I have more than one deck.  At last count I had 13, but received one last week, another early this week & yesterday 3 arrived from Russia so that brings my grand total up to 18 with one more on the way.  Or it may be 20 including the one that is winging its way to me as I type.   Who’s counting?

The Birds card, in progress, along with some art supplies.
The Birds card, in progress, along with some art supplies.

Some may say that it’s excessive to have 18 – 20 Lenormand decks, or even Tarot decks (shocking, I know).  I am an artist & am creating my own Lenormand deck (The Egyptian Lenormand).  So it is of benefit to me to examine as many Lenormand decks as I can to see how other artists have dealt with the imagery.  Of course mine looks like none of them, but it’s still good to know what other artists are up to when you’re attempting to create a deck yourself.  If nothing else, you certainly would not want to duplicate someone else’s style.  Also, having numerous decks to fit my moods is ideal as I am a Gemini and many of you know how us Geminis are – flighty, moody, easily bored, witty, charming, sexy …  so yes, I am easily bored and easily distracted by other things.  So having multiple Lenormand decks suits me just fine because the imagery affects me differently depending on my mood, which can then influence how I interpret the cards.  So I am sure to choose a deck that fits my mood.  Having 20 or so decks makes that really easy.

Tomorrow (hopefully) I will have finally completed my review of Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand and will post it (God’s willing as WordPress has been a real pain for me today).  Also, I have finished revising my Lenormand Readings ordering page so that is up and from there you can also check out a sample reading I just completed for a client along with her feedback on her reading.

Following the practice that my good friend, Den Elder, began on her blog, I am going to also start posting what I am grateful for.  These posts come from my Facebook group, Living in the NOW, which is all about expressing gratitude for the big and small things in life.  Den is also a member and posts there nearly every day.  I welcome you to join us.

My gratefuls for today ~

I’m grateful for this early sign of spring: both of my red maples have begun to bud out and there are bees all over them doing their job. Meanwhile, at the base of one of the trees an extra branch that grew there still is fully leafed and the leaves have now turned a very pretty red. I”m also grateful it’s so hot today I’m going to have to wear shorts when I go out, which means I must shave my legs. LOL!

Please comment so I know you're out there. Thank you :)

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