Deck Review: Nature’s Wisdom Oracle

Nature’s Wisdom Oracle
Mindy Lighthipe
ISBN # 978-0-7643-3573-0
$24.99 USD

I’ll be honest.  Animal oracle decks and I don’t mix well.  All readers resonate with various types of decks and this is why there is such a vast variety in publication today.  There is a deck (or two, or thrity-five) for each of us interested in consulting and reading cards. In the past decks with animals or plants just haven’t jived with me, except for Lisa Hunt’s Animal’s Divine Tarot.  However, I have now found a second nature deck with which I resonate, Nature’s Wisdom Oracle.

Right out of the box, Nature’s Wisdom Oracle began providing me with clear and concise single-card answers to my questions.  I find that for me personally I only need to draw a single card using this deck, yet the deck can naturally be used for multi-card readings as well. 

The cards measure 3 ½ X 5”, printed on a firm yet flexible cardstock with a light yet durable laminate.  The colors are lovely and range from pretty muted pastels to bright and bold.  The energy of the colors used corresponds with the energy of the animal or plant depicted.  Borders are unique to each card and consist either of a muted larger version of the image on the card or a muted emphasis of one aspect of the image. For example, the card Sea Turtle (I really LOVE sea turtles!), has a larger version of the sea turtle in the border while a card like Pineapple has as its border an enlarged version of a small detail of the pineapple image.  Two cards, Honey Bee and Lady Bug, have a repeating motif of the insect along the card’s border.  Card backs consist of the image of a leaf and are not reversible, but this deck doesn’t offer reversed interpretations. 

The paperback guidebook is the same size as the cards and has 104 pages.  The introductory section includes information on how to use the deck, a daily meditation, and the 3-card Past, Present, Future spread.  Card interpretations are accompanied by a near-full page size black and white illustration of the card. 

The packaging consists of a very sturdy laminated thick cardboard box with fitted lid measuring 3 7/8 X 5 ¼”.  The cards nor the box should show any signs of wear for quite some time to come. 

I strongly recommend this deck not only to those of you who are animal and nature lovers, but also to anyone who is new to reading cards or desires an oracle that gives quick, easy, and concise answers to their questions. 
Wishing You Many Blessings,
Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

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