In order to receive the energies coming through to the earth today, simply state your intention to be open & to receive in your own words. You do not have to pray to anyone specifically. If you feel more comfortable doing so, that’s up to you, but makes no difference as this energy comes   directly from The Source and is therefore universal. Remember to note your clocks at 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM your own local time. In every time zone on all parts of your planet that is when the largest bursts of energy shall come forth. Many of you will feel absolutely nothing while others may be quite affected today (but in a good way, I assure you). Just remember, the most important thing is to be OPEN TO RECEIVE. The energy will come to you and unfold in its own good time, in YOUR own good time, and you will be able to embark upon your life’s path knowing you are part of a better and brighter tomorrow.

With All Love, Healing, & Compassion to Earth and All of Her Inhabitants,


Please comment so I know you're out there. Thank you :)

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