Health Update


I’m using a larger font because I had my eyes seriously overhauled at my opthamologist’s office on Thursday.  Been suffering from eye strain and bad headaches for a week now and figured I needed new glasses.  I also have occular hyper tension (the stage below glaucoma, when the liquid in your eye isn’t draining properly so the pressure on the optic nerve increases and can cause tunnel vision and blindness if left untreated).  In order to measure the eye pressure they have to place a blue light/lens directly on your eye ball.  They do give you knock out eye drops for this and they work a treat for ONE measurement.  They begin to wear off immediately.

The good news is that mysteriously (to them, at least) my eye pressures have gone down on their own to within normal range now!  WOO HOO!!!  the nurse freaked out and took my pressures a second time.  By now the knock out drops were just starting to wear off so that was a tad uncomfortable.  Then the doctor came in and was convinced the nurse must have done something wrong.  So she re-took my pressures.  By now the drops were really wearing off so that hurt a bit.  She got the same reading.  Now convinced her machine must be faulty, she took me to another exam room where she took my pressures a FOURTH time.  I asked for more drops, but none could be given.  I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes  open, she said.  So, that fourth reading hurt like hell!!!  Then she had to put my eyes through rigorous tests as she couldn’t figure out why my pressures got so much lower.  I flat out told her, “I am a witch!  I do hands on healing and candle work.  I’ve given my eyes reiki and I’ve lit candles for them prior to coming here and obviously it all worked!”  

Being a woman of science I figured she’d think I was crazy.  Instead, she was very cool about it.  She asked me what sort of witchcraft I practiced, so she’s obviously familiar.  When I said, “wicca,” she said, “Oh! I see.”  Again, insinuating familiarity.  She told me to keep up the good work and apologized for all the pain.  

So, yesterday I couldn’t even MOVE my eyeballs, which prevented me from getting on the computer at all.  Today I am about 50% better in that regard, but they still hurt so I’m not doing any computer work today.  As a result, all reports that were due Thursday and today are going to be late.  You can expect to receive them Monday – Tuesday of next week.  I do apologize for the delay.

I saw my ENT today for recurrent whining in my left ear.  It was so bad last night it kept me up until 3 AM.  I began to seriously wonder if there wasn’t a UFO hovering over my house sending me secret signals or something.  That’s how bad it was.  I wanted to cry.  He gave me a shot of prednisone (steriod) in my left hip.  It is now almost impossible for me to sit in my computer chair.  I’m in a lot of pain from that injection and I have to sit with my legs elevated or my hip just stings and aches.  I’ve been rubbing it as I can feel the steroid just sitting there, it seems.  That must be why it’s hurting so badly.

So, readings are also being postponed.  I’ve emailed each of you with the date on which you can expect your reading.  All orders will be completed no later than Tuesday, 5 PM CST of next week.  Once again, I do apologize for the delay, but will be working through the weekend to be sure everyone receives their orders as promptly as possible.

To top it off, Tuesday I saw the dentist for a routine cleaning.  So I’ve had my total head worked on:  teeth, eyes, and ears!  My husband has told me for 15 years I need to have my head examined and now I’ve finally gone and done it.  He ought to be thrilled!

Blessings to All!

Nefer Khepri Hemet 


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