The Popularity of "Ghost Hunting": A Warning

I personally think it’s great how the paranormal is receiving increasing amounts of coverage on TV lately.  We have great fiction shows like “Ghost Whisperer” and “Medium.”  We also have talk shows like John Edwards’ “Crossing Over,” (but he speaks so quickly that I can hardly understand anything he says, so I don’t watch that one).  For years we could watch “Most Haunted” (a British import) on the Travel Channel, then “Ghosthunters” (my favorite!) premiered on the SciFi Channel 7 years ago and now has two spin-off series, “Ghosthunters International” (which is quite lame, in my opinion), and “Ghosthunter’s Academy,” a reality show where contestants are tested to see who will become the next addition to the Ghosthunter’s team of paranormal investigators.  That show is pretty good.  Over on A&E Network is “Paranormal State,” that just began it’s 4th season (very good show).  Other shows include “Ghost Lab”, “Extreme Paranormal” (those guys are crazy and NEVER try to do the weird things they do, please!), “Ghost Adventures” (Travel Channel – and a word to the wise:  NEVER attempt to antagonize a spirit in order to get a response – this is EXTREMELY dangerous!!), and even Animal Planet Network has gotten bitten by the ghost bug with their show, “The Haunted,” which is about pet owners who experience the paranormal and how it affects their pets.  That show sounds really lame, but it’s actually pretty good.  New shows resume this Friday night.  

With all the ghosthunting shows out there now and how easy these people make it appear to go out and hunt ghosts, more and more people are getting into the act.  Ghosthunting is emerging as a HOBBY, if you can believe that!  It’s true!  In fact, I have several clients who have embarked upon a serious ghosthunting hobby.  

There is nothing wrong with ghosthunting.  In fact, I’ve done a bit myself (my recent trip to New Orleans being the most recent ghost expedition).  People go into a purportedly haunted location armed with digital cameras, EMF (Electroc Magnetic Field) meters, and digital recorders to catch any EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).  They run around these places and have no clue as to the real dangers to which they are exposing themselves.  

This article is a word on the REAL dangers of ghosthunting if you do not enter the property properly “armed,” so to speak.

It’s one thing to have scientific tools at one’s disposal, but it’s quite another to know what to do should an entity decide to physically attack a ghosthunter, or worse – in the case of nonhuman entities (i.e., demons), attempt to possess a person. 

I used to perform house cleansings in person.  Note the past tense.  I no longer have this as part of my business due to the dangers my team was exposed to during my last case.  I had two friends accompany me, one to keep an eye out behind me for any phenomena and the other was our photographer.  The last house I cleansed just happened to be infested with three demons.  This was the first time I had run across demonic energy.  I have since performed exorcisms with candle work long distance for clients cleansing them and their homes of these evil entities, but after my experiences in that house and what my friends went through, I quickly brought my in-person house cleansing portion of my business to a close.  

We entered properly equipped, and more importantly – properly protected.  That’s right.  Before you enter any haunted location it is required that you place yourself under some form of strong spiritual protection.  I would pray to Isis and to St. Michael before entering the property.  I would ask for protection for my team members and the people who lived in the house as well since at least the  owner would always be present for a cleansing.  Sometimes additional family members and even pets were also present.  Despite being properly protected we still had a major battle on our hands.  Both my friends came under attack and began vomiting, as did the home owner and her daughter.  It got hot as hell in there and we all left at the end with fevers.  Books and plates were thrown by unseen forces.  The cat appeared to be kicked across the room and was seriously hurt and required extensive vetinary care.  It was SCARY AS HELL and I will NEVER EVER cleanse another home in person again other than my own.

What I am hearing about with alarming frequency is people going into places with known and documented paranormal activity, but they enter unarmed or unprotected.  When they leave they do nothing to help prevent the REAL possibility of an entity following them home.  They do not realize this is a MUST-DO, regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs.  These entities are very real and some of them are incredibly dangerous, not just to your body, but to your mind and your very soul. 

Quite simply put – if a person does not know how to invoke strong spiritual protective energies and properly cleanse themselves and their equipment upon leaving a haunted location, then a person is NOT equipped in ANY way to be a ghosthunter.  

As I said, I have several clients who are into ghosthunting.  Five, in fact.  Three are very serious and know what they’re doing.  The other two are both in their 20s, have been avid viewers of “Ghosthunters” for years now and they felt that qualified them to hunt ghosts in real life.  Unfortunately, they had no clue as to how to call down spiritual protection or how to perform a cleansing after leaving a property.  

Now, I don’t know for a fact that Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and the others on “Ghosthunters” invoke protection or cleanse themselves upon leaving, but once in a while they will make a stray comment here and there that hints at the fact that they are aware of these practices and realize their importance. So I am assuming they do perform some form of prayer prior to entering and another form of prayer after their job is done so they don’t bring home any unwanted guests.  The team on the A&E show, “Paranormal State,” can often be seeing praying and invoking protection from St. Michael.  They have even called in a catholic priest when they encounter denomic activity and they have left blessed St. Michael medals with their clientele.  They obviously know what they’re doing.   It is common sense to ask  for some form of protection and common sense to make an effort to spiritually cleanse one’s self upon leaving a supposedly haunted location.  

Unfortunately, many people do not do either.  Then they wonder why suddenly they’re hearing strange noises or seeing aparitions in their homes when there had never been any paranormal activity before.  I am currently working with two clients in an attempt to cleanse their homes long distance.  One power candle has just gotten underway while for the other client we’re doing a repetition as the entity she brought home is demonic.  They always require extra work to send on their way.  

I’m posting this as a gentle warning.  If you are an amateur ghosthunter who is not using some form of strong spiritual protection upon entering a property and some form of strong spiritual cleansing upon leaving said property (and this is done BEFORE you get into your car!), then PLEASE, either learn how to perform these prayer and cleansing methods for yourself or stop your ghosthunting activities before you end up bringing something home you wished you hadn’t.

Many Blessings!


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