The Attack of the Stomach Flu!

It’s been a crazy holiday for us.  Our daughter got sick with the stomach flu and guess who was the one to hold her hair back as she was sick over the toilet?  Yep.  Your’s truly!  Then I got sick, but not nearly as bad as that poor kid was just before New Year’s. 

As a result of taking care of her, then recuperating myself, then our New Year’s Eve festivities, I haven’t been able to do my email.  I know a few of you are waiting for a response and I’ll be answering all email on Monday. 

I also know I need to post my ghost images from my trip to New Orleans. I’ve been hyping that a lot and promise to do it this week. 

I hope in the meantime that everyone had a lot of safe fun ringing in the New Year.  We celebrated with our friends and lit fireworks.  My husband scared me by allowing our 11-year-old daughter to light some larger fireworks, but we kept her safe and we all had a lovely time.  This one here isn’t ours, however. Ours were not quite this large.  This was from a neighboring sub-division quite near ours and they always put on a huge show.  Everyone benefits from their great expense.  Their firework show goes on for over two hours.  So we do ours right before their show begins, then we sit back and watch their fireworks comfortably seated on folding chairs in our driveways.  All the neighbors who are home come out and visit with one another.  We then do the same thing for the 4th of July (American Independence Day, for those of you who do not live in America).  This firework here is one of their SMALL ones that I took with my wonderful Sony digital camera. 

I hope that come tomorrow as most of us return to work that 2010 turns out to be a fantastic year for us all.  My resolution is to do all I can to make this a year to remember.  I hope that each of you do the same.


~ Nefer

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