REIKI for Prosperity

For anyone who is attuned to Reiki or has any interest in Reiki energy work here’s an important tidbit of advice.
I have been practicing Reiki since 1996.  I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with new approaches and have found something that really works for me.
Reiki for prosperity!
Now, I’m not saying this will help you to hit the lotto (although you could try!), however, I have found over the years that when things get financially tight for me Reiki can help in sending me some extra money (usually in the form of extra orders from my site).  The process is so simple that those of you who practice Reiki will wonder why you didn’t do this for yourself a long time ago.
Many Reiki practitioners have been taught to channel Reiki only for humans and animals.  However, plants also benefit.  If you have fish, you can place your hands on the aquarium and the water will conduct Reiki energy extremely well to each fish in the tank.  Plants benefit if you place your hands above the plant or on the pot if it’s potted.  I give my rose garden Reiki by simply placing the palms of my hands on the dirt and channeling energy into the earth.  I do at the beginning of spring and at the beginning of fall, on the spring and fall equinox.
Something my master teacher stressed was that Reiki cannot be given to inanimate objects.  She believed that in order for Reiki energy to accomplish anything that the recipient had to have some type of a soul or living energy of its own.  Therefore, she included only humans, animals, and plants/earth.
However, over the years I have determined Reiki can be given to anything that is capable of holding a charge of energy for even a short period of time.  Everything is composed of energy to begin with, therefore, inanimate objects are capable of holding an energetic charge, such as a burst of Reiki energy.  As a magical practitioner I first discovered this during experiments on my own candles for spells and enchantments for myself.  My candle work began to get better and faster results if I channeled Reiki into my candles, herbs, and oils before beginning any spell.  So now this is a practice I always follow for myself and also for my clients.
One day while performing some prosperity work for a client I decided to surround the candle with dollar bills.  They came from my own purse.  So, in giving Reiki to her candles and all the materials, including my dollar bills, in a few days I was bombarded with over $800 in orders!  I then made the connection to the Reiki channeled to my dollar bills, which, after I had performed her enchantment, I had returned to my own purse.  Therefore, the money retained the Reiki energy and manifested increased prosperity for myself.
I experimented further on myself and nearly every time I channeled Reiki into my cash my prosperity would increase.  Now, it didn’t happen by leaps and bounds or massive amounts, but it was always enough to allow me to purchase whatever I or my family were needing at the time.  I developed a simple method that anyone who has been attuned to Reiki can carry out for themselves and it is outlined below.
Go get your purse or get your wallet out.  Open the area where you keep your cash.  DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD (that will only help manifest more use of the card, which will result in more debt!).
Step 1:  Clear and center yourself.  This is just a very simple form of meditation prior to channeling Reiki energy.  Breathe deeply 3 times being sure to use your entire diaphram.  Fill your lungs. Empty your lungs.  Do this a minimum of 3 times while focusing only on your breath.  Your focus will also help to clear your mind.  If you’re having a stressful day you may have to take as many as 20 deep breaths.  Just keep breathing deeply until you feel ready to proceed with the next step.  
Step 2:  send love to your cash.  I know how goofy this sounds.  You know that old saying, “money is the root of all evil?”  Well, a lot of us have been brought up to subconsciously believe that.  Your subconscious believes it’s evil so it will work to keep money away from you as a form of self-protection.  Many of us need to overcome this belief and we start doing that in baby steps by sending our money love and telling ourselves money can do a lot of good for us and for others.
Step 3:  Begin to channel Reiki:  use whatever method your own reiki master teacher has taught you.  For those of you not attuned to Reiki you can contact me for an attunement.  The link to my Reiki Page is   
Step 4:  For Reiki 2nd Degree on Up:  Send your cash AND your purse/wallet 9 Cho Ku Rei symbols in 3 sets of 3.  Pause in between each one long enough to take 3 deep cleansing breaths as you did while centering yourself.  When sending focus on more prosperity coming to you.
Step 5:  Conclude with a prayer:  After sending Cho Ku Rei into your cash, purse, and/or wallet (remember to send it to the cash AND your purse or wallet) ask the Universe to fill your purse or wallet to overflowing.  Imagine  yourself surrounded by money and KNOW that all this prosperity resulted from harm to no one and will cause harm to no one.  So mote it be.
Step 6:  Express Gratitude (extremely important!):  Especially if you called on God/dess or any Aspect of Deity, please be sure to convey your thanks for all the prosperity you know will come to you soon.  

Advanced:  For those of you who are good at visualization you can follow this same method with your checkbook.  Just imagine your bank balance going higher and higher.  You can even surround your check book with cash to aid in your visualization as you send your check book (and therefore your bank account) Reiki energy for increased prosperity.  While expressing your gratitude when you conclude this exercise you can imagine that you already have the prosperity or even specific amount of money needed and you can word your thanks accordingly, as if you already have the money in your possession. 

Try this out at home and let me know what you think and share your results here.  For those of you who do your own candle work you can also apply the same method to your candles and all the materials you use when performing spells.

If you’re interested, please remember to visit my Reiki Page.

Many Blessings!
~ Nefer

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