My Blog is Moving!

The only problem I have with Blogger is that I can’t get a blog with the same URL as my web site,  I figured I’d use my name, but I can understand how that can confuse a lot of people – not to mention making it difficult to find my blog in search engines.

Therefore, I have moved here to a new blog url.  I have inserted all the blogs from my old one ( to my new blog right here so you’re not missing anything. 

I was having trouble getting the name of my web site in the URL of my blog until I added the “com” to the url of my blog.  By using “magickal-musings-com” I was able to incorporate the name of my site into the url of my blog. 

Note that is a DASH between “musings” and “com”, not a dot.  This is the only way I was able to use the actual name of my business and web site in the url of my blog since it is being used already by someone else.

I will be sending out another newsletter to inform everyone of these changes, plus I have a link to my new blog at my old blog so by clicking on it visitors will be re-directed here.  I will also post links to my blog on various pages at my web site.

I promise to stick with this blog at this url.  I did manage to get MagickalMusings at WordPress.  However, after stumbling around WordPress for nearly an hour I find it much more difficult to use than Blogger, even though with WordPress you can do much more decorative things with your blog.  I figure it’s the content that’s important, not the looks, right?  Brains before beauty, as they always say.  LOL  So, I’m sticking with Blogger, but I put a post up at WordPress redirecting any visitors to this blog here.

I have also altered the title.  Now, to avoid confusion, the URL is what you enter into your browser window to get to my blog.  That’s  Once you arrive at my blog there is a title at the top of my blog’s page.  The title has nothing to do with the  URL.  It’s simply the label I have placed on my blog, which is:

Nefer Khepri’s Magickal Musings

This way, I am identifying myself by name and also by web site.  Hopefully this will make it easier on everyone.  Please continue to visit me here at my new blog.  

Stay tuned!  I hope to get some ghostly images up sometime in the next couple of days.  I just figured out how to reduce the pixels so they won’t slow down your computer.  You can view them here and please, as always, feel free to comment as long as things are kept positive.  Thank you.

Many Blessings!

~ Nefer

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