Upcoming image: the ghost in the mirror

I know I promised to get that photo up of the ghost I caught in a mirror at Houmas House Plantation in Darrow, LA, but I haven’t been able to accomplish that just yet.  My husband is super sick from a sinus infection and I am busy trying to fight one off.  
I’m new to blogging and I have to figure out how to re-save my photos taken directly from my digital camera into less pixels (400 X 350, max) for the blog.  If I post it straight from my camera it will cause my blog to load slowly for people with slower ISP’s and connection to the Internet.  
My goal is to post the picture here ASAP so we can have a forum in which to discuss it.  There are new developments. I have been in email contact with Kevin Kelly, the current owner.  He has now verified for me that the “stain”, that appears like a cloud, on the upper portion of the mirror is NO stain.  According to him the mirror is unblemished.  
So, looks like I not only caught one ghost, but TWO in the SAME picture!!!  

Please comment so I know you're out there. Thank you :)

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