No wonder some of you have told me you’re having trouble finding the orb in the picture.  I told you the wrong floor!  So sorry about that.  The orb appears below the two center windows of the THIRD floor, not the 2nd floor.  So look up and you’ll see the orb approximately to the left of the center of the picture in my previous post.

I’ve been looking at my pictures from New Orleans and was thrilled to find reflected in a mirror in an old plantation home we toured the partial reflection of a man.  You’re probably thinking, “well, big deal!”  If you were there you’d know it was a big deal because no one in our tour group of 4, including our guide (the 5th person) were dressed in that manner.  I truly believe I caught the image of a full body aparition, but unfortunately he’s not cooperating and I didn’t get his full reflection in the mirror, only a partial.  

It’s late so this is going to serve as a teaser – sorry about that.  I have to get to sleep, plus I feel I’m coming down with a bad sinus infection.  My husband’s been sick with one for days now and it must be viral if I’m also getting sick.  Anyway, I will post the full shot and then a zoom-in close up of this ghostly image sometime in the next few days so come back to see it, plus more pictures of the LaLaurie Mansion that shows an orb floating from window to window.  

Blessings to All!  

~ Nefer 

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