My First Flying Dream!

Moon from the AAT
The Full Moon Over Mountains. Original acrylic painting. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2016

How did everyone do with the full moon yesterday on the summer (or winter, depending on where you are) solstice?? All that energy had me BUZZING all day long, plus I got a ton of work done that I had been putting off regarding getting my artwork copyrighted so I can start sending proposals off to prospective publishers. In the end, however, I developed a smashing headache from everything I had done, or that may have been from the energy taking me a bit too high for my own good. I slept super hard last night & I dreamt I was in an astral temple speaking with St. Germaine & Serapis Bey (both ascended masters) about what? I am not quite sure! Despite my best attempts I cannot consciously recall what was said, but I do recall also seeing Isis there, though She did not speak. She was merely looking on. After that I had MY FIRST FLYING DREAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! And I flew & flew!

My mom had a lot of dreams in which she flew & she’d tell me about them, but I never would dream of flying. The closest I got was back in my 20s I had a dream I was on a plane. That’s it. That was the extent of my dream flying experience until last night.

The dream began over my house & once I realized I was flying I knew I was FREE!!! So I flew The Grotto at Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii. Copyright Nefer Khepri, Maui, my first choice. Since they’re 5 hours behind us here in Texas it was still daylight there & I flew along the Road to Hana and made pit stops at all the gorgeous waterfalls there. I soaked up all the lovely healing energy that they have & took dips in all of their pools. Then I figured I’d keep going east. I have never been to Australia & I really do wish to go, though I do not look forward to a 27 hour flight (!!), but I flew there last night. I wandered around in some cave system that had really cool cave paintings I haven’t seen before. I was inspired by the art I found there & I could hear shamanic chanting, but never could catch up with them. Perhaps they were just there in spirit & I wasn’t meant to see them.

Then I flew on northward to see the Great Wall of China. It’s really awesome from the air. What a remarkable engineering achievement! I then continued on to the Giza Plateau where I flew around the Great Pyramid and I landed on top of the Sphinx’s head where I hung out gazing up at the stars. I could see the entire Milky Way.

I cried.

Then I heard a voice, which said, “Stop screwing around!”

Suddenly, I was back in my own body with a resounding THUD & woke up because after all that flying around I really had to pee.

True story 🙂

Until next time, wishing you & yours many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand: Question & Answer Time

The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri. Copyright Schiffer Books & NK, 2015.
The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri. Copyright Schiffer Books & NK, 2015.

Since Schiffer Books published my Egyptian Lenormand card & book set I am now being asked these questions often on Facebook, Twitter, & email so thought I’d answer them all here in this post for everyone’s convenience. If you have a question & you don’t see the answer here, please email me at

Q: What’s this I hear about “activation” of your deck? Is that something I can do myself?

A: My Lenormand is different from any other in that the images were channeled directly from the Egyptian deities with Whom I have been working for the past 2 decades. They wished for “their” system to be used not just as a Lenormand deck, but also for healing and magic. They placed specific energies into each image, but those energies must be activated via a ceremony for which all instructions are included in the accompanying guidebook. YES, you CAN do this for yourself! Once activated the deck goes beyond fortunetelling & becomes a valuable tool for healing & magical work.

Q: Why didn’t the self-published edition come with the 2 extra Activation cards that the Schiffer edition has?

A: The gods had other plans at the time. Although they did share some of the information with me when I first created the deck, they did not explain the entire process to me. They told me the full explanation would come “later.” Of course they are all-knowing so they KNEW that a major publisher would pick up my deck. I was unaware of that at the time. Once I signed my contract with Schiffer the gods then provided me with all the information needed in order to activate the deck and how it is meant to be used for healing (there’s a specific method detailed in the accompanying guidebook).

Q: Can I get you to activate a copy for me?

A: Most definitely. I sell signed AND activated copies through my deck’s official website; however, I also recommend to all who purchase a copy that they also take their deck through the Activation Ceremony as it is explained in the accompanying guidebook. That will then succeed in placing your own unique energy into your personal copy of the deck. I have had quite a few people now report back to me that after they purchased from Amazon & elsewhere they began using the deck right away for readings & were amazed, but that after they took their copy through the Activation Ceremony the deck became even more useful to them as readings became more accurate and much easier for them to interpret. When I activate your deck for you I also give it a Reiki Master attunement as well, since I am a master teacher & able to pass attunements.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, I do, via Priority in the continental USA (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) and via 1st Class Air to everywhere else (including Alaska & Hawaii). I have 2 payment links at the website, so just use the one appropriate for your area of the world.

Q: Why does a deck from you cost so much more than Amazon?

A: Firstly, Amazon will undercut everyone regardless because they buy titles in massive bulk. When you order in bulk direct from the publisher, as Amazon does, they are pretty much given wholesale prices. Amazon can then afford to sell items cheaper than anyone else. Secondly, a deck from me costs more ($40, plus shipping) because I take the time to perform the full Activation Ceremony for your copy & give your copy a Reiki attunement. That requires my time & energy which is included in the $40 price tag.

Q: Where can I purchase a copy of The Egyptian Lenormand?

The Egyptian Lenormand, box lid.
The Egyptian Lenormand, box lid.

A: The Egyptian Lenormand is available at most Amazon sites worldwide & at my publisher’s website, I have also seen it carried by (they ship worldwide for free), Walmart, Target, BooksAMillion, and online at Barnes & Noble. You can also ask your local new age shop to carry it & the owners can order from New Leaf Book Distributors.

Q: Do you have any other decks for sale?

A: Yes, I do.

The Turtle Lenormand, collage of card images. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2015. Self-published.
The Turtle Lenormand, collage of card images. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2015. Self-published.

I have self-published “The Turtle Lenormand” & that is a deck that has at least one turtle on every card. I created it for myself initially simply because I adore turtles. It is a special Limited Edition that had a total one-time print-run of 50 copies. 28 copies remain available & each deck comes with a special Turtle Friend made by polymer clay artist, Susan Keen Krontz. My Turtle Lenormand is available at its official site:

Q: Are you working on any other decks?

A: Oh, yes I am! Several, in fact. All at once because that’s how us Geminis roll!

You can follow the progress of my first pictorial deck, which will also be my first oracle deck, at its own group on Facebook. This deck is called “The Aloha Spirit of Maui” and is based upon nearly 4,000 photographs I took myself on 3 separate vacations to Maui, Hawaii undertaken in 2009, 2011, & 2014. I plan to self-publish this deck sometime in early 2016 & it will consist of 44 cards. This deck also has its own blog that I plan to continue posting to now that I have other obligations taken care of & you can find it here.

Serapis Bey, for Meagan. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015.
Serapis Bey, for Meagan. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015.

If you’d like to keep up on a deck I’m creating of Spirit Guide Portraits you can do so at my other Facebook group: The Visionary Art of Nefer Khepri. I have no idea when this deck will be complete. All images are channeled from a wide variety of spirit guides so they come through when they come through & when there are orders to fill.

To order your own Spirit Guide Portrait, I am creating a NEW site, which is nearly complete. Portrait size is 9×12″ with the actual image being 8×11″ & they sell for $120 plus shipping. If anyone would like one sooner rather than later, let me know & I can send you a PayPal invoice as I have been accepting orders for a while now, but the site itself will be ready in the coming weeks. You can keep an eye on its development at, but please note there are no payment links posted as of yet & I’m still working on the organization of the site.

I am also working on TWO tarot decks, one of which you can also keep up with in my Visionary Art group (link is above), but my other tarot deck is TOP SECRET. I have no projected completion dates as of yet for either of these projects, but for one deck I have 17 completed images already & for the other I have 14 images drawn & ready to paint.

Feel free to ask me questions & perhaps you will see your question included in a future blog post.

Upcoming post: weird energy appearing in anniversary photos. What could it be? Debunkers are welcome to comment because I really want an explanation.

Wishing you many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand: signed & activated copies available ONLY HERE

The Turtle Lenormand: my most recent self-published deck. 28 copies out of 50 remain

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Introducing “The Aloha Spirit of Maui” oracle deck!

Waterfall along the Road to Hana, Maui.
Waterfall along the Road to Hana, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

Yes, I am at it AGAIN! Here I am with yet another deck idea, but this time no hand-drawn art is involved. Instead, the deck will consist of my own photographs that I took on 3 vacations to Maui, Hawaii. The idea germinated in 2009 upon returning from our first trip to Maui. I was looking through my pictures and every once in a while I’d say to myself:

 “Ooh! That would make a great card image for some deck!” 

As it turned out, I took well over 1,800 photos that first trip and narrowed it down to keeping 688. Of those, around 22 made for great card images, but I just didn’t know the type of deck. I have 37 year’s experience reading Tarot so naturally I assumed my pictures would contribute to a Tarot deck. 

 But things change … 

 In 2007 I had learned from a cousin of mine that one of my aunts had read Lenormand cards, but only for immediate family and very close friends. I had never known this about her, but she was the one who taught me how to perform spiritual cleansings on people and locations. I always knew she was a curandera (Mexican white witch and healer), although being a firm Catholic she would never ever admit to that.  I spent the next 2 years trying to convince my cousin to send me a copy of my aunt’s handwritten notes on her Lenormand card-reading system. Late in 2009 he finally agreed and that was my first real introduction to the wonderful world of Lenormand. I was totally sucked in and began studying all I could, which was mainly online via blogs since at that time very little was available in English that made any good sense to me. 

When we returned to Maui in 2011 I began thinking that perhaps what I had going with my 2009 photos wasn’t so much a Tarot deck as a Lenormand deck. I began looking for Lenormand symbols in nature that I could photograph. Again, I went on a photo-shooting frenzy taking anywhere from 120 to 300 pictures a day. We were there for 8 days, so yes, that adds up fast. Upon returning home I narrowed the field of my 2011 photos down to a group of 510 from a total of over 2,100. Once again I saw images that would make great Lenormand cards, but the Lenormand system just didn’t seem exactly right.

As a result, I needed to go to Maui a third and final time.

Natural archway at Black Sand Beach, Maui.  Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.
Natural archway at Black Sand Beach, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

I just knew that the old adage, “third time’s the charm” would prove true and I would come home and realize just what sort of a deck I had in the making. Unfortunately, when my husband asked me early this year where I’d like to go for our 20th anniversary and I said “Maui,” he replied, “Aw, honey, I’m sorry, but I’m all Maui-ed out.” 

To say I was bummed would be a gross understatement. I think I cried off and one for about five days. How was I to come up with the images I needed? Plus, I dearly LOVE Maui. The energy there is so healing. I was dying to go back. If I had my way we’d be living there now. 

So I waited and did not mention Maui or card deck ideas. I figured if it was meant to be that it would just find a way of working itself out. 

As our anniversary date loomed on the calendrical horizon my husband called me from work one fine day and announced, “You know, we need to go somewhere special we both love for our anniversary. How do you feel about going back to Maui?” He had totally forgotten our previous conversation on the subject, obviously. Now he was convinced it was a great idea! I replied very calmly with, “that would be very nice.” So he told me to go ahead and make the arrangements and we would go a month after our anniversary and make the trip coincide with my birthday. 

After that phone conversation I got up and performed a huge happy dance all around the house! 

On June 17, 2014 I returned to Maui now determined to get those final shots I needed for whatever deck this island’s wonderful energy wished to create through me as the channel. I set my intention before getting on the plane and reiterated my intention upon landing that I was here to obtain the final images necessary for this photographic card deck. 

River at Iao State Park, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.
River at Iao State Park, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

Once again I went on a picture taking spree, but after the first day it was extremely limited. The evening of our first full day there I took a very bad fall. Not down a cliff or anything as dramatic as that (thank the gods!). It was in a dark parking lot. I bounced several times & skidded across loose gravel for about 10 feet, all according to my husband. I went through the next day, my birthday, in EXTREME pain and was popping Tylenol 3 at a time every 4 hours after a quick call to my GP, plus taking 3 Aleve every 12 hours, as per his instructions. I didn’t even sleep the night of my birthday due to all the pain so the next day not only was I in pain, but I felt awful from lack of sleep. 

Yet, I persevered. I went around with Stuart and we did things he wanted to do. I was cut up, bleeding, and had 2 bandages on each arm so I was unable to get in the water, not only due to the salt content that would have burned my wounds, but hey, sharks, dude. Sharks. NO WAY! And yes, I have seen “Jaws” way too many times, which is to say I’ve seen it 3 times, which is far too many for me since I’m afraid of water in the first place and can’t swim! 

Despite all the pain and misery, I managed to take 400 pictures despite the pain it caused me to raise the camera to my eye, and believe me, it seriously hurt every single time. I had badly injured both my lower arms, my elbows and when I was bouncing on the gravel, well, I did that on my chest. The bruises were something out of a nightmare, let me tell you. 

On my birthday as my husband snorkeled happily with not just one, but TWO SEA TURTLES (for those of you who know me you know I dearly LOVE sea turtles & had my own great experience in 2011), I sat up on the beach working on a card for my forthcoming, “Turtle Lenormand” (you can follow that deck’s progress here). Then he had to come up & tell me all about the sea turtles, one of which had a shell that was “at least four feet long.” Yeah, go husband, go! I hate you! Happy freakin’ birthday to me. Sob. Sob. 

Yet, I continued to take photos, sometimes of very odd things and I had no idea why I would ever think such a thing would make for a good photo, but I figured perhaps the island was speaking through my camera lens. 

Sure enough, upon returning home as I examined my photos I ended up with an additional 84 that I felt would make great card images. I also realized what I had on my hands.

Not Tarot. 

Not Lenormand.

An oracle deck.

To be honest, oracle decks and I do not get along very well. I use only two with great success: Ciro Marchetti’s self-published edition of Oracle of Visions and The Map. A few other oracle decks also work well for me, but are not as insightful as these two have been. Let me stress this is a VERY individual thing. Just because only two oracle decks work well for me consistently time and time again does NOT mean they are the two best out there or that they would also work great for you. There are a lot of great oracle decks out there, a few of which I have reviewed for my blog. You need to experiment and purchase different decks and see which ones work best for you. As with everything else, what works great for one person may not do the same for another. 

I never thought I would ever even consider creating an oracle deck, but as I examined my photos from our 2014 trip it was crystal clear that was what had formulated among my vast collection of Maui photographs. 

Thus, The Aloha Spirit of Maui oracle deck was born. 

I have been busy off and on cropping my images into 4X6″ portrait orientation so they can serve as card images. I’m also thinking up titles for each and also card interpretations. It’s all quite a process and although no hand-drawn art is involved in this particular project, it will still end up being time-consuming, but I am really looking forward to the finished result. 

If you would like to follow the process of this deck, please visit its blog, the sister-blog to my main blog here at WordPress. If you follow you will receive an email notification every time I submit a new post. If you are on Facebook you can also follow my visionary art and other art projects and decks as a member of my new group

I look forward to seeing what The Aloha Spirit of Maui has to say through me. I am very excited about this project and hope that others will also share in my excitement as I go through the birthing process with this deck. 

Wishing You All Many Blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD. (only 7 self-published, signed & numbered copies remain!)







Our Haunted Maui Vacation

Hotel ocean view on Maui
Lana’i Island & beach from our room at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.

Our hotel room in Maui was nearly as exciting as our daily excursions after the first night. We stayed at the Ashton Mahana in Kaanapali, Room # 902.  The first night was quiet enough, and the room was quite comfortable. My husband and I really liked it, with a fantastic ocean-front view. Actually, all rooms at the Ashton Mahana face the ocean.

The second night I woke with a start. I felt as though perhaps I had been touched. I turned to look at my husband, but he was snoring loudly with his back to me, so I knew it wasn’t him. My heart was pounded because something – a touch or perhaps a sound – had woken me abruptly, which meant a trip to the bathroom was in order.

Upon my return to bed I glanced at the clock radio, which read 3:07 AM. I immediately thought about how paranormal things tend to occur at around 3:00 AM, blew it off, and got back into a comfy position in bed. Then I glanced up at the ceiling.

Our room had a white ceiling fan over my side of the bed. The fan had a circular light fixture and five blades. As I looked up at it I couldn’t help but notice a white mist encircling the light fixture. Along the side of the fan nearest the head of the bed the mist was so thick that it was completely obscuring two of the fan’s blades. I could not see either blade through the mist.

I laid there thinking, “well, what is this, then?”

I looked around for a logical explanation first. I glanced over at the kitchenette area, which was about 8 feet to my left along my side of the bed. Along the ceiling in the kitchenette is a large air-conditioning vent. The air-conditioner was running at the time so I immediately thought the mist had been formed by humidity that collected near the ceiling fan, which was in the path of the air-conditioner vent. I laid there happy with that explanation and closed my eyes.

After a few minutes I got the strong urge to look up at the fan again and was surprised to see the white mist now slowly undulating around the five blades of the fan like a giant white boa constrictor. I watched, utterly fascinated. I’m assuming several minutes passed, but I never did look at the clock because I was too busy watching the mist. I tried to wake my husband, who merely grunted and never woke up so I don’t have a witness.

After what I guess to have been around five minutes the mist slowly began to dissipate and it completely disappeared within a few seconds. I went back to sleep wondering if our room was haunted, but I wasn’t afraid since I deal with this type of thing on a daily basis due to the nature of my business.

I told my husband about the mist the next morning. He’s an unbeliever, a Virgo and a born again Southern Baptist, so about as different from me as possible. He lifted an eyebrow and said, “well, maybe the room is haunted.” Then he smiled. I didn’t know if he was serious or just trying to humor me.

The next night I woke again at around 3:00 AM to a clicking sound. The sound was not steady like the ticking of a clock, nor did it sound mechanical to me. It sounded like something was repeatedly coming into contact with a hard surface. The entire floor of this room has ceramic tile so at first I wondered if something on the floor was being moved somehow and clicking against the floor.

The more I listened the more I began convinced the sound was coming from the bathroom. The sink in there is set into a cabinet with a surface covered in ceramic tile. I thought that something we had set on top of the sink was being moved in order to make that clicking sound. Mentally, I went through everything I had put on the sink and realized my razor was there. I always set my razor blade-side down so no one inadvertently cuts themselves on the blade. I realized that if you turned the razor blade side up that you could then place a finger on either edge of the blade and rock the razor back and forth on the sink.

I thought, no, that can’t be what’s making the noise because that would mean some entity was in the bathroom who was able to flip my razor over and then play with it. The clicking went on for about an hour and it kept me awake. Once again, I tried to wake my husband. He did hear the clicking and told ME to go check the bathroom. Gee, thanks a heap fearless husband! I was not about to go look, so I eventually went back to sleep.

The next morning I was the first one out of bed and I went into the bathroom to find my razor not only blade-side up, but on the RIGHT-hand side of the sink. I’m a lefty. I always set my razor down on the LEFT side. I asked my husband if he had moved it in the middle of the night and he swore he never touched it.

The following night upon getting into bed and laying there for about ten minute I heard a “slap, slap, slap” sound coming from the kitchen. I turned to my husband who was now turned facing me. He looked right at me and I said, “do you …” and before I could finish he said, “yeah, it’s in the kitchen now. Go look!”

I replied, “No, you go look!”

Husband, “do you think I’m crazy? I learn from horror movies. Those who look DIE!”

I replied, “So thanks a LOT for telling ME to go look!”

Meanwhile, the slap-slap-slap sound continued and I realized it was the sound of bare feet hitting the tile floor as they walked back and forth from one end of the tiny kitchenette to the other. I think this went on for around 30 minutes, but the last time I looked at the clock 20 minutes had gone by. Then I began to drift off to sleep with the slapping sound continuing on.

The following night we both heard the sound of small items being shifted around in position in both the kitchenette and the bathroom. Whatever this entity was, except for the night I saw it swirling around the ceiling fan, it had never come back into the bedroom portion of our room – something for which my husband was most grateful. When I got up in the morning I couldn’t tell if anything in the kitchen or bathroom had been moved or not, but during the night it sure did sound like items were being shifted around.

The next night was our last night on Maui. Nothing happened. All was quiet.

We got ready for the day and while I was using the sink I shoved the complimentary toiletries out of my way. They had been arranged in a straight line on the left-hand side of the sink. I shoved them further back and now they were in a sloppy triangular formation. I continued washing my face and getting ready. I went back out into the bedroom portion of our room to finish getting dressed. My husband was reading so he never left the bed.

I went back into the bathroom intending to put my make-up on, looked down and was shocked to see the toiletries once again arranged in a perfectly straight line on the left-hand side of the sink. I realized the entity had moved them so out of spite I moved them back into a jumped mess and said, “there you go! You’ve got some house cleaning to do!” Then we left to start our day.

We returned to pack for the plane ride home. I went into the bathroom. Lo and behold, the toiletries were once again arranged in a straight line! So I picked them all up & popped them into my toiletry bag and took them home. Now I have 4 tubs of complimentary hotel bath gel, hand lotion, shampoo and conditioner that have been touched by some mysterious entity.

Upon checking out I described our adventures to the manager and assistant manager. Neither one had ever heard anyone speak of anything paranormal about room 902 or any other room at the Ashton Mahana; however, as one of them pointed out to me, most people would be too afraid of ridicule to admit to having had such an experience so they could not rule out the place being haunted.

The assistant manager had an interesting theory. She said that many places on Maui are “haunted,” but not in the ghostly sense. Spirits of the land make themselves known on a regular basis, especially the Menehune, which are the Hawaiian version of fairies. They are known to be quite mischievous and many do not like messes. She felt that it had been a Menehune who had re-arranged the toiletries, but as to the footsteps and the white mist, she had no explanation.

Looking toward the island of Molokai from Room 902 at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.
Looking toward the island of Molokai from Room 902 at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.

As we left, my husband laughed and said to me, “leave it to you to end in a haunted hotel room.”

Well, I guess so, especially since it’s happened to me before. I doubt this will be the last time. Beautiful ocean views notwithstanding, the ghost was a nice touch! It sure did add some nighttime excitement to our vacation. If we ever do go back to Maui (highly probable since we both LOVE it there), we’re going to stay at the Ashton Mahana again and request the same room. Next time I’ll be bringing some equipment along and hope to catch some evidence of paranormal activity.

June: A Month of New Beginnings

The Needle at Iao State Park, Maui, Hawaii
June, 2011
copyright Nefer Khepri, 2011

Last year I was on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui for my birthday.  This is Iao State Park in Maui, one of my most favorite places on the planet.  It is so serene & peaceful there, despite the fact that over 3,000 brave Maui warriors died there in a battle against the Hawaiian king, Kamehameha.

My birthday is in June and today I instigated a couple of changes in my life.  First, made the commitment to spend more time on my various art projects.  I have quite a few, some of which have been languishing in a closet for years.  Some are half finished and some are on the verge of completion.  I was allowing everything to get in the way.  Well, not any more!

I also moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress today.  I did this because I kept hearing on Facebook that WordPress blogs were receiving better placement in search engines, and personally, I like the cleaner look of WordPress blogs.  Through tremendous trial and error my blog is now moved and older posts are also imported to WordPress.  The hair pulling in frustration is now over, but if I could get the font to appear larger, I’d be soooo happy.  My own blog is giving me eye strain!

I have also made a commitment to do more fun things with my daughter.  She’s 13 now, but in only 5 short years she’ll be off to college and beyond that a life of her own that will be independent of mine.  She’s an only child so she is understandably spoiled, but she is a wise old soul and hasn’t allowed everyone spoiling her to ruin her.  She’s a wonderful person.  Today is her first day of summer vacation and she and I had a very enjoyable lunch out today with lots of laughter, and yes, I embarrassed her several times.  Ah, so much fun!

Finally, I made a commitment to my business,  I have been at my website since 1998 and I have clients all over the world now.  I have done this all on my own without any outside help (and it shows at my site since I am HTML illiterate!) from anyone.  I do tarot readings, perform candle work accompanied by prayers & affirmations for clients, as well as create spiritual artwork, & I also provide free information on a variety of metaphysical topics.  I enjoy my work very much.  I find it very fulfilling, even more so when someone takes a few moments out of their busy day to tell me how much one of my services helped them or how much they appreciated the information I freely shared in one of my articles at my site.  Stuff like that totally makes my day.

Copyright Ruth Ibbotson, 2012

The final commitment I have made is to my business.  I joined an online women’s forum to learn more about how to run a successful business.  I think making a $99 investment in your business is a small price to pay for all that you can learn from Leonie at the Goddess Circle.  I joined Facebook over 2 years ago and since then my business has really improved. Last summer was my busiest EVER.  I was working every weekend in July and the first weekend in August.  This was in addition to my regular Mon – Fri workdays.  My workdays expanded from 6 hours to sometimes as long as 14 hours just so I could keep up with the demand.  I’m not sure what this summer will bring. has been doing well this year already, but if it’s anything like last summer I know I’ll be in for one heck of a ride.

A word on the background image of my blog.  This is not my own photo, unfortunately!  However, it was kindly lent to me by the photographer for personal use.  The gifted photographer who snapped this wonderful picture is a very good Facebook friend of mine, Ruth Ibbotson.  The picture is of a church door in Shelley, West Yorkshire, England.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I love the serenity of it, and look at all of those gorgeous shades of lavender.  Thank you, Ruth, so much for the use of your photo.

I very much appreciate everyone who has helped to make the success it is today.  You have my eternal gratitude as you have afforded me the blessing of staying home these past 13 years to raise my daughter.  I work only for myself so I have only myself to answer to. No nasty boss to deal with, no disrespectful employees (unless you count Sheila, our dog, who is very good at giving me LOTS of attitude!).  I do realize how incredibly blessed I am.

I appreciate you all so much!

Wishing You Many Blessings,

~ Nefer