The Game 7 Rain Delay Miracle


This morning when I woke up to Steve Goodman’s immortal classic, “Go Cubs, Go” running through my head on repeat I thought to myself, “as I get out of bed it’s the first time I’ll be doing that with the Cubs as World Champions.” I had the same thought when I showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed, & had a bowl of RizzO’s cereal for breakfast.

As I ate my RizzO’s I thought back to Game 7. I thought back to the prayer I sent up to Archangel Michael, who just happens to be a personal friend of mine. I explained to him for the upteen millionth time what it means to be a Cubs fan. How much hope & disappointment is involved. I asked him to send a miracle so that just this once before I die I could see my fondest wish manifest into reality. I asked him to do something stupendous. Something that would never be forgotten so that as I told my version of events to others I could say, “it was because of Michael. Michael, the greatest of Archangels, made this happen.”

As many of you know, I have channeled Archangel Michael since 1996 & I am the exclusivesword-scales-of-justice channel of his Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER). I hear his voice in my head when I connect with his energy. As I explained the situation and how absolutely dire it was as I sat there fighting back tears & biting my nails this is what I heard:

“Oh, so it’s a MIRACLE you need? Well, why didn’t you say so!” Three minutes later it began to rain at Progressive Field.

Rain is spiritually cleansing. Unless you’re aware like myself, most people have no idea how effectively rain can be used to break hexes, curses, & to cleanse away what amounted to 108 years of negative energy. As it began to rain & my husband began to swear like a sailor due to the rain delay I sat there watching the rain. All the while thinking, “Michael, I trust you. You must know what you’re doing. Make that rain work for the Cubs.”

There were a number of turning points during Game 7, but when the rains came just hard enough so that the grounds crew had to roll the tarp out to cover the field it only caused a delay of 17 minutes. I knew as those minutes ticked by something stupendous was happening. I could FEEL it. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew where it was occurring: within the confines of the visitor’s clubhouse or locker room.

jason-heywardAs it turned out, Jason Heyward, had stepped up. Despite his stellar career with the St. Louis Cardinals, he did not do well all season long & fans grumbled about his $184 million price tag. Other than his great arm in the field fans had begun to consider Heyward a very expensive miscalculation. As it turns out, Heyward called a team meeting & gave the players a pep talk. He told them to go back out there & play as if the score was 0-0. Just play to win.

And that’s just what the Cubs did. They played to win, and win they did, by only one run. It takes only one run to win a ball game.

What price do you place on a World Series championship? For life-long fans it’s priceless. Or, perhaps it has a price of $184 million. I only know one thing: despite his shortcomings this season, Jason Heyward stepped up during the deepest, darkest moment of Cubs history. Heyward revved up his team & helped them to all believe in themselves & in each other once again.

If you ask this Cubs fan, I would tell you that Archangel Michael created a miracle with that short rain delay and he was the one who put the right words in Jason Heyward’s mouth. Archangel Michael has honestly NEVER let me down. Not ONCE. He came through last night with flying colors, to say the least.

Today is different from any other day of my entire 53-year life. Today is the first day that I shall be able to go through the rest of my life knowing that MY team is finally at the top. They are the very best of the best. The curse was broken. The goat died. The black cat is no more. The Chicago Cubs are World Champions & that can never be taken from them or their fans.

Long live the Chicago Cubs!!!




~ Nefer Khepri, PhD

Reiki master-teacher

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Will the Chicago Cubs FINALLY Achieve the Dream?


Last night I was having a coronary. After all the stress & crying over our poor dog, Sheila (who is recuperating NICELY!!! from having a nearly 9 lb tumor removed from her abdominal cavity) I was watching my Chicago Cubs. I am a die-hard life-long third-generation Cubs fan. I grew up in Waukegan, just one hour north of the Friendly Confines. I’ve been to numerous Cubs game including the Sandberg Game, as it came to be known.

It’s now 2015. I’m living in Houston, Texas  & the Astros are no longer in the National League so my family & I can no longer see the Cubs play in person. I pay for MLB Extra Innings on Direct TV every season so I can watch the games. I’ve only missed 15 games this entire season, mainly due to being out of town. 

We were in Colorado for 10 days & my family doesn’t have MLB Extra Innings, then we saw my in-laws for a weekend, & twice the DVR wasn’t getting a signal due to the 26 days of rain Houston received back in May. I started the season CONVINCED that THIS IS THE YEAR so I didn’t want to miss any games.

I kind of wish I had missed last night’s game.

The Cubs were ahead 8-0 by the third inning. My husband considered the game over & went upstairs to watch TV, but we all know what Yogi said. It ain’t over ’til it’s over. When it comes to baseball there are no guarantees because anything can happen. 

The Cubs’ relief pitching nearly threw it all away. That 5-run Cardinal 7th inning nearly gave me hives from the stress! The Cubs did end up winning 8-5, but in the process I had about 14 mini heart attacks!!! Who knew that watching a baseball game could be so stressful??? Despite that, I’ll be watching again tonight as the Cubs go for the SWEEP against the Cardinals & then it’s on to the next.

Here’s the candle I’m burning for them. It’s the 5th of the season. The intention is always

My Cubs cap along with signed baseballs from Ferguson Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg & my hero, Ernie Banks up front & center.
My Cubs cap along with signed baseballs from Ferguson Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg & my hero, Ernie Banks up front & center.

the same: in what may have been the words of Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks were he alive today:

“The Cubs will be supreme in 2015!”

I’ve never focused so much energy their way in all my life.  We have a very young team who isn’t mentally wrapped around weird stories of goat “curses” or black cats running across the field. They aren’t jaded (yet). I could really see it last night more than ever: scoring 17 runs in the past 2 games the Cubs are PLAYING FOR BROKE!!! There’s only ONE thing on their mind & it’s what’s been on my mind the entire season: they are going ALL THE WAY!!

Legend and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks and me.  2013. Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX.
Legend and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks and me. 2013. Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX.

We have a VERY special angel up there working on this, my hero – Ernie Banks – and if ANYONE can bring a World Series to Chicago it is Mr. Cub himself, whom I was honored to meet in 2013. He was the sweetest man. Everyone who actually knew him will tell you that. 

When we met him, Ernie spent all the time asking about me, Ariel & Stuart. We only paid for me to meet him, but he spoke with all of us asking us where are we from, have we been Cub fans for life? Our parents? What did they do for a living? And so on. He was very happy when I proudly told him Ariel is a fourth-generation Cubs fan and that I wouldn’t marry Stuart until he swore the ONLY baseball that would be on TV in our house would be the Cubs. He had to convert to being a Cubs fan in order to marry me. Most convert for religious reasons. Well, in my opinion, Stuart did as well! Ernie began talking about the importance of family & what a blessing it is to be a member of a Cubs family. He and I were in perfect agreement.

Meeting Ernie was one of the loveliest experiences of my life. At one point I told him that. He laughed & said, “Oh, no it’s not!” He was so unassuming. When he hugged me for this picture he told me that he’s had a great life & so much fun, but my story had to be the best he had ever heard (for that story, click here). He probably said that to everyone, but I believed him. He then got a sad look in his eye & said he’d be sorry to go because it’s been so much fun. I then told him at the time, and I can basically quote myself because it came from me heart:

“I know, Ernie, but look at it this way. You’ll be on the other side cheering the Cubs along & if ANYONE can bring the Cubs a World Series, it’s YOU!” He laughed & said, “Yep, I gotta have a serious talking to with the Lord because this has gone on long enough!” He shook his fist & head vehemently to add emphasis.

So Ernie, I hope you’ve been doing a LOT of talking!!! And, as always, from my very soul:

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you (and the Cubs) many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

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