Full Moon Blessing Ritual for March 1, 2018

pyramids & full moon daylight
The full moon of March 1, 2018 will be in the sign of Virgo at the 11th degree. 11 is a number of Awakening and Ascension. Ascension occurs when a person’s (or the planet’s) vibration is raised. You “ascend” just a little bit higher in your own spiritual and karmic development.
The full moon of March 1, 2018 will help us to move forward with our plans. The year began with a huge BANG with the 2 full moons in January, not to mention that one of them was a real doozy being a super moon as well as a lunar eclipse! Some of us are still settling down from all that energy (ahem). Many of us have felt unsettled, uncertain, confused, and our emotions have been in an uproar due to that huge influx of lunar energy.
The full moon of March 1st will bring the down-to-earth practicality of Virgo into the Virgo purple pixabaymix. Except to feel calmer in the next few days as this particular lunar cycle’s energy begins to be absorbed by our planet. What has been unsettled or confusing will soon find a way to work itself out and you’ll be feeling better about yourself & the circumstances in your life.
Occurring on the 11th degree of Virgo, this particular full moon can open your eyes to many things. Awakenings and great realizations can occur. Be prepared to come to some realizations about situations, people, perhaps your entire life. You may experience real EUREKA moments or major AHA! events. Go with the information you receive. It will help you to further achieve your dreams and goals because it will have Virgo’s practical energy behind it.
It would be beneficial if you did something special to open yourself up to receiving the energy of this particular full moon. You may wish to go outside any one of these nights preceding the actual full moon or you can wait and do this little ritual on March 1st. It’s up to you.
Go outside and stand under the moonlight. It doesn’t matter if the moon is physically reaching for the moonvisible in your part of the world or not. You will still be standing under Her rays. Raise your hands high above your head and as you bring them down be sure your palms are oriented facing the sky. Leave your arms outstretched at shoulder high as you say the following or something similar:
Mother Moon, 
I gladly open myself to
Receive your blessings of
Peace, Calm,
Practicality, and Groundedness
Which come to the Earth
For this particular full moon.
I welcome your energy
Into my life
As well as all the blessings
This particular full moon
Brings to all.
In gratitude
(state your full name)
It is done. Know that you will receive some lovely blessings during this lunar cycle, which covers the remainder of March, which concludes on a blue moon. Remember to repeat this full moon blessing again on March 31st to receive the full benefits of both full moons of March.

May blessings abound for you & yours!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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How to Easily Manifest Your Wishes

There is great magical power in simplicity ~ David Bowie, in a dream of mine from 1978.

spell-candleIn other words, the simpler you can keep your magical practice, the better. You don’t need fancy chalices, athames, candles in every color of the spectrum, or the most expensive herbs & oils in order to effectively practice magic. Oftentimes, the simplest and least expensive of tools are the most effect.

Here is a case in point.

Two months ago I began a little magical experiment. I often carry out these experiments as I attempt to find other methods & practices that will end up working well for me by helping me to obtain the results I desire as quickly and simply as possible. Over the years it has been my experimentation that has evolved my eclectic Wiccan magical and spiritual practice into what it is today.

I use positive affirmations daily. One I use often as a business owner is:

I am a successful business owner with my services & art in high demand.

This has worked okay for me. I won’t say results have been fantastic because my results from using ONLY this affirmation have not met my expectations or needs, but it was a very good start.

I decided to branch out and create a daily morning ritual for myself that basically sets up my entire day and helps me to be as successful as I can be each day. It’s very simple and requires the following:

  • a cup of coffee or your favorite warm beverage: warm because warm liquids cup-of-coffeeconvey energy more effectively than cold liquids & a cold drink WILL NOT WORK,
  • a sharp knife, preferably a non-serrated steak or butcher knife whose blade can fit inside the size cup you use,
  • your focus and concentration,
  • a positive attitude fueled by positive expectations

Notice that you won’t have to make a special trip to any store in order to purchase any of the materials for this little ritual. Not only is it simple and quick to perform, it’s also cheap! Win-win!

The first thing to do is to create a list of several things you wish to attract into your life. These can be wishes that you hope will one day manifest. Your wish list should be as specific as you can make it. Don’t just wish for a “new car.” Wish for a “new car that is: blue, with a gray interior, with excellent millage, is a comfortable ride for long distances, & is always reliable.” This was a spell from 2009. It resulted in a Subaru Forester that meets all of the above specifications. I always tell my Wicca students “the more specific you are, the more successful you will be in manifesting your wishes.”

So far for this little ritual  I have experimented with 3 – 7 wishes. I have not attempted more than 7 as I intuitively feel that would diffuse the energy too much causing the ritual to become ineffective.

Once you have created your wish list consider who you will ask for help in your endeavor. I highly recommend you call on some form of a higher power. This can be God, Jesus, some pagan deity – it doesn’t matter. What is most important is that you have faith that this form of a higher power can actually help you to manifest your desires.

Once you know upon whom you will call for help it’s time to formulate a simple statement that will encompass your wishes. You create your statement by first calling on your higher power for help, then you enumerate your wishes one after the other. You continue by expressing gratitude to your higher power for granting your wishes. You conclude your little ritual by stating that these wishes are now manifest in your life. They are your reality.

Here is the statement that I use. It varies as I focus on manifesting different things in my life. I also focus on clearing the lack in my life of those things for which I wish.  By focusing on banishing the lack of what I hope to manifest I am conversely attracting to me what I desire while at the SAME TIME blocks are being removed that may have been preventing these wishes from manifesting in my life. I do not need to be consciously aware of actual blocks, but my goddess will be aware and She can work on clearing them for me.

Have your cup of coffee prepared by adding whatever you like in your coffee (or not, your choice), but DO NOT stir it yet. As you vocalize your statement slowly stir your coffee with the knife counterclockwise. This is the direction of banishing in magic. Here, I am focusing upon banishing or removing the lack of what I desire in my life.

My statement is as follows ~

Great Mother Goddess Isis, through Whom all things are possible & nothing is impossible, I ask as I stir with my knife that you remove all lack of financial abundance & prosperity from my life. As I stir with my knife I ask that you remove all lack of healing & good health from my life. As I stir with my knife I ask that you remove all lack of love, happiness, & harmony from my life. Through you, Mighty Isis, all things are possible. Through you, Mighty Isis, nothing is impossible. I thank you for all the blessings you have brought to my family & I and all the blessings yet to come. Thank you for making my wishes manifest in my life. In your holy & most powerful name, Mother Isis, so mote it be. AMEN.

Notice that I use the word “lack” prior to stating what I wish to manifest in my life. I am banishing the lack of the manifestation of specific wishes & desires. Therefore, I stir my coffee counterclockwise with my knife as I envision the knife cutting the lack of what I desire from my life. The knife is metaphorically cutting blockages, obstacles, and whatever else may be working against you or standing in your way. This is why it’s important to use a knife and not a spoon for this ritual.

Next, you visualize yourself enjoying the wishes as they manifest in your life while you enjoy your cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The beverage can be of any type as long as it’s hot.

drinking-coffeeAs I take that first sip of coffee I see myself being financially prosperous. I take a second sip as I see myself healed and in good health. As I take a third sip I see myself living a life filled with love, harmony, & happiness with my husband & daughter. I then rotate back to my first wish with the fourth sip, and on until I finish my cup of coffee.

Be sure as you take the first few sips of your beverage that you see yourself having what it is you desire. Go right down your list item by item. See yourself enjoying each wish as it manifests in your life and feel the emotions that it would bring up in you if that desire actually was made manifest in your life.

Be sure you use one sip for each specific item on your wish list. As you conclude your wish list go back to the first wish with the next sip and then work your way down your wish list a second time, and continue to do so until you have finished your drink.

I do feel that the more things you wish for then the weaker the energy becomes. I actually do try to keep it to 3 – 4 wishes, but I have focused on as many as 7, but I do think that’s a bit too much. Perhaps focus on 5 wishes at the most until you become more proficient at performing this little ritual and you start to see real changes in your life.

Always remember to express thanks at the conclusion of your wish list. As you finish your beverage also offer up gratitude again, then simply go about your day knowing and having faith that your wishes will find a way to manifest in your life.

As for me, I have been performing this simple little ritual every morning with my cup of coffee for about two months now. As a result of this ritual I have seen an increase not only in the income I gain through my online business, but my husband’s business has really picked up as well. I have also been able to easily fight off what was probably attempting to turn into a sinus infection & I have beaten two sore throats within 24 hours without having any additional symptoms. My family has been severely stressed for a long time due to my husband losing his job in October, 2015 and starting a new business in March, 2016. Now we are back to laughing & joking constantly like we did when my husband was still a banker. We are all much happier and are living more harmonious lives with one another.

All in all, I can honestly say this simple ritual has worked real wonders in my life; and, I sincerely hope that it works as well for you as it has for me.

Wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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2016: 3 Positive Things About the Year

It’s not even December & already people are starting to post negative things about how awful 2016 has been. I agree, but I challenge all of you to comment here with 3 POSITIVE things about 2016. They can be huge or tiny, it doesn’t matter. Look back at YOUR 2016 & post in the comments here 3 positive things about YOUR year. I shall begin:

2016 was a great year for me because in signed-copies-final-copyJanuary I was informed my Egyptian Lenormand deck won ATA Tarot Reflections & CARTA awards for Lenormand Deck of the Year for 2015. The Egyptian Lenormand also won a second CARTA award for Best 1st Work by an Illustrator. My personal 2016 was off to a great start!
2016 was a great year for me because I began work on not just one, not just, two, but FOUR new deck projects! I have been very busy being creative. When I am creative I am always at my happiest. 
blog-cover-image2016 was a great year for me because I completed my deck, Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm, which is about to open for pre-orders any day now. I am so excited about my latest deck creation & I hope you’ll be excited about it also! 
2016 was a great year for me because …
My childhood dream came true before I died!!!!
Oh wait, that’s FOUR things. Oh, well. I was never good at Math. Now it’s your turn. What 3 wonderful things happened for you in 2016? I could go on. Let’s see …  

2016 was a great year for me because I decided to invest more in myself & began a healthier lifestyle.

2016 was a great year for me because I decided to no longer allow negative people (even friends!) pull my energy down. No more! YES! I am FREE of all that!

first-time-voter2016 was a great year for me because my daughter was inducted into the National Honor Society, and at the end of November she will be inducted into the Science National Honor Society. She is already a member of the Spanish National Honor Society. My husband & I are so incredibly proud of her & all of her accomplishments!

2016 was a great year for me because I gained many new clients for my business, all of whom told me my services helped them and now many of them have become repeat clients.

signing-the-contract-online2016 was a great year for me because my husband decided to leave his banking career for an altruistic business, Always Best Care, which provides care & companionship for seniors who are stuck at home. He may make peanuts, but he is making a HUGE difference in the lives of seniors & his employees. I am so proud of him!

As we all look ahead to 2017 with great anticipation, what are your positive expectations for the New Year? What do you look forward to accomplishing? What sort of blessings are you opening your heart to receive? Again, I ask you to list 3 things. Once again, their importance or size doesn’t matter. What 3 things are  you looking forward to in your personal 2017?

As I glance into 2017 I look forward to completing my manuscript for my publisher. My forthcoming book will focus on Lenormand cards, but with a twist. I can say no more.

I also look forward to my daughter graduating high school in June and starting college in the fall. That will be a MAJOR adjustment since she is an only child & the apple of our eye.

I also look forward to focusing my creative pursuits on TWO new Tarot decks in production. I am creating one on canvas painted with acrylics. The other deck is a mixed media project involving watercolor pencils, Copic marks, and whatever other artistic mediums I decide to use.

I also look forward to 2017 when my husband’s business will experience major growth and our personal prosperity will greatly increase!

marquee-this-is-the-year-funnyFinally, I look forward to 2017 when the Chicago Cubs will be known as the Big Blue Machine & will defend their World Champions title by winning the World Series for a second consecutive title!! Now, THAT will make for an incredibly exciting baseball season if you’re a Cubs fan! I can’t wait!!!

What are you grateful for in 2016 and what are you looking forward to in 2017? Set your positive expectations now, then next year at this same time look back at them and marvel at all you have accomplished!

Wishing for You Abundant Blessings in 2017 & Beyond!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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I’m Grateful for Adversity.

Adversity occurs for good reasons. You may not believe that, but it’s very true. Sometimes there are very powerful lessons in adversity. Sometimes it comes as a blessing in disguise, which is what just happened to me.

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park, CO. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.
Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park, CO. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.

When something bad happens to you & it is someone else’s fault, a natural first reaction is to become angry. Friday night I was mad as hell. We were rear-ended by a drunk driver. At the time, it didn’t seem like a huge deal. We were stopped at a light after having just pulled out of my favorite restaurant, Red Lobster after a lovely dinner without our teenage daughter, who was at a banquet for her school choir.

Sitting at the light I had my head turned as I was speaking to my husband who was driving. I have a chronic ringing/whining in my left ear so in the car I have to sometimes nearly face him in order to hear what he’s saying. This was one of those times. A Dodge Ram 1500 pickup pulled up behind us. Just then the light turned green. There were 2 cars in front of ours so we couldn’t move, but the guy behind us saw green and hit the gas.

My body jerked forward & backward several times while I was still turned to my left. I managed to straighten myself out & we all pulled over, got out of our cars & assessed the damage. Since it was very low impact there was no visible damage to either vehicle. The guy then admitted to being drunk “Sorry, folks. I’ve had a few”, and then drove off! Stuart had taken pictures of him, his truck and plates so I called the police to report it.

About 10 minutes later I began to feel nauseated. That’s when I realized I had a problem.


I went to bed in pain, woke up in even more pain that crawled from the back of my neck along the top of my right shoulder and festered in my shoulder blade and armpit area. Who knew your armpit could hurt so much?? I decided I needed to be looked at ASAP since this involved my neck so I went to a nearby Urgent Care center.

Well! The nurse was GREAT, really wonderful, but the doctor?? I guess he didn’t manage to graduate med school with any type of a bedside manner, or perhaps he lost it along the way or was born a jerk. I’m not sure. He was awful. I even had to tell him off. He insisted since I was moving fine and since he didn’t FEEL anything wrong when he examined my neck he felt I didn’t need x-rays. He was going to send me home with instructions to take ibuprofen 400 mg, every 4 – 6 hours and that was all. I had to INSIST on the x-rays & tell the guy, “look, this is a NECK injury. Neck injuries should be automatically AT LEAST x-rayed!”

He rolled his eyes at me. ROLLED. HIS. EYES. None of you ever knew my mother. One of the things I inherited from her was her MAJOR pet peeve about rolling one’s eyes at her. You did that & you just guaranteed yourself a swift slap in the face! I am my mother’s daughter. I didn’t slap the doctor, but I sure did tell him off at that point & said if he didn’t x-ray me immediately I’d be calling my lawyer. We don’t have a lawyer, but he got my point & told me to wait for the tech & stomped out of the room.

The nurse came in & I broke down crying. She was so sweet. She held me & told me to let it all out & said that usually that doctor is very nice, but he had been having a bad day. I told her, “WHAT ABOUT ME?” I’m not the type to go to Urgent Care. I haven’t been in an ER for myself since I was 10 years old! I’m 50 now. She was very kind & understanding. She even brought me a can of orange soda.

People do have bad days. I know I do. However, doctors in particular need to realize their patient is having a REAL bad day, especially if they are in pain. So I was angry at the drunk who had hit us and now also at the doctor. That was a lot to deal with on top of all the pain I was in, not to mention the nausea.

X-rays came back & the doctor sheepishly told me they had to do a CT-scan immediately and put me in a cervical collar since the x-rays showed 2 vertebrae had moved forward. I said, “excuse me?” He repeated himself. Then I repeated back to him, “the x-rays show that 2 vertebra have moved forward?” He confirmed. Then I said, “And you didn’t want me to have an x-ray & were happy to send me home only taking OTC ibuprofen. Some doctor you are!”

He hung his head & did not reply, simply walked out. The tech returned & did my CT-scan. Thankfully, it showed a normal neck so the tech must have had me standing funny or something for the x-ray. My vertebrae were all in the correct placement so they said I had no structural damage.

They tried to then charge me $25 for a CD of my CT scan, thus causing more anger & upset when I knew my insurance would be charged around $500 for it. I had to pay for one out-of-pocket 3 years ago so I am very aware of how much they cost. I told them they’d be making their money off my insurance, but they insisted they wanted that $25. The lovely nurse overheard the conversation & called me aside. She leaned over & whispered to me, “Give me 2 minutes. I’ll burn a copy & slip it to you.” I walked out with the CD hidden in a copy of Stephen King’s Duma Key that I had brought to read as I waited on them. By the way, if you’re a fan of his & haven’t read it yet, I’m about halfway through & so far it’s been pretty boring & not scary at all. Just FYI.

The entire Urgent Care ordeal took four hours. I spent the rest of the day releasing my anger against the drunk driver and the doctor. It worked and by bedtime I went to sleep feeling much better from an emotional standpoint, but from the physical I was feeling pretty yucky. I spent all day in bed Sunday due to severe nausea that all seemed to feel like severe motion sickness to me.

Adversity comes to us when we least expect it. That’s one of the things that makes us view adversity as being “bad.” It catches us by surprise & causes emotional upset, & sometimes physical as well, depending on the type of adversity we are facing at the time. Mine had been both emotional & physical, but I was over the emotional aspect, but had yet to really start dealing with the physical.

Adversity can also present us with hidden blessings. In most cases, adversity involves the learning of an important lesson. However, in my case, adversity lead to me receiving very valuable information about myself.

Monday I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. The Urgent Care nurse told me to do that while the doctor thought I was fine, naturally. I saw the ortho on Thursday (yesterday). He was quick, but thorough & really knew what he was doing. Plus, he had a decent bedside manner & apologized for the totally incompetent staff I had to deal with who made me fill out FOURTEEN forms while seated in a CHAIR. I had no table to lean on, no desk, & had to write with the clipboard propped up on my purse that was resting on my lap. When your neck and shoulder, and now upper back, are hurting that’s a very uncomfortable position to maintain. By the time I was finished (they never scanned my original forms I had filled in online so none was in their system so they needed hard copies!), I was in so much pain I was starting to see double.

So I gave them what-for as well before going into the exam room. In front of a waiting room filled with other patients too. One guy got up with an effort, came over and gave me a high-five. I wasn’t able to truly make the high-five, but did a pretty good approximation of one.

Once in the exam room the nurse was very apologetic over what had occurred. I was nearly crying by then & once more very angry. I told her they must make accommodations for patients who are there alone without any help. They should have a stand to put the clipboard on so I can keep the forms at eye level, and if not, then someone should HOLD the darn thing in front of the patient or better yet, take the information verbally & fill the forms out for the patient. She agreed, but after the fact that made little difference to me.

The doctor examined me, had me pushing and pulling on him to see how my muscles were reacting. He then examined the CT-scan and informed me my vertebrae were all properly positioned; however, he saw “several small bone spurs, but probably nothing I have to go in & shave down.”

Bone spurs in my neck?? I had NO clue! My neck never cracked or hurt before the accident, but I do have an old shoulder injury from a fall that I know the accident has exacerbated. He said physical therapy will help with my neck & if I’m not better in a month he will also check for nerve damage. I told him about my shoulder & he was the first doctor to take me seriously about that.

This is an old injury from 14 years ago. I was on the beach with my daughter who was 18 months old at the time. I was holding her when a wave came in that was much larger than it looked. It knocked me up into the air & my daughter & I went flying backward several feet. I landed with the full weight of my entire body on my right shoulder blade while my poor baby flew several feet behind me & narrowly missed hitting her head on a sharp rock by less than an inch. Thankfully, she was fine, I was not. Three doctors and three sets of x-rays later I had nothing to show for it except for what eventually became a chronic condition.

The ortho told me I have a bad sprain and he said without treatment it is chronic. I also have slight muscle atrophy along the shoulder blade as well. He believes physical therapy will help and that eventually I won’t have muscle tightness or pain there.

So, two good things came out of this adversity.

One: I now know I have bone spurs in my neck that can be treated, hopefully without surgery pending my doctor seeing the x-rays from Urgent Care, which means I have to go back to that place to get them. Lovely.

Two: a doctor FINALLY took me seriously about my shoulder and I will FINALLY be receiving help for it.

Adversity can be a good thing. Despite all the pain & nausea, I’m actually kind of grateful that guy rear-ended us Friday night. If he had not, I would not discover I have bone spurs until probably years down the road when they would have been worse and may have required serious neck surgery. I’m also grateful because through this accident I have found a doctor who took my shoulder issue seriously enough to fully examine me for it & prescribe physical therapy.

I have gratitude for what happened to me, even though it was “bad” & has resulted in a great deal of discomfort, not to mention the forthcoming medical bills once our insurance pays on it all. Yet, I am grateful.

I have a daily practice of stating 3 things for which I am grateful that I began in my Facebook group, Magickal Musings ~ Spiritual Sharing & Gratitude. I invite you to start listing your daily gratefuls. Big, tiny, it doesn’t matter. All it takes is 3 things. Soon, your overall outlook on life will improve. Also, by maintaining a grateful heart we open the door wide for new blessings to start entering our lives. I have seen this happen in my life & members of my group will also attest to the same happening for them. We have proved the efficacy of listing your daily gratefuls time & time again. I invite you to join us there & if not, I hope you start expressing your daily gratitude in a journal or in prayer.

I can honestly say that I am grateful we were rear-ended because it lead to new medical knowledge about myself that down the road has probably saved me from what may have been a great deal of suffering & lasting problems.

Adversity can be a GOOD thing. When you are faced with adversity, please remember to try to look for the lesson in it, or even the hidden blessings. They will be there, I assure you.

The Importance of Expressing Gratitude.

JFKIn my Facebook group, “Magickal Musings ~ Spiritual Sharing & Gratitude,” we express our daily gratitude for the tiny & big things of life.  I have meant for a long time to start posting my daily gratefuls to my blog, but I’m usually incredibly busy in the mornings because that’s when I start my candle work for the day for clients & get my readings all lined up for the rest of the day.  Today is a nice, slow day, so I have time, but expect to see more of my gratitude lists showing up on my blog in the future.

The expression of gratitude is very beneficial to everyone.  Firstly, it helps to lift your mood. You may be having a really crappy day (hey, even I have crappy days, like this past Monday, which was horrible!), but if you can force yourself to take about 2 minutes to list just 3 things for which you are grateful, you will see how that simple act can help to lift your mood & improve your outlook.  If you make this a regular practice, then you’ll see how your entire outlook will improve.  I have found that things that bothered me in the past now have no impact whatsoever.  Plus, I feel stupid for having allowed them to bother me in the first place.

Another huge benefit that results from expressing gratitude is that it shows the Universe you truly are thankful for the things in your life – even the tiny things (like that first cup of coffee in the morning or the sound of the birds chirping).  Once the Universe sees that you are grateful for all these tiny things that most people deem to be inconsequential and of no importance, the Universe then thinks to itself, “hey, this person is really grateful & is expressing their gratitude in writing. I think I’ll do THIS for them!”  And then something great happens.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere (or so it seems), with every breath I am gratefulblessings begin to flow to you.  Things suddenly begin to work out.  Your spouse is suddenly happier & in a better mood after work.  Your kids start to behave better.  Your little drama queen teenager finally gets over her drama queen phase (or so I hope & pray with all my heart!), and so on.

The expression of gratitude opens cracks, windows, and doors that allow new blessings to enter your life.  You will see this for yourself if you just begin the daily practice.  Everyone, I don’t care how busy you are, has 2 minutes a day to spare.

My suggestion is you find yourself a nice blank journal.  Don’t be afraid to write in it. I have some lovely ones in which I’ve never written a word because I don’t want to ugly them up!  Each day, or maybe just 3 times a week (but I recommend no less than 3 times a week), sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning, or at night maybe with a glass of wine or Coke.  Think back on your day.  If in the morning, think back on the day before.  List 3 things that happened or that you experienced for which you are grateful.

That’s it.  Just 3 things is all it takes.  Then you have your first of what will be many gratitude lists and those blessings will begin to flow.

If you’d like to join us in my group here is the link.  Please be aware my groups are all places of love & light. I don’t allow anyone other than myself (as a business person) to advertise their services, nor do I allow any negativity.  We all get more than enough everyday.   This group is filled with a lovely bunch of people who are caring, compassionate, & can be wonderful friends to you.  I don’t allow any type of negativity to mar that for group members.  We also discuss metaphysical & paranormal topics, & we have a Positive Energy Circle through which group members can request prayer and/or healing for anyone in need, and that person does not need to be in the group or even on Facebook for us to help out.  We have been blessed with some true miracles in this group.  Please do check us out if you’re on Facebook.

And now, for my simple list for today:

I am VERY GRATEFUL & THANKFUL for having found the 2 videos of my daughter when she was just 9 years old that I thought were lost when I gave her my old iPhone to use in place of her broken iPod.  She swiped the phone clean so all the pics were gone & I thought lost forever.  But no, they’re on my newer phone where they’ve been safe all along.

I am grateful my stomach is working correctly again.  I won’t go into the gory details!

I am grateful for the gourmet cookies my grocery store makes.  They are so decadent!

I’m also grateful for grocery stores that make food procurement so simple and fast.  If I had to hunt for food or grow my own I’d be seriously in trouble & also very, very thin!

Those are my gratefuls for today.  What are yours?  Why not start your gratitude journal today?  You’ll be glad you did.  I can guarantee that.

Sending you all love & blessings on your day,

Nefer Khepri, PhD.